Restaurant in Italy Charged Customers for Empty Plates, ‘These Hidden Fees are Out of Control’

By: Georgia | Last updated: Oct 24, 2023

A fantastic trip to Italy wouldn’t be complete without dining in some of the incredible restaurants the country has to offer.

Authentic Italian cuisine is considered by many to be some of the best food in the world, but many are finding that Italian dining comes with almost unbelievable hidden costs.

Italian Restaurant Charges $2.20 for an Extra Plate

At the quaint Italian restaurant, Osteria del Cavolo, diners couldn’t believe that they were charged $2.20 for an empty plate. And it wasn’t even to split a meal; their daughter simply wanted a small plate to try the mother’s pasta.


Source: Olivier Bucheli/Google

Their story went viral, and in response, Ida Germano, the restaurant owner, told the Times that she stood by the charge as cleaning another plate means “more work” for her staff.


A Couple on Holiday in Italy Spends $1.65 to Use a Teaspoon

But this restaurant isn’t the only culprit of hidden fees. At another Italian eatery, a couple on vacation was charged $1.65 when they requested a second teaspoon to share their dessert.


Source: Broadsheet

Though the pizzeria outside of Alba where the teaspoon charge occurred hasn’t responded, the internet has responded in complete shock, agreeing with the couple that the charge was absolutely ludicrous.

Splitting a Dish Costs an Extra $2.40 at Another Italian Restaurant

Lake Como is certainly known for its luxurious hotels and fine dining experiences. But while people expect slightly higher prices, customers were baffled when they were charged after asking staff at Bar Pace to cut their sandwich in half.


Source: Newsflash

On the bill, they saw ‘diviso a meta,’ which in English means ‘divided in half’ which added €2 ($2.40) to their total.

Italy’s Not the Only Country Gauging Summer Tourists

Although Italy is definitely in the hot seat right now, it’s not the only country that seems to be upping its prices and adding hidden charges.


Source: Schengen Visa

Countries around Europe are capitalizing on summer tourists. If you’re headed to Europe soon, you may want to avoid restaurants in especially touristy areas, such as in main squares or in front of popular churches.