Find Out Why Wealthy People Are Putting $65,000 Cold Plunge Pools In Their Houses

By: Lauren Wurth | Last updated: Aug 14, 2023

In a world where luxury knows no bounds, the lifestyles of the wealthy frequently leave us in amazement and, at times, perplexed. From exotic automobiles to expensive vacations, the wealthy appear to have a propensity for pushing the bounds of affluence.

However, the latest fad among the rich has raised eyebrows and stimulated curiosity like none before: the installation of $65,000 cold plunge pools in their homes.

The Art of Cold Plunging

Private plunge pools filled with ice-cold water have become the latest extravagant passion among the elite. These ice baths are believed to have anti-aging benefits and to boost concentration.


Source: LifeOfArsalan/Twitter

Cold plunging, or submerging oneself in cold water, has grown in popularity. As a result, the wealthy are now building plunge pools in their luxury apartments and spacious backyards.


A Whopping Sum Of $65,000!

The elite are now spending up to $65,000 to have private plunge pools installed in their homes. Previously, only popular among athletes for rehabilitation, the habit of dipping into water below 59ºF has piqued the interest of the wealthy.


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The demand for these frosty pleasures has skyrocketed, with luxury pool manufacturer Diamond Spas & Pools reporting a tenfold increase in orders since 2019.

A Chilly Way to Start the Day

Some people, such as Brad Margist, a 31-year-old CTO, enjoy starting their day with a chilly plunge. Margist discovers that it reduces tension and improves concentration. He built his own bijou bath at home for less than $600.


Source: tyronolan/Twitter

Meanwhile, Stephen Garten, CEO of Charity Charge, chose a more opulent approach with a $19,000 unit from Blue Cube, known for its severe cold plunges. This home cold plunge bath is usually retails at around $22,000, but it is presently on sale for $17,999.

Cold Plunge Pools Fast Becoming A Sought-After Home Feature

Ice baths are becoming a popular amenity in luxury apartment buildings. One Manhattan Square in New York City has a cold plunge pool among its features that attract buyers.


Source: NickLovesSpain/Twitter

The fascination with cold plunging mirrors other extreme efforts taken by the wealthy for the best health, such as fasting, plant-based diets, and red light treatment.