Funny Beach Photos That Made These Vacations Memorable

By: Mia Williams | Last updated: Mar 24, 2023

You know what Summertime means!? Relaxing at the beach, eating lots of yummy snacks oceanside, and getting a gorgeous tan. Bring your family, meet up with your friends, no matter what it should be a fun time!

Unfortunately, for these beachgoers they must have missed the memo. Take note of these funny beach blunders so you don’t have to make the same mistake twice!

The Perfect Photobomb

Don’t you just love dogs? They always want to be in on the action. Wherever their human is, that is where they want to be, too. In this case, the two ladies weren’t willing to include the dog in the photo, so — justifiably — the pup decided to jump into frame.


Source: Reddit

That’s one theory, at least. The other theory is that this dog was trying to get a cute photo of his or her day at the beach and those humans were the photobombers.


What SPF Does She Use?

Not all of us do well in the sun. If you have sensitive or fair skin, you know that sunblock is an absolute must. But sunblock SPF only goes up to 100. So that begs the question: what do you do if you’re as pale as THAT girl?


Source: Reddit/ageguess

No, not the one in the black bikini top. Didn’t you notice the other one? That’s right, there are two women in this photo, the one on the right and the other one, who is clearly a vampire.

What Do You Do?!

We don’t know about you, but we’ve never seen a sign think out loud before — at least, not until now. At first, it suggests that flying a kite is absolutely fine on this beach. Hooray! Then, it offers an abrupt 180 and says that kite flying is forbidden.


Source: Reddit/nesbarnes

It doesn’t give a reason why, and frankly, we’re intrigued. Have you ever been to a beach where you couldn’t fly a kite? What is the story here? Was there a horrific kite-related accident? We may never know.

He Lives Here Now

Look, is it pretty weird to bring a fold-out couch to the beach? Yes. Is it the weirdest thing you could possibly bring? …Okay, actually, yes. But that doesn’t cancel out how supremely comfortable this guy looks. He’s kicked back in his seat with his feet up, enjoying the sunshine and the sound of the rushing waves.


Source: Twitter/@x__antisocial_butterfly__x1

Of course, he is right on the water’s edge. We wonder what his plan is for when the tide comes in. Maybe he’ll just keep napping.

This Seat Is Taken

Of all the animals that appear on this list, this is at least one you actually expect to see on the beach. Of course, you don’t usually expect to see it kicking back in a lounge chair, sandwiched between a crowd of sunbathing tourists.

Source: Reddit/Vivienne178

At first glance, you might think that this was someone’s dirty old beach towel. But while this guy does have quite a few wrinkles, he’s a living, breathing creature. Now, would someone please bring him a mai tai?


What a Beautiful View

It is not uncommon to see people taking pictures at the beach. In fact, it is one of the most popular places for wedding photos or professional family photos! So it comes as no surprise when you see people take a camera out and strike a pose.

Source: Reddit/survivorbelt

This guy has slightly different priorities when it comes to memorializing his time at the beach. He’s made sure to get the perfect shot of his vape pen buried in the sand with the ocean behind. Guess it’s really important to him.


You’re Invited

Beaches are popular places for outdoor weddings. After all, can you beat the natural beauty of the sun and surf all around you? But those weddings are usually for people. However, this one is way cuter than you could possibly imagine.

Source: Imgur/tuttosbagliatotuttodarifre

Not only are the bride and groom decked out in their wedding clothes — the grooms-penguins are wearing little bow ties and the guests are also in their finest duds. The wedding invitation must have called for formal cocktail attire.


Warning: We’ll Laugh At You

Note that this sign doesn’t say that it’s ILLEGAL to urinate in the vicinity, just that you will be caught on camera. Then it is implied that the video will be uploaded to YouTube, where millions of viewers will watch you pee and laugh at your embarrassment. Now that’s a difficult thing to explain to your mother (or your boss).

Source: Reddit/MRTHORDAVIS

We know that not every beach has a public bathroom, but come on. Be normal and pee in the ocean like the rest of us.


The Best Photo She’ll Ever Take

We’ll never know what the photographer was originally trying to capture with this shot. A view of the girl in the blue bikini sunbathing? The pristine ocean and skyline behind her? Ultimately it doesn’t matter, because what they ended up capturing is sheer perfection.

Source: Twitter/@mvelo08211078

It must have been an embarrassing and painful moment for the girl falling on her face. But with an iconic picture like this, she should frame and hang it prominently in her house. You just have to learn to laugh at things, right?


This Is Exactly What We Thought Would Happen

Is there anything more quintessentially feline than this photo? Taking a cat to the beach is an adventure because you never know exactly how they will react. On one hand, cats are known to dislike water, and you have objectively more water there than almost anywhere else. On the other hand, they might enjoy the sand.

Source: Imgur/frasiercraneshumongousass

But this is a pretty predictable reaction. The cat is literally getting mad at the wave that dared to touch its paws. The ocean can’t contain the wrath of a single cat.


They Have Their Priorities Straight

This beachside cafe certainly has its priorities in order. Sure, it is meant to be tongue-in-cheek, but we hope it isn’t in a place where tidal waves are actually a regular event. At best, it just gives beachgoers a chuckle when they read the joke.

Source: Imgur

By the way, your best bet if you ever see a tidal wave approaching is just Rule 3. But don’t worry, most tidal waves occur on the Pacific Ocean. If you’re elsewhere, you can probably relax. If you’re there, maybe keep that advice in mind.


A Modern Renaissance Painting

Look, seagulls might be the vermin of the beach, but have you ever seen anything more magnificent? Every part of this is worth studying, like a modern Renaissance painting. The artists of old never imagined that we could capture such things with a camera!

Source: Imgur

Honestly, the longer you look at the photo, the funnier it gets. From the lady on the left who looks like she’s cheering to the unapologetic, beady eye of the seagull front and center, it is sheer perfection.


One Of These Is Not Like The Others

Look, we have to say it: it is quite impressive that this guy managed to pull this off. He saw his opportunity from a full 50 feet away and decided to take it. Who knows how long it took them to prepare the photo, and therefore how long he waited to get into position?

Source: Reddit/reddiholix

Sadly, he will probably never even get to see the reaction to his epic prank. Unless he knows this group of ladies, he won’t be around when they realize what happened. He’ll just have to imagine it.


IKEA Has Nothing On This Guy

If you have ever ordered living room furniture from IKEA, you have probably built your own couch. But you have nothing on this guy, who sculpted his own couch on the beach out of sand. Then, tired from his efforts, he decided to lay down and take a nap.

Source: Reddit/YuDoIt

You can laugh if you want. But you can’t say that that sand couch doesn’t look like the most comfortable thing in the world. Heck, we want to nap on it, too.


Beach Day With a Little Danger

The ocean is a fun place but it can also be very scary. The ocean is home to tons of animals that are both interesting and very scary. This young woman doesn’t seem to know that this is the case.

Source: Imgur

That pink thing in her hand might look something like a harmless piece of plastic but it is far from it. It’s a rare kind of jellyfish that could easily leave her with a painful sting. We hope it was worth the photo op!


Are You My Mother?

When you go to the beach, you expect to see certain animals. Seagulls are a given, as are fish, crabs, and other ocean life. Heck, depending on where you are, you might even see seals or other cute marine animals!

Source: Reddit/pics

But a group of raccoons isn’t exactly the norm on the shoreline. Who even knew raccoons could swim? Apparently they can — and apparently this guy has something worth following him into the water for. Frankly, we didn’t think raccoons could get any stranger than they are on land.


That’s Not Going to Work, My Dude

Yes, if you put an empty two-liter soda bottle in the water, it will float. But that doesn’t mean it has the buoyancy sufficient enough to support an adult! Maybe if you had hundreds of them, you could conduct a science experiment and turn it into a watery version of the movie Up.

Source: Pinterest

Water safety is important, but this is not cutting it. If you really need help that badly, get a real life preserver. Those Coke bottles are not going to help you in an emergency.


Time For a Nap

When you go to the beach, it is not uncommon to see someone riding a horse over the sand and the surf. However, you won’t usually see horses hanging out on their own — much less a horse flopping down to take an oceanside snooze.

Source: Reddit/poop_artist

This begs the question of where the horses came from — did they escape from a nearby ranch? But ultimately, we can’t fault them for wanting to kick back and relax while listening to the lapping of the waves.


What a Good Doggo

We have all seen people bury one another in the sand and sculpt a fake body. In fact, most of us have probably done it before. It’s one of the classic beach activities (or pranks, if you’re doing it to someone taking a nap).

Source: Reddit/GallowBoob

But we’ve never seen it done to a dog before. Frankly, we are impressed by this dog’s extreme patience and obedience. Hopefully he or she was rewarded with lots of treats for getting turned into a sand monster.


Don’t Talk To Us

Calling all introverts! If you’ve ever wanted to avoid socializing with outsiders on the beach, simply dig a pit and cover your crew with an umbrella to avoid talking to people. These guys took a lesson from a hermit crab and made a custom conversation pit. They can sit and chat, shielded from the sun, with plenty of snacks and drinks.

Source: Reddit/MattCloudy

Honestly, this idea is looking better every minute. Hang on, we need to write down a note to try this next time we go to the beach.


Beachin' It

Who doesn’t love to spend a day at the beach? The sun, sand, and warm water are pretty hard to beat on a hot day.

Source: Reddit

Next time we buy a new suit we will be sure to head to the beach and get some pictures for Instagram. Who can resist?


Have You Ever Been Jealous Of An Elephant?

We don’t think we have ever wanted what an elephant had until now. Nor have we ever wanted to roll blissfully around in the sand before. But this gal makes it look so enjoyable, as if experiencing the sandy sensations for the first time.

Source: Imgur/ssrgupta

We guess it just goes to show that even elephants need to let down their metaphorical hair occasionally and just roll in the sand beside the ocean. To be honest, haven’t we all experienced that before?


This One Is Going On The Mantel

Maybe some parents would be eager to forget that their child ever went through an experience like this. But we’d hazard a guess that most of us would have to hide our laughter, even while comforting the kid. Once you establish that they’re all right and there are no serious injuries, all bets are off.

Source: Reddit/irishwover

If you caught the moment on camera and you have a sick sense of humor, you’d hang these photos front and center in your living room.


Is That Comfortable?

The beach is a great place to take a nap, and some people even arrive with all the gear they need to kick back and snooze in the sand. Most of us keep it simple and just lie back on our towels. But this guy has a somewhat different idea that is, frankly, a bit intriguing.

Source: Reddit/OldElpaso91

He seems to have brought a small fold out shelf to support his head while he naps. Is that really better than just bringing a cushion? Guess we can’t knock it til we try it.


Excuse Me, Can We Share Your Umbrella?

What would you do if you were lounging on the beach and two cows suddenly walked up and joined you? Well, you probably wouldn’t say a thing, unless you want to fight off a couple of huge animals. And, of course, you would probably pull out your camera to snag a photo.

Source: Imgur/funalive3

This lady has the right idea: just greet them politely and let them continue to do whatever cows do on the beach. There is plenty of room for all of us.


The Resident Giant

Don’t you hate it when you’re just trying to enjoy a day at the beach with your family and suddenly you get trapped in a bucket by a giant? Okay, we all know how this old photo trick works — a simple trick of perspective.

Source: viralnova

Even though it’s been done many times before, it always brings a chuckle to give it a go. The beach is the perfect place to do it, with lots of space to capture that perfect angle.


What a Beautiful Dog

Bringing your dog to the beach is always a great time. You get to enjoy the time with your favorite furry friend, they get to run around and enjoy the sights and smells, and hopefully, you get a couple of good photos of the day.

Source: Reddit/@gsuberland

We would never call a dog ugly, especially one that’s enjoying themselves so much. Hopefully they had a great time playing in the surf. But let’s leave this one out of the photo album, yeah?


A Foolproof Plan

Going to the beach is fun, but you do have to keep an eye on your personal belongings to make sure they don’t get stolen. That being said, the rule usually applies to things like wallets, car keys, and phones.

Source: Reddit/wakefool

We wouldn’t expect to see a cheap pair of flip-flops secured to a bike rack, especially not with a real, store-bought bike lock. You’d think if they were that special, it would be simpler to just keep them on your feet.


“Wait, I blinked!”

Getting to interact with a tortoise at the beach can be an amazing experience. These gentle creatures can weigh more than 500 pounds and live for hundreds of years. If you ever have the chance to “meet” one, don’t pass up the opportunity.

Source: Imgur/delosisand

We’re not sure that all of them are as cooperative with selfies as this one, though. He or she might not be much of a looker, but they are friendly enough to stop and smile for a photo.


Guess That Works

The beach is a place where people from all places and walks of life come together to enjoy the sun and the waves. Needless to say, you might occasionally see something that makes you scratch your head.

Source: Reddit/TheAtomicPlayboy

Just take this guy and his, um, “unique” flotation device. Unless you’ve spent your life under a rock, you can probably spot that as a blowup doll, and it’s not usually used for beach activities. But we guess as they say, it’s not silly if it works.


Utter Perfection

There are very few moments in life that present themselves as perfect opportunities, but this one is a prime example. The photographer noticed an amazing coincidence and managed to whip their camera out just in time.

Source: Imgur/raymichel

Bringing a book to the beach is a great way to relax and enjoy the day. We don’t know whether this book is good vacation reading, but it sure makes for a hilarious photo. Hopefully the lady in the picture enjoyed it, too — the book, we mean.


Pigs on the Beach?

“Contemplative” isn’t a word that most of us associate with swine, but maybe we should. We want to know two things about this photo. Firstly, how did the pig get to the beach? Did its owners drive it here? Did it escape from a nearby farm?

Source: Imgur/wombat588

Secondly, what is this pig thinking of, as it gazes across the waves illuminated by the gentle glow of sunset? You may have never wanted to read a pig’s mind before, but you definitely do now.


The Stranger and the Accidental Selfie

You have probably asked a stranger at the beach to snap a photo of you before. Being on vacation means that you want to memorialize it and look back on your fond memories of enjoying the ocean with friends and family.

Source: Reddit/Tyguy462

When beachgoers asked this man to take a photo, he was happy to help. Unfortunately, his camera skills weren’t exactly up to par. You can see the couple reflected in his sunglasses. Well…they certainly have a good memory of that day at the beach.


The First Rule

Look, we all know that the third rule of the beach is to wear sunscreen. The second rule is to be safe in the water. But the first rule of the beach is never to linger while eating food. And for the love of all that is good, don’t hold it out for a photo. Seagulls will eat anything, and they are always waiting to attack.

Source: reddit

The person taking this photo has clearly never been acquainted with these rules. What is this, amateur hour?


Everybody Stay Calm

What would you do if you saw this sight over the beach? It is what the people visiting St. Martin see multiple times a day. Princess Juliana International Airport is a short distance from the beach, so you will spot planes making a landing — a bit of an unnerving experience for first-time visitors.

Source: Flickr/Vince Vega

That being said, the people on the beach seem to be having a great time. There are hands being thrown into the air, people pointing and taking pictures. At least they seem to be having fun, not running away in abject terror.


Heads Up!

Ah, there’s nothing like tossing a football around on a cool day at the beach. It’s a good thing that these people brought their camera along to make sure they memorialized a great catch. Of course, they didn’t end up capturing what they thought they would.

Source: Reddit/@Yohars

What started as a fun game of catch ended with Dad getting beaned in the face. And we’d be lying if we said we didn’t laugh just a little. Or a lot. Yeah, it was a lot.


Just a Normal Day Posing with Cats

Imagine that you go to the beach, settle down in the sand, and get ready for a day of relaxing in the sun. Then you spot this girl marching by with her beloved housepet on one shoulder.

Source: Reddit/SollySocksify

Most of us just have a few necessities on hand when we go to the beach. Apparently her list includes sunblock, towel, dance leotard, and the cat. Actually the real story is that a family brought their cat to the beach and spotted this dancer, so they asked for a photo.


Human Skimboarding

If you show up to the beach and forget your boogie board, surfboard, or skimboard, the natural progression would be to hop on your friend and go for a cruise. On the plus side, the surface area works with you to try and keep you propped up, and can tell you that you’ve done a job well done.

Source: thechive

On the minus side, you won’t get all that far as the human body is not as floaty as the beach toys. Either way, these guys are making the most of it!


Sometimes it Pays to Be the Middle Child

The look of horror on the mother’s face and the look of explicit joy on the father’s add to the complete chaos of this cute family photo. The child is going head first towards the ground.

Source: twitter

Thankfully the child is headed towards sand and children are incredibly resilient, so we are sure the kiddo ended up okay.


A Gentle Throw

While it looks like it started as all fun and games, clearly something was miscalculated in this interaction. While the man looks like he just heaved something far and wide, the woman did not get the memo and face plopped directly behind him.


Going into a full scorpion and ending with a nose full of water likely wasn’t the outcome she was going for, but thankfully the ocean softens the blow.



When you read the words, “DO NOT CLIMB, PLAY ON, AND AROUND PIPE,”  what is the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe…we shouldn’t play on the pipe? For these beach-goers, the sign was more of a suggestion than a rule.

Source: twitter

Children can turn anything into a playground and they frankly do not have the capacity to care about why that sign is put there in the first place.


Washed Up

Nothing says romance like posing like washed up fish people upon the sandy beaches. This mermaid couple took the opportunity to live out the ultimate fantasy of being mer-people and had fun doing it.

Source: foozine

More power to them, but there is no denying that it’s funny to see two fish so far out of water.


Wild Horses

It is many people’s fantasy to ride horses along the coastline, taking in the beautifully colored day and smell the salty air. The romance of it all.

Source: imgur

So it is no surprise to see this man upon his noble steed, riding off into the sunset. Gorgeous photo, gorgeous view. Did we miss something?


Holding His Horses

While the horse above was having the time of his life, this horse did not get so lucky. The police officer decided to hold the horse…and take him in for questioning.

Source: imgur

It is hard to tell from one picture what the horse did, but hopefully he is released soon. Wild horses need to run free.


So Close, Yet So Far

There is putting your best foot forward, and then there is just putting yourself forward and seeing what comes of it. Such is the case with this woman who opted to not even put her hands up, just went straight face forward.

Source: mynet

Frisbees can be quite painful just on the hands, so we feel for this woman who caught a frisbee with her face. Props on the amount of air that she got with her jump!


Family Portraits Gone Awry

This cute family got all dressed up and ready to pose for their professional portraits and got more than they bargained for. The look of shock and humor on all of their faces (minus the falling girl) adds to the whimsy of the photo.

Source: daily stuff

Even though they aren’t all smiling at the camera, we’d argue that this picture could still be dubbed a framer, and could sit happily above the mantle.


When the Parking Lot is Full, Get Creative

Beach parking can be a nightmare and it can take a long while to finally get yourself down to the beach while you try to find a place to park. That is why it’s clever to get creative.

Source: batona

If you are having a hard time finding a spot to park at the beach, why don’t you just…park on the beach. Be advised, it does come with some inherent downsides such as water damage, etc. But you can make your own choices.


Hot Hands

We’ve all been there. You get to the beach and you’re all excited for a fun-filled day in the sun. You jump into having fun but the whole time you have this awful feeling you’ve forgotten to do something. You brush it off and before you know it, you’ve plopped down, put your earbuds in and are ready to catch a quick afternoon nap.Flash forward a few hours and you wake up looking like this. Then it hits you before you can feel your toasty skin ache with pain.

Source: facebook

You forgot sunscreen! Don’t end up like this beach fail and always remember to put on that sunscreen, that is unless you like horribly burnt skin and awful tan lines.


Just A Little Snack

Everybody’s got to get that perfect IG worthy post especially at the beach. A fairly common trend is to take pictures of your food and share it with your followers. This person just wanted to take a pic and show off their frozen treat they were enjoying while at the beach. Unfortunately, this sassy seagull had different plans.

Source: onedio

Instead of capturing the perfect moment just as the photographer was about to snap the picture this seagull came to take a bite of her snack. Not only was her snack hijacked, the seagull oddly enough made this picture a thousand times more memorable.


Got Teeth?

This beach fail is a little unnerving and, quite frankly, pretty gross. This was shared by a beach goer who took her daughter to the beach to hunt for shark teeth. We can almost guarantee the thought of finding human teeth never crossed their minds.

Source: reddit

Somewhere there is a Grandma or Grandpa who is missing half a set of their dentures and being forced to gum down their dinner. The thought that there can be thousands of other hidden sets of dentures under our toes while we are sinking back in our beach chairs with our toes in the sand is no pun intended…jaw-dropping.


House Cats Hit Up The Beach

We get it cat owners want to be able to take your little loves everywhere just like the dog Mom and Dad’s of the world. #1. Cats are not the biggest fans of water. This being said, we’re a little curious as to why you would then decide to bring your adorable ball of fluff to what is essentially the largest bathtub known to man.

Source: reddit

#2 They are called house cats for a reason. Cats usually tend to enjoy being inside the comfort of their own home. #3 Sand is freakishly close to litter. We will let you finish that thought all on your own.



Hold onto your sand-witches ladies and gentlemen! They say if the sign exists it means that it exists for a reason. This sign makes us wonder just how many people got their food, had it snatched by a seagull, and then immediately proceeded to try and get a refund.

Source: reddit

We’ve got to know. Who are these seagulls working for? Is this a legit business for them? Is there a competing food vendor paying the seagulls to do their dirty work for them? So many questions.


No Fear

These people have clearly never seen the movie Jaws. For most people, the thought of a large fish, with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth is enough reason to never go in the water again.

Source: reddit

When this beach got reports that there were sharks spotted in the water, they put up a sign warning beachgoers that they could enter the water, but at their own risk. However, it seems that this busy beach completely disregarded the large foreboding sign and visitors took their chances in the water.


Cute Outfit, Where’d You Get It?

This isn’t so much of a funny beach picture as it is a trendy outfit faux-pas. Imagine showing up to the beach ready for a day in the sun and then you realize you are dressed exactly like the landscape.

Source: imgur

Literally, identical. Let’s be clear though no matter the outfit faux-pas this makes for a stunning photo.


Dive In

Scuba diving is an experience plenty of people have on their bucket lists. In fact if there’s one activity that vacationers love when they get to the beach, it’s diving! Scuba diving is not only an incredible hobby, it’s a great way to see the ecosystems that exist under the water.

Source: imgur

To scuba dive safely, you need to have the right training and equipment to make sure you have a way to safely breathe and explore. We would not ever suggest using homemade gear…especially in this man’s case. Just in case you didn’t notice, the device strapped to his back isn’t an oxygen tank at all, in fact it’s a propane tank!


Does That Have Any SPF?

This guy learned the hard way that if you want something done right, you probably should (most definitely) do it yourself. He asked his Dad to grab the sunscreen on the way out the door and when he sat down on the beach, he was handed this Hawaiian scented Febreze air freshener!

Source: reddit

Although we do not recommend using Febreze as a method for sun protection we can’t help but laugh at this Dad’s misinterpretation of the brightly colored product.


Work It Girl

We’re not out here to yuck somebody else’s yum, but this one has us scratching our heads a little bit. There are certain items of clothing that are undoubtedly considered beachwear. From sun hats and sandals to bikinis and swim shorts. It’s honestly pretty difficult to mess that up…or so we thought.


This trendy Mama took on a more formal approach to her beach outfit. Stepping out in a dress with tights, she even went the extra mile and paired a chic purse to complete the look. What we are most alarmed about however is the heels. How are you supposed to walk a sandy beach in knee-length boot heels?


Out Of Office

This one undoubtedly makes all laptop users uncomfortable. We get the feel this guy was probably getting some work done while vacationing and decided to take a silly photo to send to some of his co-workers, one of those “wish you were here moments”.


What we don’t understand is why he decided to make that silly photo of him lounging in  the water with what we can guarantee is a very expensive laptop! The obvious problem is that technology and water are fairly infamous for not mixing. We’re also a little curious as to why he decided to keep his shoes on.


I’m Just Going To Take A Nap Here

When parents take their kids to the beach they know the kids are going to end up exhausted by the end of the day. All day long kids are in and out of the water, under the bright sun, playing in sand and running around chasing seagulls and that’s a lot of hard work.

Source: thechive

This Mom thought nothing of her daughter’s nap until a concerned stranger came up to her, pointed in the direction of her daughter and asked if that child was hers. Concerned Mom immediately looked over and found her daughter sprawled, face-down in the sad. We must agree beach naps hit different.


One Of The Girls

You cannot help but smile when you look at this funny beach photo. Girls at the beach and photos go hand in hand. Seriously, have you ever heard of a girl in recent years going to the beach and not taking a million pictures to document the experience? Yeah, us either.

Source: onedio

However, we must admit we are glad this image does exist. Here you have eight beautiful girls positioned perfectly and all camera ready. Seems like a great memory to capture, right? We’ll let your eyes travel to the ninth member of the picture and you can see why this funny beach moment made us chuckle.



This funny beach moment is of this iconic guy known as “Success Kid”. Since his Mom uploaded this picture to the internet in 2007 this image has become a viral meme.  Laney Griner never thought this picture of her son Sam, attempting to eat sand would become as viral as it did.

Source: imgur

Griner eventually licensed this photo and since has loved the positive interpretation the image has taken on. As previously mentioned the image can now be found all over the internet focusing on the boy’s facial expression and clenched fist as a gesture of self-congratulation, with added captions that boast of small personal victories and good fortune.


A For Effort

Moms around the world can sympathize with the photo. We’re just out here trying to make it through the yearly family photos. It’s a serious ordeal to even make it to the shoot. There’s lots of yelling, and bribing involved. Kudos to the families who add the extra risk of having their photos taken and the beach.

Source: facebook

Adding in the added elements of sand and water is a risky one. This Mom was just trying to have a cute shot taken of her and her kids, when of course one of them plops right into the water! We hope for Mom’s sake and sanity this was one of the last shots and not the first.