Internet Picks Woman Apart for Refusing to Get Out of Car Because Her Date Brought Her to a Chain Restaurant

By: Lauren | Published: Nov 02, 2023

TikToker Monique Santos recorded and posted a first date she went on, and the internet is picking her apart for how she handled it. 

In the video, Monique shows her and her date in the car and tells her followers that she was refusing to get out of the car since her date had brought her to a chain restaurant. 

She Refused to Get Out of the Car

Here’s what happened: Monique starts filming while sitting in the passenger seat of a car. Her viewers can hear a man’s voice as he obviously walks around the car to open her door for her. 

Woman smiles at the camera with the text, “First Date: She refused to get out of the car because he took her to The Cheesecake Factory”

Source: @moniquelsantos09/TikTok

Then, Monique refuses to get out of the car and her date is extremely confused. He politely asks her if he can open the door for her, and Monique says no, because they are at The Cheesecake Factory. 


Let’s Talk About The Cheesecake Factory

In order to fully understand what happens next, it’s important to know a little about The Cheesecake Factory. 

Food ready to serve at The Cheesecake Factory with chefs working in the background

Source: Peter Dench/Getty Images

While The Cheesecake Factory is certainly a chain restaurant, it’s known around the country for its tasty food and not-so-cheap prices. In fact, many people consider going to The Cheesecake Factory a treat, not a chore. 

Monique Claims That No Man Should Choose a Chain Restaurant for a First Date

However, Monique is incredibly unimpressed by her date’s choice of restaurant and tells him that a woman deserves to be wined and dined on a first date, not taken to a chain restaurant. 

Man and woman sitting in a car; man looks frustrated, and woman is smirking

Source: @moniquelsantos09/TikTok

At this point in the video, her date is back in the car and they are discussing what women and men should and should not do on a first date, but then, Monique’s date explains the dating faux-paws she has already committed. 

Monique Was an Hour Late for Their Date

Her date tells everyone watching the video that he waited outside her door for an hour; their date was supposed to start at 4:15 and Monique didn’t come outside to meet him until 5:15. 

Woman looks annoyed while man looks frustrated sitting in the car

Source: @moniquelsantos09/TikTok

Monique claims her tardiness was work related, and that she couldn’t have invited him into her home as she doesn’t know him well enough yet.

After Complaining, Monique Wanted to Go to Another Restaurant, But Her Date Was Done

After several minutes of conversing on camera, Monique asks if he can choose and call another restaurant to get another reservation. 

Woman smiling at the camera while man stands outside the car door

Source: @moniquelsantos09/TikTok

But by this time, her date is simply done. While she started the video to show that her date was in the wrong, six minutes later, the tables were certainly turned and he showed the world that Monique was being disrespectful. 


The World Responds to Monique’s First Date Video

Of course, as with any viral TIkTok video, the world has responded with varying opinions, though the general consensus is that Monique is absolutely in the wrong here. 

Comments section from a TikTok post

Source: @moniquelsantos09/TikTok

In the 111,000 comments, most people have written comments such as “He’s right for doing that. He communicated properly, was respectful, and knows his worth. I also love the Cheesecake Factory.. lol.”


Several People Also Noted Just How Respectful Monique’s Date Actually Was

In addition to his kind and patient words, several TikTok users also commented on how respectful Monique’s date was from start to finish.

Man opens the car door for a woman to get in

Source: Freepik

He got out to open her door for her, and then after she wouldn’t get out, he asked her if she wanted to talk about it, got back in the car, and had an honest and open conversation about expectations. 


The Cheesecake Factory Got a Lot of Love in the Comments

Funnily enough, one of the most common responses was that people actually love The Cheesecake Factory and can’t understand Monique’s harsh aversion to their restaurant. 

A view of the Cheesecake Factory on March 26, 2020 in Boston, Massachusetts

Source: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

And many people noted that The Cheesecake Factory is actually quite expensive, stating, “Wait, but Cheesecake Factory still mad expensive these days.”


The Cheesecake Factory Is Not Fast Food

In the video, Monique essentially acts like her date has taken her to get fast food, but that’s definitely not what happened. 

Woman brings food in a brown paper bag to a couple in their car

Source: Freepik

While it is a chain, The Cheesecake Factory is a dine-in, full-service, restaurant with good food and drink. And people are stating that Monique responded as if the plan was to eat McDonald’s in the car.


What Should a First Date Look Like?

Finally, one of the other debates started in the comments section was what a first date should and shouldn’t look like. And while some people agree that a first date should be more formal or impressive in order to show that you care, most say that extreme wining and dining isn’t really necessary. 

A couple on a date with a white rose and two glasses of red wine

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It’s really more about getting to know each other, so as long as the date feels comfortable, safe, and shows the person who organized it put in a modicum of effort, that’s enough for a successful first date. 


Pay Attention to First Date Red Flags

This TikTok video has certainly sparked quite the debate as to what is and what is not acceptable on a first date.

Hand holding a red flag

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And it seems that while many people are in agreement that The Cheesecake Factory was a perfectly acceptable first date restaurant, the more important lesson here is that everyone should respect themselves enough not to let someone disrespect them on a first date. As they say, that’s a red flag.