Revenge is a Dish Best Served on the Internet For All to Witness

By: Mia Williams | Published: Dec 23, 2022

You’ve been wronged, and you are indignant. What do you do? Find an attorney to settle the matter? Spend thousands in court and lawyer costs? Wait years for a judgement?

The people in these stories chose another route – juicy and creative forms of revenge. If you start pumping your fist and saying, “Yes!” you won’t be alone. We might not try these types of revenge, but it sure is satisfying to read about them.

Christmas Presents

Having housemates may be great, particularly when everyone gets along and respects each other’s space. But when you return from vacation and discover your bedroom has been filled with balloons, you need to find a way to repay the practical joke.  



As Christmas approached, this young woman wrapped everything her roommate owned in holiday wrapping. That’s quite a commitment to revenge; imagine how long it took. But then again, blowing up those balloons must have been exhausting.


Payback Time

No matter how hard you try to make a marriage work, there are cases when it simply doesn’t. Sometimes that’s because the spouses aren’t compatible, or neither will compromise. If there is a divorce, there will be a decision about alimony payments.


Source: Fontool/Twitter

This man really goes to extremes with his alimony payments. He had checks printed with pictures of himself with his new wife. That might be excessive payback, since the pain is real.

Disturbing the Pack

If you’re not a dog lover, you should stay away from them, but it is unwise to be cruel to them.  They’re smart and know how to inflict their vengeance in full. Additionally, they have the option to request reinforcements.


Source: virascoop

The owner of this car made the mistake of kicking a dog. And this dog had friends. So the pack ganged up to make quite a dent in the man’s car and scratched it badly. Hopefully, the car owner got the message loud and clear.  

Uninvited Visitor

What should you do if your neighbor keeps showing up at your door when you just want to be left alone? And when you explain that you don’t want guests at that moment, that same neighbor starts to spread gossip about you? 


Source: rocketgeeks

It’s simple, next time your neighbor knocks, invite her in for a chat and prepare a nice cold drink. Then pop in the ice cubes you made from hot dog water. Do you think she’ll get the message? Maybe not, but it will be fun to watch her reaction.

Go Hunting, Honey

Knowledge of an intimate partner’s infidelity is excruciating. If you find out, you will definitely want revenge. This woman must have had fun, even though she was hurting, in creating this “game” for her cheating man.  


She carefully hid his personal items all across town and provided hints so that he could find them. So now, what’s the likelihood that he knows the answers to these questions? Good luck, guy, and good work, angry ex.


Your Necessity Is My Responsibility

You want to be especially romantic and thoughtful, so you ask your girlfriend what she would like to eat. Unfortunately, instead of a specific response, you usually get the answer, “I don’t know” every time you ask.

Source: Lee_Mbuhleigh/Twitter

Being the ever-considerate husband, this guy decided to give his wife exactly what she wanted. So he made an “I don’t know” specialty dish. Pretty cool payback, and let’s hope she laughed along with him. 


Tired and Fed Up

You love having your home neat and orderly, but your partner may not be the neatest. And you may be tired of cleaning up his or her mess. It seems that however much you clean, there is always a new pile of stuff to straighten. 

Source: LexeYb/Reddit

You get revenge by cleaning up your own stuff and leaving your partner to take care of his or hers. Do we think the message will come across loud and clear? Let’s hope so, or you’ll have to think of something more drastic.  


You Go First

Do you think it’s cute when couples wear matching t-shirts? It confirms their special relationship and is adorable. That works when the relationship is going well, and both members of the couple are happy.


This woman discovered her boyfriend cheating on her with another woman. So she figured out how to ensure he will always remember his bad behavior. He agreed to get matching tattoos with his girlfriend, and he went first. Then she ran away. Wow, that’s some serious payback to humiliate him.


The Missing Liquid Gold

As a working mother with a newborn, you know the importance of using the breast pump at the office to keep your milk flowing and your baby well fed. This is a time-consuming process, but it’s worth it to ensure your baby gets the best possible nutrition.

Source: WellThatSucks/Reddit

You’ve been storing the breast milk in a coffee creamer container and putting it in the fridge. Then one day, you realize that the container is empty. Uh oh. What do you do? Easy! You write a note on the creamer bottle. Hopefully, she got to see the thief’s face when the note was discovered.  


Zip-Tie For Revenge

It can be challenging for inexperienced (or veteran) drivers to park their vehicles, but one should always try to park carefully. If you don’t, there are many ways that other shoppers can take revenge, and some are not pretty.

Source: InstantRegret/Reddit

This motorist clearly parked between two spots. How rude! Clearly, another driver felt the need to exact retribution by using a zip tie to attach the cart to the offending car’s door handle. Now the selfish parker will have to find a way to detach the shopping cart. Great revenge tactic.  


Dupe Or Finger Prick?

October is the month when you should start carving your pumpkin for Halloween. And everyone in the neighborhood has their front porches decked out in preparation for the celebration.


But this also implies that there are people walking around stealing the decorated pumpkins. Someone stole this dude’s pumpkin, and he was so angry that he re-decorated the pumpkin on his porch to deter theft. Good luck, pumpkin-stealer.


Spotify Hit Song

Everyone can sympathize with the lady whose partner is a world-class snoring champion. He kept her up night after night with his racket, so she decided others should share in this “music” and created a cool revenge plan.  

Source: DaveApnea/Twitter

This is a crazy smart tactic. She recorded her husband snoring, and uploaded the “songs” onto Spotify. She assumed he’d be so embarrassed that his snoring was that loud and bothersome. In an ironic twist, however, the remixes end up with over 200k plays. Seriously, wow!


The Cheesiest Revenge

Although husbands are known for their wit and charm, this one really has to mind what he says. Maybe he was just kidding, but he doesn’t appear to be. Anyway, he insulted her by calling her a “sandwich maker,” and she was going to teach him a lesson. 


So, she demonstrated her true sandwich-making abilities. Can you imagine the look on his face when he ate a piece of cheese that had been sitting in plastic? She wins this round. He’ll watch his tongue from now on.


Trapped In

You often encounter drivers who aren’t paying attention or are in a rush, but people should still respect other drivers. Unfortunately, this driver seems to have forgotten that rule.


How did we get to a place where parking perpendicular to the curb is considered normal? Justice will be served regardless of who parked there first. All of us here support the group’s collaborative effort. The fact that he is locked in between two drivers who are out to give him a lesson is a blessing in disguise.


Lunch Out

The time has come for lunch, and you were looking forward to eating the meal you had prepared. Then you find out that someone else has eaten it. Because of this selfishness, you decided to get back with a delectable snack.

Source: Dooppy

Someone is going to love this gourmet meal of “tuna” and cheese; their cat might enjoy it even more. Do you think the thief even knew that this was not tuna? We hope so, for the sake of the prankster.  


Break Line

Why are grocery store lines so torturous? You just want to pay and get out of there. And then, there are the items near the register, which you start adding to your cart. After that the person behind you whacks you with their cart. But even worse is when someone in line is rude. 

Source: Twitter/spokendamsel

This lady’s revenge on the nasty shopper was to let everyone else in line go ahead of her, leaving Miss Rude to wait even longer. She really got her revenge, and also helped other shoppers. Win-win!  


That Looks Good

The value of having a kitchen at your office is debatable. It is a great place to stock up on snacks for those bouts of hunger during the day. Yet it’s hard to keep the place clean, and sometimes you have to get rid of people’s smelly old food. But the worst is having someone steal your stuff.  

Source: lufcdannyboy/Twitter

This person had enough of the office food stealer and created a trap. He bought some yummy plain doughnuts and filled them with mustard. Oh, to see the look on the face of the thief!


Adjusting the Line

Do the lines in parking lots mean anything to some drivers?  Are they even looking as they pull into a spot? Apparently, this driver assumed he could park any way he pleased.

Source: Vidmid

No need to worry; someone has come along and made it all OK. This person keeps a box of chalk in his car for ten months, just waiting for a chance to get revenge on a bad parker. And today was the day! 


Punctured Wheels 

You can bet this man has finally had it with his neighbor’s ear-piercing rock music. He most likely visited to have a friendly conversation, made nice, and went home, hoping the squabble was settled and the loud music would stop. Well, it wasn’t over.  

Source: Vidmid

When the music kept blasting next door, he took the next step. He slashed his neighbor’s tires and left a note. This is indeed a drastic form of revenge, and let’s hope the battle didn’t escalate.


Sneakers That Slither  

Think about the differences between men and women. Women walk around all day in heels and uncomfortable clothing, while the guys hang out in jeans and t-shirts playing video games. And on top of that, men keep their stuff lying around for us to trip over.  

Source: Belok.Net

Fortunately, this lady kept her man occupied with what really mattered. Hopefully this will teach him not to leave his shoes lying around. If it were up to us, we would have put the animal in a sack and thrown it at him.  


I’m in Charge

We mistakenly believe that as the pet owner, our pet behaves as we command, while they provide comfort and companionship. If you decide to adopt a cat, however, consider whether you are submissive enough to own one.   


Cats will usually behave as they want and won’t care if they get into your stuff. Consider this lady as an illustration. Since it was time for spring cleaning, she confined the cat in the bathroom. She found out her mistake when she opened the door. That’s a whole different level of revenge. 


Clean and Polish  

When you’re on top of the world, the only people that matter are in your own family. That puddle of acclaim is accumulating behind you. The paper may be rolled out as your obedient slaves are at your command until you can tell that your enemies have used up your supplies.

Source: Monagiza

At least you have excellent taste in American slasher flicks if you hear the screech of the tricycle’s tires and see a crazed guy with a smirk on his face pedaling towards you. You should have done some exploring before plopping down on that throne of ivory.


Governing Her Finances

A mother’s heart must break as she watches her offspring fight over her inheritance. This mom decided that she would enjoy her wealth for as long as she lived, so she let them know that they should stop fighting over it.

Source: pupperish

She wanted to head off current and future arguments between her children. And those kids need to become more appreciative before they’re welcome at her home again.


What Siblings?

When two or more children are in a home, there will always be sibling rivalry. They compete with one another for their parents’ attention,  and often fight, driving their parents crazy. Even years later, they may harbor resentment and ill feelings toward one another.

Source: Buzzfeed

This woman wanted to erase her siblings from her life entirely, so she scribbled over their images in family photos. This may feel like revenge, but even markers cannot change sibling history.  


You’re Stuck Now

There’s a good reason that porta potty is, well,  portable. It’s supposed to be easily moved to get out of the way, especially on construction sites. For example if a crane needs to get by and you’re inside, good luck with that.  

Source: Global News

The worker with the crane always wins over the worker in the toilet. We’d let you stay in there for hours if we were in command. Similarly, we might use the crane to shake it, which would cause gravity to work to our advantage. 


Stay Within the Lines

It’s cool when you can send a message to people, but keep them wondering what the message is about until they read all the way through. For example, inconsiderate parkers drive all of us raving mad, and we wish we had been clever enough to send this note.

Source: Buzzfeed

The offender will hopefully get the message, and feel ashamed. He’s inconvenienced others for no reason other than his own selfish desire for quick parking. Learn to park between the lines, dude!


Thoroughly Frustrating

Ah, brothers. This guy was given a duct-tape wrapped gift from his big bro and had to unwrap it in front of the family. Then he had to deal with what was inside the heavy wrapping.  


It gets worse.  Inside was a concrete box. He had to use the hammer to break through the concrete. In true superhero style, he did as instructed and found a paperweight inside with a Thor image. Only brothers can do that to each other and get away with it. 


Covered in Pain

Knowing that your spouse is cheating on you is an excruciating experience. You are hurting so badly, and would do anything to get even. You probably don’t want to damage him physically, but humiliating him is a really sweet kind of payback.

Source: Taringa

With what must have been an entire roll of saran wrap, she wrapped his automobile from bumper to bumper. It will be easier for him to go inside his automobile than back into his wife’s heart, but he will have trouble doing both.


Pictures, Please

Seems like an irate customer didn’t like being shown how to load a roll of toilet paper, so he took his own revenge. It’s pretty clever, and must have taken quite a while. That’s ten points for determination.  

Source: FunnyJunk

Anyone may acquire new knowledge and skills. Some folks, though, need graphic images in order to learn. Apparently, they don’t have the common sense to do the right thing. In this case, some clever maintenance worker offered an easy-to-follow poster.   


Survival of the fittest: Man Vs Wild

When your food is taken from you, whether by a human or a wild animal, your first instinct will be to defend yourself by grabbing hold of whatever is handy. This guy had hidden a gun and was ready to fire.


The antagonist walks cockily over the bridge’s railings. He focused on its chest, pressed the trigger, and fired. The bird was thrown off-kilter by the constant barrage of retorts. When they come over again, it won’t be for a splash of water, but for a meal cooked in a hot pan with plenty of seasoning.


A True American Idol

No one wants to be compared to a rock star or movie idol. It’s impossible for us regular humans to compete with that kind of beauty and perfection. The comparison just makes us feel less self-assured, and it is more hurtful if it comes from someone you care about. 

Source: Diply

This woman made her point pretty clearly. She was sick of what her guy was saying to her. And she was clever too, using Swift’s lyrics against him. The relationship is over, she is moving on, and she made her point elegantly. 


The Purge

Make the most of your time before the warning siren sounds. You resort to martial arts since you can only utilize level one or level two weapons. Stretch your hamstrings, get leverage, and kick the kid’s bike. You started the purging early. You’ve been warned.

Source: Twitter

He can see you through the Venetian blinds. He’s vigilant and has great eyesight. At the very least, he’ll have a lollipop and milk. Babysit him. You’re stuck.


War Between Sexes

Having siblings, particularly ones that are there to back you up, is a great blessing. But what if they just want to mess with your head and steal your stuff? You might dream of not having any siblings at all.

Source: Obaldenno

This brother felt he was being resourceful by repurposing his sister’s toothbrush as a shoe polisher. Nope, he was completely incorrect. She took her vengeance by giving his shoes that rare sheen he always sought. The expression on his face clearly indicates the beginning of a battle of vengeance.


Tip for a Pleasant Service 

When they serve their customers, bartenders shouldn’t have two different sets of rules. Even if you’re a man and not wearing tight clothes, they should serve you with a smile so you’ll be happy to give them a tip.

Source: izismile

This is exactly how to do the master shake. It will give your revenge a delicate taste. That’s done in a beautiful way. Tell him to use those hard-earned bills to wipe that table clean. This is a good puzzle for him to try to figure out.