The Shocking Truth Behind the Duggar Family’s Strict Rules: “No Hugging Allowed!”

By: Emma Roberts | Published: May 04, 2023

Families can have their own unique personalities. Perhaps your family has some quirky habits that seem strange to outsiders. But, for the most part, your family’s idiosyncrasies stay within the confines of your own home. The Duggar family, on the other hand, takes family traditions to a whole new level.

With more than ten children, they’ve already got a reputation for being unconventional. But, they don’t stop there. The stars of 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On are controversial, unbelievable, and downright bizarre. Let’s take a closer look at what sets this family apart from the rest.

Pregnant For 12 Whole Years

On 19 Kids and Counting, the parents strongly reject the idea of birth control, which is not too shocking considering they already have 19 children. However, what is truly astonishing is that Michelle Duggar, the family’s matriarch, has spent a staggering 144 months simply being pregnant!


Michelle Duggar has certainly challenged our perception of pregnancy. While many people consider childbirth to be one of the most difficult experiences a person can endure, Michelle has spent a significant portion of her life pregnant and giving birth to child after child. To them, every child is a blessing.


9 bathrooms and 7 showers

Sharing a bathroom with one or two siblings can be challenging enough, but can you imagine sharing one with 20 other people? It’s hard to imagine there would be any hot water left after the first few people take a shower, leaving the rest of the family to bathe in icy water.


While we don’t know much about the Duggars’ stance on hot water, we do know that they have an impressive nine bathrooms and seven showers at home. So perhaps, tardiness is not as big of an issue for the Duggar family as it would be for most families. It seems like they have plenty of space for everyone to get ready in the morning.

Jim Bob controls his daughters’ love lives

It’s a parent’s job to protect their children, but there’s a fine line between being protective and overbearing. Jim Bob’s parenting style is an example of the latter, and it’s quite creepy.


In the Duggar household, privacy doesn’t seem to exist, especially when it comes to their children’s love lives. Jim Bob acts as the “gatekeeper” and must approve any potential suitors for his daughters. While this may not seem too unusual, it’s unbelievable that he takes it a step further and even plays matchmaker for his children.

Ever Heard of Boundaries?

While playing matchmaker can be seen as a well-intentioned act, being overly involved in your child’s love life can be downright strange. In the Duggar household, parents take it to the extreme by requesting to be included in group chats with their child’s significant other. This group chat includes sharing messages, videos, and memes. It’s definitely not your average way of being involved in your child’s romantic relationships.


For reasons that are unclear, it seems crucial for Jim Bob and Michelle to know everything that’s going on in their children’s love lives. While most parents might prefer not to hear all the details, Jim Bob and Michelle seem to have a keen interest in sticking their noses in where they don’t belong. It’s certainly an unusual approach to parenting, and it’s easy to understand why it might make some people uncomfortable.

Chores for the Little Helpers

With a family as large as the Duggars, one might expect the household to be in a constant state of chaos and disarray. However, the opposite is true, as every child has a specific job to take care of. With mom and dad busy with their growing family, the kids are responsible for basic household chores. While it may seem like a lot for the children to handle, it’s clear that they’ve learned how to work together as a team to keep their home clean and organized.

With such a large family, one might assume that the Duggar household is in a state of constant chaos and disarray. However, the opposite is true: the family is known for keeping a clean and tidy home. This is accomplished through a system where each child has a specific job to take care of. With mom and dad focused on expanding the family, it falls on the children to handle basic household chores. While it may seem like a lot of responsibility for the kids, it’s clear that they’ve learned to work together to keep their home organized and functioning smoothly.


Birth Control is a NO

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s decision to not use birth control is rooted in their religious beliefs. However, it’s not simply a matter of not believing in the effectiveness of contraceptives. The couple also holds the belief that certain forms of birth control, such as the pill and IUDs, can cause miscarriages, which goes against their pro-life stance. While this belief may not be supported by medical evidence, it’s a deeply held conviction for the Duggars and is just one example of the unique and often controversial views held by the family.

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s views on birth control are deeply rooted in their religious beliefs. They strongly oppose the use of contraceptives, as they believe that they can cause miscarriages. This belief stems from their interpretation of certain Bible verses, which they take to mean that they should leave the number of children they have up to God. As a result, they have 19 children.


The Blanket Rule

Parents often have rules to keep their children in line, but some of the Duggar family’s rules are extreme, to say the least. The blanket rule is one such example, which is one of many controversial discipline techniques.

“Blanket training” is a controversial practice used by the Duggar family to discipline their children. It involves hitting a child with a ruler or other object if they try to crawl off a blanket.  Many viewers of the show disagree with this method and believe it could be harmful to a child’s development.


Mom and Dad are Joining Date Number 1

That’s right. In the Duggar family, the parents are heavily involved in their children’s love lives. They often act as chaperones on their kids’ dates, which can make for a pretty awkward experience for everyone involved. In some cases, the Duggar parents even sit in on the dates and monitor the conversations to make sure things stay “appropriate.” It’s safe to say that dating in the Duggar family is a bit different than dating in most other families.

This means that if you want to take one of the Duggar girls out, you’ll need to bring along an approved chaperone, usually one of the siblings or a family friend. And yes, the chaperone is expected to pay for their own dinner, but not the couple’s dinner. The purpose of the chaperone is to ensure that the couple doesn’t engage in any physical contact beyond side hugs, which is the only form of physical contact allowed before marriage according to the Duggar family’s beliefs.


No Premarital Social Media

While there is ongoing debate about whether social media is appropriate for children, the reality is that many kids find ways to create accounts on various platforms and consume a lot of information from the internet. It can be difficult for parents to monitor and control what their children see online.

The Duggar parents have banned their children from using social media until they get married, which means that even their eldest daughter, Jana, who is over 30 years old, is not allowed to use it.


Married as Teenagers

It’s worth noting that laws regarding the age of consent vary by state and country. Jim Bob was 19 while Michelle was 17 when they tied the knot. While Jim Bob and Michelle may have been legally allowed to get married at their respective ages, some people have speculated as to whether the relationship was appropriate at that age or not.

Jim Bob Duggar’s income from working as a realtor at his parents’ real estate brokerage agency was not enough to sustain their growing family after their third child. With the arrival of more children, the family had to rely on government assistance and food stamps to make ends meet. They also started their own businesses, including a used-car dealership and a towing company, to generate additional income.


The Safe Word is "Nike"

The Duggars worry about their sons seeing women dressed scantily clad. Since this kind of clothing is against their views, they have a safe word that they yell in case they see someone dressed inappropriately. They will yell “Nike” and the bogs will avert their eyes to avoid seeing such things.

The Duggar children have a safe word, “Nike,” that they scream out when they see a scantily clad woman, so their brothers can avert their eyes.


Pants are for Grownups

The Duggar women and girls are not allowed to wear pants, as Jim Bob and Michelle have taught them to wear modest clothing, and pants are considered immodest.

The Duggar children are allowed to wear pants after they become adults, but some of the girls still face criticism for doing so. Wearing pants is seen as immodest by Jim Bob and Michelle, who have instilled this belief in their children from a young age.


Only Help Those Who Abide By the 'Rules'

When Jill was training to become a midwife, one of her unmarried friends asked for her help during her pregnancy. At first, Jim Bob and Michelle didn’t have an issue with Jill assisting her friend, but when they found out the friend was unmarried, they changed their minds and forbade Jill from helping her.

It’s definitely a strange and uncomfortable situation to be in. Jill had to turn down her friend’s request for help because of her parents’ rules.


There's a Right Way to Hug

Duggar children are only allowed to give and receive side hugs until they are married, according to Jim Bob’s rules. Apparently regular hugs are seen as too “sexual” in nature.

After their children get married, Jim Bob and Michelle are still very involved in their lives, and it’s likely that they continue to enforce their strict rules and beliefs. It’s hard to imagine how much control they might try to exert over their married children and their families, but it’s safe to say that it could be a difficult situation to navigate.


Tear Apart the Wedding Dress: Something for Everyone

Michelle only has one wedding gown and many daughters she wishes to share it with. Instead of passing down the same dress from sister to sister, they make their own. The sisters often work together to sew their own modest and frilly wedding gowns, sometimes taking inspiration from their mother’s dress or other family members’ gowns.

This allows each daughter to have her own unique dress while still adhering to their strict modesty guidelines.


Can't Stay in the Same Room as the Opposite Gender

The Duggars take this rule to another level. Even when their married children come to visit, they have to sleep in separate rooms, which seems a bit over the top. In one episode, when Jinger and her husband Jeremy visited her family, they had to sleep in separate bedrooms, despite being a married couple. It’s definitely an unusual rule, and it shows how much control Jim Bob and Michelle want to maintain over their children’s lives, even after they’re married.

The rule isn’t too out-of-the-box, as teenagers can be unpredictable when their hormones are raging. However, it can be difficult for adult married couples to follow this rule.


Divorce is Not an Option

In the Duggar handbook, divorce is a forbidden word. Once married, the couples cannot divorce, even if there is infidelity or neglect.

Michelle faced a difficult situation when her husband was caught in a scandal involving signing up for a website to help married people cheat and was accused of being with minors. Despite this, she decided to stick by him, which many people found to be ridiculous.


Gender Roles

Michelle is the one who determines female roles in the Duggar household, and she gives her daughters the typical conservative advice such as staying in the kitchen and not talking back.

Michelle also gives marriage advice to her kids, in addition to her “helpful” advice on female roles. We can only imagine what other things she tells her daughters about married life.


They LOVE the J Names

It’s true! The Duggars have a tradition of giving all their children names that begin with the letter J. It’s a unique quirk that sets their family apart from most others. Even their grandchildren follow the tradition, with names like Jordyn-Grace, Josie Brooklyn, and Jackson Levi. It’s a way for the family to show their unity and strength in their beliefs, as well as to make their family stand out.

That’s correct! In fact, they originally named their daughter Anna, but later changed it to Johanna, as they felt it sounded better with the J. From then on, they stuck with the J theme for all of their children’s names.


Cheap Child Care

Yes, it can definitely be a challenge to babysit multiple younger siblings at the same time. And for the Duggar children, this is a regular occurrence. With so many kids in the household, the older siblings are often tasked with taking care of the younger ones. It’s not uncommon to see the older Duggar sisters in charge of bathing, feeding, and entertaining their younger siblings. In fact, it’s almost like a full-time job for them.

The Duggar kids don’t get paid for babysitting their younger siblings. They see it as part of their family responsibility and helping out with household chores. In fact, they are homeschooled and taught from a young age to be self-sufficient and responsible for their own lives and the lives of their siblings.


Quiverfull Movement

While the Duggars deny being part of the Quiverfull Movement, their views and rules bear a striking resemblance to those of the group. For example, they are opposed to birth control, and believe that children are a gift from God.

Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide their own beliefs, but the similarities between the Duggars’ rules and those of the Quiverfull Movement are hard to ignore.


Asking Fans for Gifts?

In addition to forbidding their children from kissing their significant others until after marriage, the Duggars take it a step further by showing them how to do it. Yes, you read that right. Jim Bob and Michelle physically demonstrate kissing techniques to their daughters.

This is one fo the things that the family has received the most backlash for. Regardless, the Duggar parents stand by their views and continue to teach their children in the way they see fit despite pushback from the public.


A Strict "No Tattoo" Policy

The Duggar family’s religious beliefs are so strict that they forbid tattoos and any kind of skin art. Jim Bob and Michelle lead by example, avoiding tattoos and piercings, and they expect their children to follow suit. To the Duggars, tattoos are as taboo as premarital sex, as they take the Bible’s teachings very seriously.

The Duggar family’s views on tattoos are deeply rooted in their religious beliefs. As with most of their decisions and rules, they allow their religion to guide what they believe to be “right”.


No Beach Days for the Duggars

The Duggars don’t have much time to spend doing fun stuff like going to the beach. It appears, there are too many chores to get done around the house for them to spend time having fun. But the main reason they don’t go to the beach is due to beach attire.

To clarify, the Duggar children are not allowed to go to the beach or wear beach attire until they are married. This is due to the family’s conservative beliefs and strict dress code.


The Partners and Grandkids MUST Follow Suit

It’s not uncommon for parents to prefer that their child’s partner shares the same faith as them. The Duggars also have this requirement, expecting their potential son-in-law or daughter-in-law to follow the teachings of the Baptist Church.

While it may seem strict, it’s not an entirely unusual request. Ultimately, parents want what’s best for their children. At least, that is how Jim Bob and Michelle feel.


Playing Mom and Teacher

Michelle Duggar believes that homeschooling her children is the best way to provide them with a faith-based education, given her own upbringing. While unconventional, her approach to education reflects her commitment to the Baptist Church’s teachings.

The homeschool technique falls right in line with the theme of control in the family. Nevertheless, some of her daughters appear to be moving away from the family’s homeschooling tradition, which suggests a shift in the Duggar family’s approach to education.


Teaching How to Kiss

As odd as dictating how your child hugs a boyfriend or girlfriend before marriage may seem, the Duggars’ rules on kissing are even more peculiar. According to their beliefs, the Duggars are not allowed to kiss their partners until after they’re married. To help prepare them for this aspect of marriage, their parents are there to offer guidance and instruction.

In addition to forbidding their children from kissing their significant others until after marriage, the Duggars take it a step further by showing them how to do it. Yes, you read that right. Jim Bob and Michelle physically demonstrate kissing techniques to their daughters. We find this behavior inappropriate and believe it should not be condoned.


You May NOT Kiss the Bride

On their wedding day, the Duggar children choose not to kiss in public when the minister gives permission for the groom to kiss the bride. Instead, they prefer to share their first kiss in private.

When Jessa Duggar married Ben Seewald, the couple decided not to kiss in front of their wedding guests. Jessa felt shy and preferred to share this intimate moment in the privacy of their own room. It’s understandable, considering the pressure and scrutiny they face from their family’s strict rules and expectations. They didn’t want to risk their special moment being judged or criticized by their family or the public.


The Biggest Kitchen Table Of All Time

To accommodate their large family, the Duggars had to acquire a massive dining table for their kitchen. With so many people living in their home, it’s no surprise that they needed a table that was both oversized and wide enough to fit everyone. This is just one of the many ways that the family has had to adjust to accommodate their unique lifestyle.

The Duggars found a solution to their big family dinner problem by purchasing an 18-foot-long table, which allows everyone enough space to eat without bumping elbows. While this may seem like a practical solution, passing side dishes down the table can be difficult, and the food may become cold by the time it reaches its intended recipient.


Dirty Laundry

In the Duggar household, with so many people living together, it’s no surprise that laundry can be a never-ending task. That’s why they have four washers and dryers in their laundry room to keep up with the constant flow of dirty clothes.

With so many family members changing their clothes multiple times a day, it’s no wonder why the dirty laundry pile can quickly become overwhelming. But with this many machines, the Duggars can keep their laundry under control and ensure that everyone has clean clothes to wear.


Controversial Methods of Discipline

The use of corporal punishment is a controversial topic, and the Duggars have been criticized by some for their methods. They believe in using physical discipline, which they refer to as “The Rod,” to correct their children’s behavior when they step out of line. This involves using a long, thin wooden dowel to strike their children on the back of the legs or buttocks.

The Duggars have defended their use of corporal punishment, saying that it is a form of discipline that is rooted in their religious beliefs and that it is done out of love for their children. However, many people believe that it is a harmful and abusive practice that can cause long-lasting emotional and psychological damage to children.


Jill Duggar Separating From the Family

Jill Duggar, the second child of the Duggar family, was raised with the same conservative beliefs and rules as her siblings. She followed her parents’ guidance and even courted her now-husband, Derick Dillard, under her parents’ supervision.

However, since getting married, Jill has distanced herself from her family and their strict rules. She has even spoken out about how some of her parents’ beliefs and practices were harmful and has sought therapy to work through some of the trauma from her upbringing.


Jim Bob is a Failed Politician

Yes, Jim Bob had aspirations of becoming a politician and even ran for a seat in the Arkansas House of Representatives in 2002, but he was unsuccessful in his bid for office. Despite this setback, he remained involved in politics and was a delegate to the 2004 Republican National Convention. In recent years, he has also been involved in lobbying efforts related to issues such as homeschooling and religious freedom.

It’s interesting to note that Jim Bob’s political career was not without controversy. In 2002, he was involved in a scandal after it was revealed that he had paid $1,000 to settle a complaint filed against him for a possible ethics violation. The complaint accused him of using his position as a legislator to influence a state agency to return the driver’s license of a friend’s son who had multiple traffic violations. The incident tarnished his image and may have contributed to his unsuccessful senate campaign.


No Dancing!

That’s correct. The Duggars believe that dancing is too sexual and intimate, so they avoid it at all costs. In fact, they even abstain from listening to music with a beat that may encourage dancing or any other immoral behavior. Instead, they stick to gospel hymns and classical music.

However, some of the older children have been seen dancing at their weddings, which are typically more relaxed and less conservative. It’s also worth noting that the Duggars’ views on dancing seem to have softened over time. In a blog post, Michelle Duggar wrote, “We do not believe it is necessary to forbid dancing altogether. However, we do try to be careful about the kind of music with a fast beat that we listen to and the type of dancing that goes along with it.”


Siblings At Odds

There have been long-standing rumors about conflict between sisters Janna and Jessa. While these have not been confirmed, it is hard to imagine that there are no fight sin a household of 20+ people!

It’s interesting to see that even in a household with such strict rules and authority figures, sibling rivalries and normal family dynamics can still occur. It’s important for children to have a sense of autonomy and independence as they grow and develop, so it’s understandable that Jana would question her older sister’s authority at times.


No Romance Books Allowed

It’s true that the Duggar family is known for their conservative beliefs and lifestyle, including their preferences for entertainment. They have previously stated that they avoid reading or watching anything that could potentially harm their faith or promote worldly values that conflict with their own.

As a result, their bookshelves likely contain religious texts and educational materials rather than mainstream fiction.


This One Might Be Obvious

Yes, the Duggars strongly believe in abstinence until marriage. They teach their children that any kind of physical contact with someone of the opposite sex before marriage is a sin. They even went as far as to create a courtship process, where couples are only allowed to hold hands after they’ve officially entered into a courtship agreement.

Yes, it’s not surprising that premarital sex is considered a serious offense in the Duggar household, given the family’s strong adherence to their conservative Christian beliefs. The New Testament specifically instructs against sexual immorality, and the Duggars are known for their strict interpretation of biblical teachings.


Use Inside Voices Always

It’s true, the Duggars believe in using gentle tones and avoiding raising their voices as a way of maintaining a calm and peaceful home environment. They have claimed that they believe in using positive reinforcement and praise to encourage good behavior rather than punishment for bad behavior. However, it’s important to note that the use of physical discipline, such as spanking, is still considered acceptable in their household.

It’s likely that Jim Bob and Michelle have the final say in most decisions made in the household, as they are the parents and head of the family. The children are expected to obey and respect their parents’ authority, and disobedience can result in punishment.


$3,000 Grocery Trips

Yes, feeding a family of over 20 people can be quite a challenge, both in terms of money and logistics. The Duggar family has developed their own strategies to address this challenge. For example, they buy food in bulk, grow their own vegetables, and hunt wild game like deer and turkey. They also share cooking responsibilities among family members, and use frugal meal-planning strategies like cooking large batches of food and freezing leftovers.

Indeed, raising a family of over 20 children can be quite expensive, and Jim Bob has managed to provide for his family with his real estate work and the income from the reality TV show. In addition, the Duggars are known for their frugal lifestyle, which includes buying things in bulk, shopping at thrift stores, and making their own clothes. They also grow their own vegetables and raise their own livestock, which helps to save on food costs.


Brothers and Sisters Can't Play Together

According to the Duggars, boys and girls shouldn’t play together because it could lead to “impure thoughts” and temptation. They believe that boys and girls need to be kept separate until they are married to prevent any kind of sexual immorality or sin.

This belief stems from their strict interpretation of biblical teachings on gender roles and sexuality. However, many people criticize this approach for limiting socialization and reinforcing harmful gender stereotypes.


Dress Codes Enforced at the House

The Duggars’ dress code is indeed very strict, and it is based on their religious beliefs. They believe that women should dress modestly to avoid tempting men and to honor God.

As such, they wear long skirts or dresses that cover their legs and avoid anything that may be deemed too revealing, such as tank tops or short skirts. While this dress code is strictly enforced, it’s worth noting that the Duggar girls have occasionally been seen wearing pants, especially when participating in outdoor activities or sports.


Only 2 Bedrooms for 20 Kids?!

Yes, it’s surprising that with such a big house, there isn’t more space for every child to have their own bedroom. However, the Duggars have stated that they want to keep their family close, and sharing rooms is one way they accomplish that.

Of course, there are challenges to this arrangement, especially as the children grow older and need more privacy, but the Duggars seem to have found a way to make it work for them. They don’t believe children need privacy.


Jason Starts His Own Business

It’s definitely impressive that Jason is pursuing his entrepreneurial dreams at a young age, even without much experience outside of his family. Building a construction company takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and business savvy, so he’s certainly got his work cut out for him. Hopefully, he’s able to learn and grow his business successfully!

That’s great to hear! It’s always heartwarming to see people using their skills and resources to help others. And being a “funcle” sounds like a lot of fun too!


Rumors About Jennifer

Jennifer was born on August 2, 2007, and her birth was documented on the show “17 Kids and Counting.” She grew up on the show, along with her siblings, and viewers got to see her grow and develop over the years since she was one of the younger siblings.

It’s important to note that rumors about the Duggar family should be taken with a grain of salt, as the family tends to keep their personal lives private. While it’s possible that Jennifer plans on leaving home when she reaches legal adulthood, we cannot confirm this information.


Josie Was the Surprise!

Yes, Josie’s premature birth was a cause of concern for the Duggar family, and they all prayed for her survival. She spent several months in the neonatal intensive care unit before finally being able to go home. Despite her rough start in life, Josie is now a happy and healthy child.

Josie’s singing talent has been showcased on the family’s reality TV show, and it’s clear that she has a natural gift for music. Whether she decides to pursue it as a career or not is yet to be seen, but it’s clear that she has a bright future ahead of her regardless of what she chooses to do.


1,500 People at the Wedding

Actually, Jill Duggar did help her friend give birth, but it was a home birth and there were some complications. After the experience, Jill decided to become a midwife and received her certification from the North American Registry of Midwives in 2015. She has since helped deliver several babies, including her own.

It’s worth noting that while Jill’s wedding was a large affair, it’s unclear if there were actually 1,500 people in attendance. This number has been reported by some media outlets, but it hasn’t been confirmed by the Duggar family or any official sources. Regardless, it’s clear that Jill’s wedding was a big event for her and her family.


16 Children and Moving In

Yes, that’s correct! The show began with a one-hour special called “14 Children and Pregnant Again!” which documented the family’s daily life and their preparations for the arrival of their 15th child, Jackson. This special was so popular that it eventually led to the creation of the show “16 Children and Moving In,” which aired on September 29, 2008. The show was later renamed several times, ultimately becoming “19 Kids and Counting” in 2010.

The show was briefly taken off the air in the wake of major controversy with their son, Josh Duggar, but then returned as Jill & Jessa: Counting On, which focused on the lives of the older Duggar children who were starting their own families. As of 2021, the show is no longer in production.


Renewing the Vows

Renewing wedding vows is not an uncommon practice, and it can be a meaningful way to reaffirm a couple’s commitment to each other. Jim Bob and Michelle’s vow renewal ceremony was documented on their reality TV show, and it was a lavish affair, complete with a horse-drawn carriage and a reception with hundreds of guests.

It’s unclear whether the vow renewal was an attempt to repair their relationship or simply a way to generate more ratings for the show. But regardless of the motive, it was clear that Jim Bob and Michelle were trying to put their past behind them and move forward as a couple despite tons of controversy and public opinion of their family.


Josh Duggar- The Dark Side

Josh Duggar is the eldest son of the Duggar family. It was revealed that he molested young girls, including some of his younger sisters. This devastating act resulted in Jim Bob reporting his own son and the end of the show.

That’s correct. TLC cancelled 19 Kids and Counting in 2015, and in 2016, the network announced a spin-off series called Counting On. The new show mainly focused on Jill and Jessa Duggar and their lives with their husbands and children, while Josh Duggar was not featured.


Michelle's Miscarriage

Michelle Duggar did experience a miscarriage during one of her pregnancies. Theyw ere to name the child Jubilee. The Duggar family mourned Jubilee’s loss and even held a funeral service for her. Michelle shared her experience with the public, saying that the family had relied on their faith in God to help them get through the loss.

While the miscarriage was a difficult time for the Duggar family, it brought awareness to the issue and helped other women who have experienced miscarriages to feel less alone.


"Baby Hunger"

Yes, “baby hunger” is a term used to describe a strong desire to have a baby. Some women may experience this desire after having a miscarriage or after their children have grown up and left home.

Many people have describe the Duggars as being “baby hungry” since they can’t seem to stop having children. In the Duggar’s view, each child they have is an offering from God and a sign of confirmation of their faith.


Mother Michelle

Here’s something that many people might not realize about the Duggar household. Because Michelle has been pregnant for so long and so many times, the kids have pretty much had to grow up by themselves. Sure, they have their brothers and sisters to rely on, but with dad working and mom incapacitated (pregnancy sickness and whatnot), they’re pretty much “motherless.”

We’re just glad that Michelle still dedicates whatever time and energy she has to help raise her kids how she feels is right. A mother’s love is irreplaceable, but being there for the brightest moments in your life will mean a lot.


The Film Crew Loves the Family

It’s not uncommon for reality TV show crews to develop a fondness for the families they work with, and the Duggars are no exception. In fact, the Duggar family has been known to treat their crew like extended family members, often inviting them to participate in their family activities and even to attend church with them.

It’s not uncommon for production crews to build relationships with the people they’re filming, especially if they’re filming for an extended period of time. This can help create a more relaxed and natural atmosphere during filming, which can result in better footage. Additionally, spending time with the Duggar family off-camera might help the crew gain a better understanding of the family dynamics and individual personalities, which can also improve the quality of the show.


They are Who They Surround Themselves With

The Duggar family is known for being devout conservative Christians, and they often associate with others who share their beliefs. This has led to criticism from some who believe their views are too extreme or exclusionary.

It is indeed concerning that the Duggar family has associated themselves with individuals who have been accused of misconduct, including their pastor. You are who you surround yourself with.