Reality As We Know It Could Be An Illusion and Our Universe Might Be Holographic

By: Tyler Connaghan | Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

There is no shortage of theories as to what is the true fundamental nature of reality. Some physicists argue that our universe and reality as we know it could just be a hologram. 

The theory is based on the idea that the universe is a product of quantum machinations happening in another dimension, making it a complete illusion. 

Understanding Holographic Theory

The main concept to grasp for understanding holographic theory is that there are different dimensions in the universe. According to the theory, we are living in a holograph created by a different dimension of reality. 


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The second aspect of the theory is that this universe we live in is actually two-dimensional, not three-dimensional.


The Role Black Holes Play in Understanding the Universe

Physicists are using their very basic understanding of black holes to attempt to understand and explain them. Essentially, black holes allow information and particles to enter, but never come out. 


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That information, as it is known in theory, is related to its two-dimensional surface without full-dimensional volume—just like holographic theory claims our universe is. 

How Mathematical Illusion Plays into Holographic Theory

Although much of holographic theory is just theoretical at this point, physicists use mathematical games and speculation to attempt to prove this idea of reality. 


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However, because so much of the math used to determine the reality of the universe is based in conjecture, at the moment it cannot be considered anything more than mathematical illusion. 

The Universe Does What the Universe Does

Many argue that every idea, either theoretical or math-based, is just our way of attempting to understand the universe we live in. 


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The truth is that whatever our human brains can contrive and understand may end up being just works of fiction. Maybe we’ll never fully understand the reality we’re living in.