Quirky Inventions You Can Only Find In Japan

By: Mia Williams | Published: Sep 09, 2023

Japan is a special country with a population of 126 million people or roughly 1.62% of the global population. Despite that relatively small number, the country manages to be a big player on the world stage – largely due to their development of innovative technology.

Many of us are familiar with gadgets and gizmos from Panasonic and Sony, however, not a lot of us are aware of smaller Japanese companies that make quirkier things. These interesting inventions include vending machines for cat hats, muted funnels for singing karaoke, and splash protectors for eating noodles. Below are some of these innovative and quirky designs.

Language Translation Smart Mask

The “smart mask” – or, to be more precise, C-Face Smart Mask – seen below translates what a person says into eight languages. It solves the problem of not being able to communicate because of a language barrier.


@Sharjah24 News / Youtube.com

The Smart Mask works by connecting to a smartphone (hence the name) that allows the translations to happen. Donut Robotics, the company that invented it, spent $265,000 to get it started but plans on selling them for a mere $50. This could be a game-changer for reducing miscommunication.


The Liberation Napkin

Freshness Burger is a popular Japanese food chain that serves American-style burgers. However, they had a problem – only men were ordering the burgers. That’s because the concept of “Ochobo”, or covering your mouth in public, makes it difficult for women to enjoy a messy meal. 


@Heidi Autio / Facebook.com

To solve that, Freshness Burger came out with the “Liberation Napkin.” Women can place a burger inside the napkin and rest assured that it’s big enough to hide their face as they enjoy the fairly messy burger. Sales went up 213% because of it!

Handy Support for Office Naps

Instead of bending your hand out of shape when supporting your head for a nap, why not use a mechanical arm? The robotic-looking hand below attaches to an armchair or desk and provides a flexible form of support for those who are overworked and underslept (in other words, most of us).


@biddlybop / Twitter.com

Although it might look a bit creepy, the helping hand can improve your posture and take the strain out of your other hand. It can also be helpful if you get stuck in the middle seat on an airplane!

Robotic Dinosaur Hotel Staff

Did you ever feel that you’d rather speak to a dinosaur at check-in rather than a human? If so, then these robotic dinosaurs at the Henn-na Hotel in Tokyo are just your cup of tea (or sake).


@TravelMagazine / Twitter.com

Instead of a boring old person checking you in, these dinosaurs have special sensors that know when customers are approaching and shout out “WELCOME!” to, you know, make you feel welcome. Unfortunately, they aren’t for sale and only exist at the check-in desk of this particular hotel. At least for now.

Vending Machines for Cat Hats

The cat hat vending machine picture below is exactly what it sounds like – a vending machine filled with hats for cats. A match made in heaven for cat-lovers everywhere (but mostly in Japan). Rather than searching through pet stores for tiny hats, these convenient vending machines bring them to you in a variety of colors and styles.

©Japan Travel Photos / Shutterstock.com

Pop in some money (around $1 – $5), choose a particular design (we suggest the red and white peppermint wrapper design), and present it to your cat. 


A Lock for Your Umbrella

We’re all familiar with bike locks. You thread them through the wheel and attach them to something stable so your bike doesn’t get stolen. It works like a charm. Well, in a typical thoughtful fashion, Japan decided to apply the same idea to umbrellas.

@YYC_Svetlana / Twitter.co

As you can see above, a whole organized rack of umbrella locks can make sure that your umbrella stays safe as you shop around a bit. When you come back and get ready to brae the rain, you can rest assured that the umbrella will be waiting.


Turtle Tunnels

Turtles are slow creatures – much too slow for our fast-paced world. However, that doesn’t mean we should abandon them. That sentiment motivated Japanese railway engineers to come up with special turtle tunnels that allow the turtles to safely cross the tracks without getting squashed.


West Japan Railways teamed up with an aquarium in Kobe to create the tunnels seen above. It has been a massive success, and turtle fatalities have gone down significantly since the introduction of these innovative tunnels.


The Singing Funnel

Have you ever wanted to belt out your favorite songs but were afraid of disturbing the neighbors? If so, then you’re not alone. Luckily, the Prodiea company developed a special funnel microphone that muffles noise by up to 70%. 

@lakey / Twitter.com

It works by placing the funnel over your mouth, playing your favorite song through the earphones, and singing away. Karaoke is a big deal in Japan, so this device helps ready your voice for a big night out with friends or co-workers.


Driverless KFC Car

Most of the time, you have to visit a fast-food restaurant to get fast food. However, in Japan, fast food comes to you. As you can see below, Japan has driverless KFC trucks that go up and down the sidewalk in search of hungry customers. 


All you have to do is hail one down, order your food, pop in the money, and enjoy. What’s not to love? It allows you to have a picnic in the park any day of the week. 


A Silicon Clip Nose Straightener

Have you ever wanted your nose to be a little bit straighter? If shelling out thousands of dollars for surgery is too much for you, then the Hana Tsun Nose Straightener might be a perfect solution. It’s meant to be worn for 20 minutes each day.

@Teresa Jackson | SofiaGottei / Pinterest.com

Over time, it works to straighten the cartilage in your nose – or so the claim goes. This may improve breathing and snoring issues as well. Although they haven’t been rigorously tested, plenty of people have bought them to give them a try.


Humanoid Robot Greeters

Have you ever felt that you didn’t have enough humanoid robots in your life? If so, then SoftBank has you covered. In 2014, the company unleashed “Pepper” onto the world. It is the “world’s first social humanoid robot able to recognize faces and basic human emotions.”

©Tomohiro Ohsumi / gettyimages.com

Although a bit pricey at $1,500, Pepper has been sold to a variety of institutions – from banks like HSBC to museums like the Smithsonian. Mostly, the robots are used to greet customers at the entrance.


Pink Bear-acades

The cute little pink bears below are not actual bears – they’re barricades (or bear-acades if you enjoy puns). Japanese creatives have mastered the art of making cute cartoons – Hello Kitty, Pokemon, etc. – so it’s only natural that they would transfer that skill to the realm of urban design.​​


These pink bears solve the problem of ugly construction sites filled with boring orange cones. The bears keep people safe from work hazards while brightening up their day with a bit of quirky design. 


The Non-Oval Watermelon

Not all people are fans of the traditional watermelon shape. Instead, they want something a bit more symmetrical. If you’re in Japan, then you’re in luck because they have square watermelons.

@Dominique Fuerte / Pinterest.com

Referred to as shikaku suika, these square watermelons are grown inside tempered glass to get their unique shape. Also, and this is important, they are not to be eaten! They’re ornamental watermelons that taste horrible but look cool. Display one in your house and you’ll feel like you’re living in a live-action anime.​​


Floating Space Drone

Have you ever thought, “I’d like to have a drone next time I go into outer space?” If so, then the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency made a product that’s just for you. The JEM Internal Ball that floats in zero-gravity solves all your space-faring selfie needs.

@Boian Mitov / Pinterest.com

The floating drone can take pictures and videos of astronauts as they’re doing their work. It’s a great way to multi-task in space and keep connected to those on the ground! Although the price is unknown, we imagine it’s not cheap.


Luggage Locks for the Restroom

One of the reasons that Japan is so safe is the fact that they put in a lot of safety measures. As we saw from the umbrella locks previously, Japanese people figure out ways to ensure that their things don’t get stolen.


For example, if you’re traveling alone and have to use the restroom, the airports and train stations have special locks to secure your luggage. No more leaving your suitcase outside the stall in hopes that no one takes it.


Use Your Smartphone in the Bath

A long bath is a fantastic way to unwind while getting clean. That being said, sometimes a bath can get boring. Rather than leaving early, why not bring in a smartphone to scroll through some articles or watch a few videos? 

@RandomGoodStuff / Twitter.com

That seems to be the thinking behind Thanko’s Bath Air Pillow Smartphone Holder (catchy title). The pillow part gives you a comfortable backrest and the smartphone holder part allows you to carefully use your phone without damaging it with water. Perfect!


The Eyedrop Funnel Glasses

Many people require eye medication. The problem is they have poor hand-eye coordination (or they’re uncomfortable with putting liquids in their eyes). Luckily, way back in 1991, the Japanese company Topcon came up with a solution to the problem – the eyedrop glasses.

@LadyOMary / Twitter.com

These special glasses have a funnel attached to them that allows wearers to drop the medicine inside the funnel. All you have to do is keep your one eye open long enough for the medicine to slide in.


Video Game Mop

The cleaning mop below doesn’t require a person to physically move it across the floor. Instead, the mop is remotely attached to a video game controller that can move it up, down, left, and right. Kyosho, the company that sells it, describes it as a way to “mop without mopping.”

@wiseshoppinginf / Twitter.com

The mop is perfect for those lazy days when you know that the house should be cleaned but you also know that sitting on the couch binge-watching your favorite show is far more fulfilling. Why not do both at once?


Silicone Splash Protector

The problem with eating noodles while having long hair is that the noodle juice splashes up and gets caught in your lovely locks. One option is to use a napkin or handkerchief to help you clean up after the fact. Another option is to prevent the problem in the first place by using a splash protector. 

@Cher Ross / Pinterest.com

Once the silicon frame is secure on your face, any pesky noodle juice will get soaked up without ruining your hair. Although it sounds handy, the quirky design didn’t do too well. 


Robot Waiters

At Dawn Cafe in Japan, your coffee or tea will be brought to you by a robot –  a very special robot. Why are the robots special? The sleep futuristic-looking robots are controlled by paralyzed people. 


That’s right, Japanese inventors have found a way to provide jobs to those who are bedridden. Most (if not all) of the bedridden people have devastating spinal injuries that make it nearly impossible to move. Through the computer interface seen above, they’re able to do a bit of meaningful work.


Japanese Rice Art

The farmer artists of Inakadate village create a truly unique rice art experience for five months out of the year. As you can see from the image below, they transform their rice paddies into massive works of art. Impressive!


How do they do it? It starts by taking multicolored rice and planting it in the fields. After a few weeks, voila, you have your rice art (also called Tambo art). Although that’s the general process, it takes a lot of trial and error to perfect it.


The Umbrella Walkway

Moominvalley Park is a theme park dedicated to The Moomins. For those unfamiliar with Moomins, they’re hippo creatures that sprang from the mind of author Tove Jansson. The park lies in the Saitama Prefecture of Japan.


Visitors who stop by can stroll along a walkway beneath hundreds of transparent umbrellas. As the sunlight pierces through the trees to hit the ground, it creates a gorgeous filtering effect that makes you feel like you’re in a magical world – the world of the Moomins.


Vertical Parking

The multi-level parking spots below allow cars to be stacked vertically as if on a conveyer belt (or Ferris wheel). Rather than clearing out a huge area for horizontal parking spaces, this automated parking system allows a corporation (and an urban center) to save space.

@Daniel Lo / YouTube.com

The smart parking system has been instrumental in helping Japan (and Japanese cities in particular) utilize their limited space more effectively. When a car owner comes back from shopping, their car gets automatically delivered to them.


A Soap Opera for Penguins

At the Kyoto Aquarium, the staff decided to create a soap opera for penguins. We wholeheartedly applaud their effort! The immaculate chart below tells visitors about the love lives of the zoo penguins. All the crushes and heartbreaks and melodramas in one place.


Like human lives, penguin lives are constantly changing, so the chart is updated on a regular basis. It might surprise you to learn that penguins get caught in adulterous affairs and egg-stealing. Time for a penguin soap opera TV show!


Training Your Face

Have you ever felt that your facial muscles were too loose? If so, then the face trainers below might be a perfect solution to your facial muscle woes. The devices are placed in between your lips so they can strengthen jaw and mouth muscles.

@DEJAPAN_Global / Twitter.com

The overall goal is to prevent skin from sagging too much. Ideally, the face trainers are used daily for three minutes. Over time, hopefully, your facial muscles will get stronger. 


Sleep in a Ramen Blanket

The blanket and pillow combo below is designed to resemble various kinds of Ramen noodles – everything from chicken to shrimp to beef. It’s a perfect themed set for those who love Ramen.

@justtakemymoney / Twitter

Although the company itself is based in Canada, their heart and souls are in Japan – specifically in the delicious Ramen noodle dishes of Japan. The cozy blanket is made for cold winter days when all you want to do is wrap yourself up and enjoy a hot bowl of Ramen noodles. 


Telephone of the Wind

This story is both sad and uplifting. The phone booth below isn’t connected to any working phone line. Instead, it’s connected to people in the afterlife – it’s a so-called “telephone of the wind.”


In 2011, an earthquake and tsunami came through the town of Otsuchi and caused devastation – lots of locals lost their friends and families. So, a thoughtful and inventive person set up this phone booth so people could go in, spend some time alone, and “chat” with their lost loved ones.


The Eco-Friendly Toilet Sink

Japan is high up on the list of environmentally-friendly countries. Perhaps it has to do with so many people living on a relatively small island – they have had to figure out ways to respect the limits of nature and not waste things unnecessarily.


One example of that can be seen in the sink-toilet combo above. It not only saves space, but it also reuses the hand-washing water for the next flush of the toilet. Genius! It saves millions of liters of water each year.


Smartphone Glasses

Have you ever thought that you were looking at your phone too much? Many of us have the same problem. Luckily, the Japanese company Fun’iki set about solving it. They came up with a special pair of eyeglasses that connect to your phone.

@Cool Stuff Gadgets / Youtube.com

The Ambient Glasses Digital Eyewear above use Bluetooth technology to connect to your Android and iPhone. Once it’s all set up, your glasses will display messages and notifications that your phone receives. Unlike Google Glasses, these are limited to push notifications, so it’s not too overwhelming.


The Fake Muscles Shirt

The problem with building muscles is that it takes too much work – you have to hit the gym on a regular basis, chug those protein shakes, and watch what you eat. Some people just don’t have the time for all that. Luckily, an innovative clothes company created the Danrich Muscle Shirt.

@Melna Ibach / Pinterest.com

As you can see above, the polyester and polyurethane shirt features built-in muscle pads that make you look far more ripped than you actually are. All it costs is $179 per shirt!


The Cleaning Onesie

Have you ever thought that your baby was a bit too lazy? Like it was about time that he or she started helping out around the house? If so, then the Baby Cleaning Onesie is a perfect solution. Simply dress up your baby in the cute onesie below, and as they crawl around the floor, the floor gets cleaned!

@star1013 / Facebook.com

Even if your crawling baby is bound to miss a few spots, it will leave the floor at least half clean. Plus, the absorbent material is perfect for any spills.


The Microphone Selfie Stick

Have you ever thought that you needed to belt out a tune while taking a selfie? If you have, then this SelfieMic is a perfect gift. As you might imagine from the name (and the picture below), it’s a combination selfie stick and microphone. 

@JD Williams / Pinterest.com

TikTok fans will love it because it allows you to sing along karaoke-style to your favorite songs (which can be downloaded from the built-in app). It’s affordable, works with both Android and iOS, and has plenty of songs to choose from – perfect for bloggers and vloggers!


Elevator Rain Indicators

Japan is no stranger to rain – hence the umbrellas locks featured earlier in our article. Another invention that seeks to help people deal with rainfall are the special rain indicators seen below.

©awesomeinventions / Twitter.comRain Indicator

Usually found in elevators, the simple design has an umbrella that lights up red to notify people that it’s raining outside. Rather than getting an unpleasant surprise once you open the door and get soaked, the rain indicator gives you an extra moment to prepare yourself or reach for your umbrella. 


The Fridge that Walks

Rather than you walking over to the fridge, the fridge below walks over to you. Although it sounds like sci-fi fantasy, it’s actually a technological fact. Panasonic released the Japanese Walking Fridge in 2017 for a cool $5,000. ​

@Phonandroid / Youtube.com

Built with LIDAR technology, the fridge can use its sensors to make it over to you without running into the table or sink. Perfect for those lazy days or nights when you’re too comfortable on the couch to walk to the fridge for a drink.


Color-Changing Umbrellas

It rains a lot in Japan. This has led to a lot of rain-centric inventions like umbrella locks in stores and rain indicators in elevators. It’s time to add color-changing umbrellas to that list.

@japantastic / Youtube.com

Created by RainStoppers, this innovative line of umbrellas creates patterns (flowers, butterflies, and more) when hit by rain. Those patterns change the color of the umbrella itself, and that change stays after you bring the umbrella inside. This acts as a fun reminder of your walk in the rain. 


Washing Machine for Small Gadgets

Have you ever felt that your watch, jewelry, or other small gadgets were a bit too dirty? Using a paper towel or a sanitized napkin is one way to get off those scuff marks and grease stains. Another is to dip the gadgets into a mini washing machine.

@jalantikus / Pinterest.com

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Made by Thanko, the above mini washing machine is powered by USB and can fit on your desk. It’s perfect for those who want a quick and clever way to wash their beloved gadgets. 


Mechanical Pet Robot

Despite only having 1.7% of the world’s population, Japan has consistently managed to create innovative new technologies that shape science, medicine, and consumer markets. Perhaps this is because the country spends a lot on education and emphasizes math and science.

Ohsumi / gettyimages.com

One example of innovative technology is the mechanical pet seen above. The Lovot Robot as they’re called can react to different moods and cause you to fall in love with it. In many ways, it’s like an actual pet and people form deep attachments to them. 


Polyethylene Toe Stretchers

The problem with toes is that they get too close to each other. Just like yoga is great for stretching the body in general, the Genki-kun Toe Stretcher below is great for stretching the toes in particular. You’d be surprised at how much stress gets transferred to our toes.

@Sue Hindle / Pinterest.com

The toe stretchers work by placing a polyethylene rod in between each toe. As you move toward the pinkie toe, it gets smaller. They’re comfortable to wear, and over time they can improve balance, posture, and circulation. 


Mop Covers for Your Shoes

As we saw with the baby onesie earlier, Japan has an interest in practical fashion – clothes that allow you to do something. The mop shoes below are a great example of that. All you have to do is place the covers over your shoes and start walking through the house. 

@Home Improvement / Pinterest.com

Your steps will help you clean the floor. It’s a brilliant idea that has resulted in thousands of knock-offs selling for as cheap as $4. They seem fun to wear but might not be that effective.


The Pillow that Catches Sound

The problem with lying on your side watching the television is that only one ear can hear the sounds. The other one, usually, is covered by your hand or a pillow. To fix this annoyance, the company FUJIPACKS created a cube-shaped pillow that allows you to hear. 

@Koleksi Unik / Facebook.co

It works by having an opening beneath your ear that allows TV sounds to pass through – perfect for all that binge-watching! We suggest pairing it with the special moving fridge for special viewing marathons.


The Umbrella Hat Combo

Sometimes umbrellas are just too much of a pain to hold. When it’s pouring down rain or you’re strolling beneath harsh sunlight, it can be annoying to keep a hold on the umbrella handle. One way to fix that is to invest (only $5) into the umbrella hat shown below.

@A Good / Pinterest.com

Perfect for storms and overly sunny days, all you do is place it on your head like a regular hat. It’s hands-free so you can hold a phone, some groceries, or a book while staying protected. 


The Speaker that Blocks Toilet Sounds

Although everyone makes a few noises while going to the bathroom, not everyone is comfortable with those noises – especially if others are nearby. This is especially true for some Japanese women sharing small apartments.

@Stacy Orr / Pinterest.com

To reduce the embarrassment, a Japanese company created and marketed the Keitai Otohime Toilet Sound Blocker. For a mere $35, you can buy the battery-powered portable speaker. When you’re in the bathroom doing your business, the speaker will play the sound of flushing or running water.


A Jar for Screaming

Have you ever felt that you wanted to let out a massive scream but were afraid to wake (or scare) the neighbors? If so, then you may want to try out the Banraishop Scream Jar Voice Silencer below. It’s a perfect way to relieve some stress in a safe way.

@John P. McCartney / Pinterest.com

Since it’s soundproof, all that comes out of the jar is a tiny whisper. Alongside relieving stress, it can be a useful way to practice karaoke without annoying those around you. 


The Arm Speakers

Have you ever felt that your speakers didn’t hug you enough? Or, perhaps, that you wanted your boyfriend to be a pair of speakers? If so, then the invention below is right up your alley.

@Johnny_suputama / Twitter.com

Created by the video game company Level-5 and Otome Yusha, the boyfriend speaker is made up of two arms attached to a pillow. The special speaker was never meant for the consumer market. Instead, it was part of a Twitter competition. One lucky fan won the only edition ever made. 


Lipstick Stencil Mask

Have you ever wanted to apply lipstick but decided not to because you were afraid it would get all over your face? Although it might sound weird, putting on lipstick is a skill that takes time to perfect.


The stencil above can help you master it every time! Even if you don’t hold onto it forever, it can be good for beginners. Simply put the reusable mask on your face and draw it like a stencil. Say goodbye to embarrassing smudges.


Custom Cat Face Mask

We all know pet owners who love their pets more than anything. Although cute and endearing, some of them go overboard. If you need an example of what that looks like, then take a look at the picture below.

@Bored Panda / Pinterest.com

The $2,000 masks are made to look exactly like your cat. It works by snapping a photo of your cat, sending a hefty chunk of change, and waiting for the hyper-realistic mask to show up at your door. We just hope the cat likes it.


The Cat Mask

People have been wearing face masks in Japan long before the pandemic made it common. That means they’ve had plenty of time to tweak the design. Sometimes it’s practical, other times it’s fun and quirky. The USB Cat Mask is an example of the latter. 

@v hart / Pinterest.com

For only $24, you can get the specially designed cat mask above. Not only does it make you an instant friend of the feline species, but it also comes with a built-in fan to cool you down after a brisk walk. 


Introvert Eating

Going out to eat when you’re alone (especially when you’re alone and an introvert) can be an uncomfortable experience. Often, other customers or the wait staff can give you sad eyes and wonder why you’re alone. In Japan, however, restaurants are fine with people coming in by themselves.


They’re not only fine, but they’ve also created special seats to make it totally normal. Shortly after ordering, your meal is placed in front of you, and you are free to eat in peace.


Pizza Boxes with Handles

Have you ever burned yourself trying to carry a hot box of pizza? If you’ve ordered pizza enough, then your answer is probably yes. Despite the pizza being piping hot, we don’t think twice about placing our hand under the box and carrying it away.


Japan, however, did think twice about it. Then, they created a handle for the pizza box. Genius! No more burnt hands from holding a scalding hot pizza. We hope this innovative box design gets spread all over the world. 


Soup Fan

When the food arrives, and your stomach has been rumbling it can be mighty hard to resist digging in. But when the ramen is piping hot you don’t really have much of a choice to either wait or use your precious air blowing on it to cool off.


This fan that mounts onto chopsticks is the perfect fit to solve your ramen woes. No doubt about it being odd, but perhaps also brilliant?


Butter Stick, Need We Say More?

If you’re looking to skip the extra dishes and also want to be extra efficient at buttering your toast, look no further. We present to you a butter stick.


Simply twist it up like your favorite chapstick and smear it across your toast. Honestly, there is no other way to look at this with anything other than respect.


An Allergy Prone Hat

With springtime comes a shedding of winter fashions and an abundance of allergies. Feed two birds with one scone and invest in toilet paper hat.


Not only can you ensure you’ll never sneeze without tissue, you also can confidently enter any bathroom knowing that an empty roll will not mean chaos for you. Oh, the freedom!


Panoramic Views

Speaking of strange things on your head, why not get a panoramic view with your photos? I’m looking at you Instagram junkies, bloggers, and just general fun people.


This 360-degree camera halo can be strapped with disposable cameras (because who has that many cameras?) It may be slightly outdated due to smartphones, but there is no denying it’s fun.


Peek-A-Boo Umbrella

This invention allows you to get full coverage while also keeping track of where you walk. It rains a lot in Japan, so it makes sense why they want to continue coming up with so many new ideas to stay dry.


Plus, there is no denying how adorable these accessories are! Umbrella goggles seem like a win-win, even for sunny weather!


Staying Dry, Fashionably

It’s no surprise that the clever minds of Japan have made a ridiculous amount of umbrella inventions. And Japanese culture loves fashion, so why not combine the two! If you’re feeling skeptical about whether or not there will be rain, why not stay prepared?


The downside is that the tie might be a bit heavy, but it is the cost of fashion. It hurts to be beautiful, after all.


Hidden Pockets

If you’re the type to be prepared in all scenarios, this Japanese invention is for you. A person can carry an entire purse worth of items, for example a utility knife, band aids, antibacterial wipes, you name it!


This is helpful for anyone wearing a tie to an invent and who doesn’t want to fill their pockets with things that bog them down. It is basically a briefcase for your neck.


Sweep With Your Toes

If you’re walking around, you may as well be tidying up too, right?  We don’t know. Frankly, these do seem slightly impractical, but entertaining, nonetheless.


Imagine trying to get the dustpan to a trash can without spilling the grim you worked so hard to get in there? We’ll give this invention a 2/10.


Tears Dry on Their Own

If you find yourself not able to commit to the toilet paper hat, then perhaps this fashionable pair of fan glasses are good for you. If you find yourself constantly trying to hide your tears from friends, family, and co-workers, maybe give these a try.


On a less depressing note, if you cook a lot and are cutting a lot of onions, these may be for you.


Fogging Up Your View

This invention is all around ridiculous, no doubt about it. If you find yourself unable to stop staring or have trouble closing your eyes (?) why not invest in some glasses that will eliminate your ability to see the outside world.


There is a chance that the fog will help with your dry eyes, but perhaps some plain old-fashioned tear drops would do the trick.


Miniature Toothbrush

When we see this, it is hard to see this as something that makes life easier for the average adult. However, what if you used this on the reluctant little one? Shoving a toothbrush into a toddler’s mouth is nearly always a struggle, this may help.


This pocket-sized toothbrush is also great for space saving on your travel journeys if that is something that you’re after.


For the Commute

If you find your head rolling about on your daily commute aboard the public transportation, this plunger-type hat might be the right solution if you’re sitting down. For the standing option, there is a jaw cradling hammock option.


This one seems especially dangerous for the potential for it to accidentally slip down your neck, however we doubt anyone can truly fall asleep standing up.


Boyfriend Pillow

If you’ve ever wanted the warmth of a partner without the hassle, this Japanese invention would be right up your alley. Lay your head down and rest with this arm and shoulder pillow that offers all the sweetness of a cuddle without having to worry about bad breath in the morning


This could make for a perfect date night! He is even keeping it classy and wearing a nice button down for the event.



This invention speaks for itself if you’re one of the sleepy ones. Imagine you’re out on the town, strolling through the park, and suddenly become fatigued and want to stop to take a rest.


You could lay down in the grass—sure, but what if your coat was also a portable bed? This is one of our favorites on the list. Naps are the best.


Face Toner

In the same league as the nose straightener, this strange looking contraption is meant to decrease wrinkles and tone the face. It is quite aesthetically…strange, but its purpose seems meant to improve self-esteem.


It is meant to slim the face and is supposed to be worn for three minutes each day to see results. It looks incredibly uncomfortable, but perhaps it hurts to be beautiful?


Better to Hear You With

The photo speaks for itself in this Japanese invention. The giant bowls attached to the ears is for hearing one’s surroundings. If someone was curious what those behind or ahead of them are chatting about, throw on this Dumbo-esque bowls and get an earful.


Just know, this is not recommended as spy gear, as surely the person being spied on would have reason to notice you in the crowd, and pick up on your tactic.


Edward Scissor Feet, Anyone?

This tool is slightly terrifying but meant to be time saving. Why cut only one nail at once when you can cut five? Something to think about.

Source: plus.kapanlagi.com

For anyone that has seen the movie Edward Scissorhands, this contraption may look a little familiar. For anyone that uses this, please let us know how much time you save!


You’re the Washing Machine

This is for the environmentally friendly multi-tasker. By mounting a miniature washing machine on your legs, you’re able to both get a nice stroll in while cleaning your smaller clothing items.

Source: plus.kapanlagi.com

Sure, it’s a bit clunky. And yes, people may see your intimates. And of course, the point could be made that it creates more work than not. But sometimes innovation lacks practicality.


Underwear Vending Machine

Skip the lines at Victoria’s Secret and learn about Japan’s. This vending machine sells women’s intimates like it’s a Coca Cola. Maybe you forgot to strap on your portable leg washing machine and all your clothes are dirty.

Source: plus.kapanlagi.com

Fear not, the underwear vending machine is here to save the day and you don’t have to worry about how breezy of a day it is.


Nails Embedded in Clothes

This invention might look kind of cool, but the risk and reward factors need to be measured. Imagine carelessly resting your hand on your face and accidentally hurting yourself.

Source: plus.kapanlagi.com

Or what if you swing your hand towards a stranger? Or your innocent cat walking by. This invention, to put it mildly, seems like a bad one.


Thigh Guys

A cousin of the boyfriend pillow, these thigh pillows are plush and robust and the ideal place to take a nap. We would recommend storing them somewhere else when your guests come over, as it may make them feel a bit squeamish.

Source: plus.kapanlagi.com

But no judgement here! Lay your head to rest wherever it makes you happiest. They really put a new twist on throw pillows, that’s for sure!