Everday Pizza Order Comes to An End After A Decade – What’s Happening?

By: Mia Williams | Last updated: Oct 26, 2023

Pizza-lover Kirk Alexander, age 48, lives in Salem, Oregon. He loves pizza so much that he orders it from his favorite Domino’s Pizza store every single day. 

The staff at the store expected that order each day and found it pretty cool that this guy was such a pizza lover. Then the orders stopped coming, and the reason was shocking.

Daily Delivery

Kirk was considered a favorite. He ordered regularly, never asked for anything complicated, was pleasant to deal with, and paid promptly. For the staff at the Domino’s branch, you couldn’t ask for a better customer; they wished all of their customers could be that nice.


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So the staff was shocked when they found out why his orders stopped coming. This was something none of them had ever expected. The investigation into Kirk’s life touched them in different ways; this was a story they’d never forget.


Staff Begins to Worry

Sarah Fuller, the branch’s general manager, explained later to reporters that Kirk ordered at least every other day. He wouldn’t come to the store but would order online, as many customers do.


Source: travelontv.com

The staff always felt good when Kirk’s order would pop up on the screen.  “Oh, Kirk’s ordering,” as if he was an old friend. They looked forward to seeing Kirk’s request, preparing the pizza, and delivering it to him.

Ten Days Go By

One day Kirk didn’t order, which wasn’t altogether odd. But when another few days went by, the staff became worried. After ten days, the team discussed the situation. They thought he may have gone out of town.


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Sara Fuller’s delivery team approached her and asked if everything was ok with Kirk. Sara checked the order history and realized that it was true – Kirk hadn’t ordered pizza for more than ten days. They knew something was wrong.

The Staff Were His Friends

Kirk Alexander had been getting pizza from the Domino’s branch for years. The staff considered him a nice guy who was very friendly with the team.  Some of the workers even felt like he was a member of the family.


Source: Danielle Peterson/ Statesman Journal

The staff also knew that Kirk never took long trips and was usually at home. Could he have just gotten tired of Domino’s and started ordering from a new restaurant?  That was certainly a possibility, but still, they were concerned.

He Didn’t Just Order Pizza

Even though they hypothesized that Kirk may have tired of pizza, they also knew that he enjoyed everything on the menu.  He ordered pasta, sandwiches, and even chicken wings. He didn’t have a standard order.

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So they threw the theory of Kirk switching pizza vendors out the window. Aside from that, the Kirk they knew was a man of habit; if he had stopped ordering pizza, something was very wrong. Everyone feared the worst.


Time to Check on Kirk

The staff discussed what to do about Kirk. Fuller and the rest of the team decided that the smartest thing to do was go to Kirk’s home and just knock on the door to ask if he was okay. Driver Tracey Hamblen took on the task.

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Tracey drove to Kirk’s home, becoming more nervous as he got closer. When he got out of his car and glanced at the house, he saw that the lights were on. That calmed him a bit; maybe someone was home. As he neared the door, he even heard the television going inside. He knocked on the door.


Nobody Answers

Hamblen knocked many times, but no one came to the door.  He also called Alexander’s cell phone, and the call went to voicemail. With his worry and fear rising, he wondered what else to do at this point.

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He sensed that something was very wrong, so the only thing to do was to go back to the restaurant and discuss it with his coworkers. If they all discussed the situation, they would come up with an idea about what to do next.


Emergency Call

When Hamblen returned to the restaurant, the staff crowded around him, asking him what had happened.  He told them that no one had answered the door, and Kirk had yet to respond to a phone call.

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He explained to the 911 operator that he was calling from a local Domino’s restaurant.  “We have a customer that usually orders like every night from us. And he hasn’t ordered in 11 days.After collecting all the details, the operator contacted the sheriff’s department.


Police On the Way

The sheriff sent deputies to Kirk’s address and knew they might find something very wrong. He was glad that the Domino’s staff was sharp enough to alert the police that Kirk’s behavior was unusual and then to check on the man.

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The police got to the house and knocked on the door. No one answered. When they called out, announcing themselves, however, there was a response. It sounded like someone calling for help. They broke into the house and found Alexander lying on the floor.


A Lucky Man

The Sheriff’s deputies called for an ambulance immediately. Alexander was taken to a hospital for treatment. It looked like he had suffered a stroke. The paramedics were able to stabilize him before transporting him.

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Still, no one knew what would happen at this point. Some illness had clearly struck Alexander, but there were no witnesses, and no one knew how long he had been lying on the floor. There was no one to ask for more details, and Alexander could not talk to the medical team.


Happy News

Kirk was treated for quite a while at the hospital and told he’d recover fully. The Domino’s staff was overjoyed and proud of themselves for the care they had shown this loyal customer who had become like family.

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“We’re like a family here, and we were glad we were able to do something to help. We hope he’s able to fully recover from this,” said manager Sara Fuller. It was like their own grandfather had become ill and recovered; the staff felt tremendous relief.


We are Not Heroes

The Domino’s staff was called heroes by many in the area, but they disagreed.  When you have a team working together, getting along, and supporting each other, you become like family. And soon, the customers feel like family as well.

Source: Sarah Fuller

Fuller said, “I think we were just doing our job checking in on someone we know who orders a lot. We felt like we needed to do something,” This team refused to see themselves as doing anything out of the ordinary. But the media felt differently.


The Media Takes Over

The TV morning show “Good Morning America” got wind of the story and interviewed Sara Fuller and her assistant manager, Jenny Seiber. They got to tell their story to the world and had a chance to praise their staff for helping out a customer.

Source: Good Morning America/ABC

The two Domino’s employees explained that they had visited Kirk every day to check on him since the incident. Host Robin Roberts was especially impressed that the restaurant staff continued to monitor Kirk.


Visiting Kirk

Fuller and Seiber also told Roberts about the day-by-day recovery of Kirk and how concerned the entire restaurant staff was bout Kirk’s recovery.

Source: Good Morning America/ABC

On each successive day, Kirk was more and more alert.  By the third day they visited, he had been moved to a rehabilitation facility within the hospital. Seiber and Fuller expressed their relief that Kirk was doing so well.  But Roberts had more good news for them.


Recognizing Good Deeds

Robin Roberts looked at the two Domino’s employees and explained, “Since you guys are superheroes, we’re gonna send you to Captain America: Civil War.” Fuller and Seiber were thrilled to have such a great gift for the entire staff. But that wasn’t all.

Source: Good Morning America/ABC

In addition to the movie tickets, Domino’s headquarters sent Fuller, Seibeer, and Tracey Hamblen, the driver who first approached Alexander’s home, to Domino’s Worldwide Rally. The Rally was an annual convention of Domino’s employees that takes place in Las Vegas. Well done, restaurant staff, and well done, Domino’s.