Sending Messages With A Surprise: How Misunderstandings Create Irony

By: Mia Williams | Last updated: Oct 10, 2023

Communication is a two-way street – and yet, it often leads to a dead end. When it comes to texting, the more we grow close to people, the easier it is to misinterpret their messages. 

Despite our best intentions, our conversations can become a source of irony, with responses that don’t even relate to the topic. Here’s a look at how misunderstandings can lead to this paradoxical situation.

Poor Alice - What a Disappointment! 

Alice had her hopes up high after receiving this text. Little did she know, what she was about to experience would be oh so embarrassing! She may now be deleting him from all of her contact lists. 


Source: Reddit

Alas, all she got was a request to fix a silly light fixture. It wasn’t her fault, though. The guy was slow-witted to think that emojis could substitute for words. What a letdown!


Matt's Friendship Woes - A Misunderstanding That Got Heated 

Matt was just trying to be supportive when he sent a ‘fist bump’ emoji to his friend, but little did he know it would cause a misunderstanding. His friend thought he was okay with him dating Kelsey, Matt’s crush, but he wasn’t. 


Source: Reddit

This shows the importance of having friends who understand the nuances of emojis – and how an innocent gesture can create problems. Perhaps it’s time for Matt to find friends who don’t doubt him or his intentions.

How Did Mikey Miss the Bus? 

As a student driver, hitting a bus is probably something you’d rather avoid. But what happened to Mikey that he proudly claims to have missed an entire bus? Did something trigger intense memories of being dumped by his girlfriend or becoming a laughing stock at school? 


Source: Tumblr

No matter the reason, it’s definitely not okay to hit a pedestrian. But it’s almost unbelievable that Mikey was good enough to miss an entire bus.

Express Your Love and Admiration Without Insulting Your Partner 

Complimenting your partner can seem difficult, but there are lots of ways to express your admiration. Saying that your partner is a “trophy wife” suggests that you are taking advantage of her, which is definitely not the message you want to send. 


Source: Tumblr

Instead, let your partner know that they truly deserve to be celebrated and admired. Make it even more special by telling them why you think they deserve a trophy! Showing your love and appreciation in this way will mean so much more than any emoji ever could.

Gene's Phone Goes Missing and His Friend Gets a Hilarious Response 

Gene’s phone went missing, leaving him phone-less. But his friend had a brilliant idea – send a text to Gene’s number in the hope that whoever had the phone would respond. And respond they did, but what followed would leave everyone in stitches! 

Source: Tumblr

Why would Gene’s friend text him knowing that he didn’t have his phone? We can only imagine the person who found Gene’s phone cringing to themselves after this exchange. All that confusion and hilarity – you won’t want to miss it!


Prince William the Billy Goat! 

The regal Prince William of Edinburgh is colloquially known as a Billy goat! So when Andy texted his partner the news that a billy goat would be coming to stay with them, the mind of this avid fan of the royals went straight to the Royal Billy.

Source: Tumblr

Rather improbable of course that Prince William would be the goat showing up, but Andy’s excitable partner was keen! Wonder if she was quite as keen on the actual goat that came to stay and afforded him the royal treatment!


The Name 'Alice' - A Glittering Tale or a Revolting Experience? 

Some names appeal more to some than to others, and this person was a big fan of Alice’s name. But when they complimented her on it via this text message, they didn’t quite get the response they might’ve expected!

Source: Thebite

Her reply to the compliment – “I got it for my birthday.” Alice’s friend wasn’t quite sure what to make of that response. Doesn’t everyone get a name when they’re born!? Or was Alice merely poking fun at them…


Heartbreak at its Finest: When Money Matters More than Love 

She had it all planned out – a future full of love, companionship, and a partner who shared her dreams. But she was blindsided by the reality of it all. Instead of a lifetime of love, she found herself in a relationship with an ATM machine – a partner who only wanted her for her money. 

Source: Medium

She had become nothing more than an endless source of financial support. He’d be better off being in a relationship with an ATM booth, at least then he wouldn’t be hurting anyone!


Better Than a Truckload of Gold Diggers 

Helena’s relationship is worth more to her than even a truckload of money! All she wants is love and affection from her partner, but instead, he’s only thinking about the sound of the ATM machine as it dispenses cash. 

Source: Tumblr

We can only hope that this is all in good humor and not a sign of something more sinister and what is really more important to her partner.


Apple Computer - Is Heart Failure Inevitable? 

Alexander’s jaw dropped as his friend bragged about their brand new Apple computer. But what came next left Alexander in disbelief – his friend said it was strange and lousy! 

Source: Tumblr

Could it be that he doesn’t know how to work a macOS? And what’s more, he referred to it as a “PC” – a surefire way to start a chain reaction of heart failure from all the Apple fanatics around the world.


Reclaiming "Me Time" 

After a long and tiring work week, all we want is a break. We find ourselves stuck in an endless cycle of rushing to the office in the morning and coming back late at night, with little time to spend with family or on ourselves.

Source: Alamy

This is why we empathize with Kate’s friend who took a bold step to reclaim their “me time”. Let’s all take a moment to pause and reflect on our work-life balance. Let’s all make time to relax and rejuvenate.


Are You Really That Lucky? 

Are you dating someone special and think they might be head over heels for you? Sure, they may be nice and treat you well, but that doesn’t mean they have feelings of love so strong that it literally takes their breath away. 

Source: Herbast

Kevin’s girlfriend may have had a blank expression when she read his last text, but if she thinks he’s that in love with her she’s clearly mistaken! There’s no substitute for true love and no quick fix for getting someone to fall head over heels for you.


Is Steve the Worst Mechanic Ever? 

Do you ever feel like you are taking your car to a mechanic and they are doing something just to make sure you pay for their services? That’s what it feels like when you talk to Steve! 

Source: Licired

He talks like an expert who might have to do something incredibly complex, but it turns out that he may just be angling for more business! You could be left feeling like you’ve been taken for a ride, just like your car. Is Steve the worst mechanic ever?


Outsmarted by Your Own Kid? 

Are you feeling duped by your own child? You gave birth to them, so you should be smarter than them, right? Unfortunately, kids nowadays can be incredibly cunning and persuasive. 

Source: Detail.en.china

They will use every trick in the book to get their way, whether it’s an emotional plea for money or simply some sugary treats they know they’re not supposed to eat. So, get ready to tackle these hilarious, yet sneaky, blackmailing schemes!


The Most Awkward Typo Ever! 

When you mean to type “purse” but accidentally text “person” typos are no joke, especially when they can lead to some of the most confusing and awkward situations. Just imagine the embarrassment the sender must have felt when they realized that they had accidentally made this blunder in their message! 

Source: Tumblr

We can only imagine the relief of the receiver when the sender confirmed their mistake. From now on, double (or triple) check your messages before pressing that ‘Send’ button!


Bridging the Gap - Bringing Gen X Up to Speed 

Let’s face it, Gen X has a tough time keeping up with the current “meme culture” and internet slangs that are so popular nowadays. But not to worry, with a little help from their children, they can still stay in the loop and not feel left out. 

Source: Elements.envato

Despite the inevitable frustrations that could arise, teaching Gen X the basics of internet slangs can be a hilarious and ironic experience. So, let’s take a step towards bridging the gap between generations!


Texting the Wrong Number - What Could Possibly Go Wrong? 

Have you ever texted the wrong number? We’ve all been there – maybe you meant to text your crush, or maybe it was an honest mistake. But one thing’s for sure, you can never predict what’s going to happen! Take this hilarious story, for example. 

Source: Vox

A texter sent a location called ‘739 Babies’ only to be met with a very confused reply from the wrong number they texted. It’s moments like these that make us laugh, even if it was a little embarrassing.


Ex's Epic Comeback Breaks the Internet 

This girl’s savage response to her ex’s text is definitely one for the books! Thanks to modern technology, we are now just a few clicks away from our exes. But this girl took it to a whole new level and gave her ex a classic, yet brutal, response, leaving the internet in awe. 

Source: Bigthink

Her comeback was not only devious, but also hilariously funny. Surely, this is one of the most epic online slap-downs of all time!


When Sleepy Guys Mistake Thermometers for Pregnancy Tests! 

Nothing is quite like the confusion of mistaking a thermometer for a pregnancy test! This is exactly what happened to our sleepy friend – he just couldn’t tell the difference! 

Source: En.dailybee

We can’t help but wonder if he is really ready to be a dad, given his inability to differentiate between these two very different items. Let’s just hope he has a few more years before he has to worry about that!


Unbelievable! Boyfriend Calls Out Ex as "Plastic" 

Have you ever been in a relationship and when it ended you were on the receiving end of your ex’s unappetizing texts? We all know how brutal that can be. Well, this one takes the cake! 

Source: Vysetrenie

This boyfriend called out his ex for being fake and labeled her as “plastic.” While it’s not our place to decide if she’s fake or not, this conversation is pure gold! You won’t believe what he said!


Moms: The Funniest and Most Awkward Creatures 

It’s no secret that moms have the unique ability to make us laugh and blush at the same time! This picture perfectly captures the hilarity and awkwardness of having a mom who is an extreme overthinker. 

Source: Theuijunkie

From the level of palpable discomfort to the funny text, this is exactly what it’s like to have a mother who loves you just a little too much. From embarrassing stories to cringe-worthy moments, moms are sure to keep us smiling – and squirming!


Dad's Hilarious Response to Daughter's Texts Goes Viral! 

This dad’s response to his daughter’s thousands of texts about him being in a meeting is enough to make anyone laugh out loud! His daughter shared the conversation, and it quickly took the internet by storm. 

Source: Onedio

Even among the many text fails circulating online, this one is sure to remain a classic. Dads may not have mastered the art of patience and multitasking, but this dad nailed it when it comes to texting!


Desperate for Love: The Devastating Results of Miscommunication 

We have certainly come a long way in the way we communicate, but sometimes our words can be misinterpreted, leading to disastrous outcomes. This particular situation could have been easily avoided if the conversation had taken place in person. 

Source: Time

Although the girl’s words may seem humorous, it’s heartbreaking to think of the difficult situation that she must have been in. We can only hope the driver was sympathetic enough to provide her with some comfort during the journey.


Gen Z Text Language Blunder 

Despite belonging to the Gen Z generation, not everyone is an expert in the latest text language. A great example of this was seen in this exchange between a water delivery guy and a customer who didn’t quite get the abbreviation. 

Source: Recordnet

How did that happen? The girl obviously was living under a rock as she didn’t realize the water delivery guy was talking about “address” when he said “add”. This incident proves that even if someone belongs to the Gen Z generation, they need to keep themselves updated with the latest trends in texting language.


Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader: A Tale of Wave and Hand 

A battle between good and evil, between father and son, between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader – the iconic Star Wars rivalry is etched in the memories of many. When we think of the famous scene between the two, it’s hard not to chuckle at the thought of the wave. 

Source: Reddit

Was it a wave or the hand Luke lost to Vader in the movie? No matter what it was, the context of this text is pretty lighthearted – a stark contrast to the heartburn it caused in the movie. May the force be with you, Luke!


Texting Transforms The Dating Scene 

Gone are the days when phone conversations meant something in the dating world. Now, it’s all about the text messages. With just a few characters, the entire tone of a conversation can be changed. We’ve all been there – reading into the “okay” and other monosyllabic responses, trying to decipher what the other person is really thinking. 

Source: Kobieta

That’s why this photo of a text conversation between two people hit a nerve with so many people – it’s a frustratingly familiar situation. It’s a sign of the times that texting has completely transformed the dating landscape.


Mom's Hilarious Take on LOL 

This mom’s reaction to her child’s text is nothing short of hilarious! We’ve all seen the funny text fails that autocorrect can cause, but this one’s a simple misinterpretation of texting acronyms. Our parents have certainly raised an eyebrow or two when it comes to the modern texting language, but this mother was the cause of a raised eyebrow!

Source: Lifereimagined

She thought that LOL meant Lots of Love, and her child couldn’t help but point out the mistake!


Grandma's Got Jokes - and Long Life Milk! 

Grandmas are known for being soft and kind, but this grandma had us in stitches! When she asked her grandkid for long life milk, and they responded cheekily, she had the perfect riposte! Who knew grannies could be so funny? 

Source: Yahoo

We definitely need to make sure to bring her some milk that will keep for a while, that’s for sure. We can only hope that we’ll be included in the will as a thank you!


Those Annoying Corrections May Just Save You! 

We all know them—the grammar police. Those people who are always ready to correct your every mistake and make you feel embarrassed. It may be annoying, but if it wasn’t for them or your grammar police mom, you’d probably still be making the same mistakes and not even care to correct them. 

Source: Blitz

So, next time your mom critiques your grammar, show her some appreciation and send her a few funny grammar fail memes. It’s the least you can do for all her hard work!


Are You A Hip Hop Fan? Find Out If You Have What It Takes! 

Are you a die-hard Hip Hop fan? Put your knowledge to the test and see if you can identify Marco’s mistake in this conversation. When asked his street name, instead of giving his address, Marco assumed he was being asked his nickname in the streets!

Source: Nytimes

Now, wouldn’t it be awesome to have a street called Lil Marco? If you can spot the mistake, you are well on your way to becoming a Hip Hop expert. Apostrophe ‘s’ anyone!