Funny Animal Encounters Caught At The Perfect Time

By: Mia Williams | Published: Jul 28, 2023

Spotting the Spotted Cheetahs

This cheetah was hanging around looking for some photography assitant work. Of course, we can assume that the cheetah can easily see his kindred spotted friends blending into the surroundings, so he helps the photographer….well….spot them.

It might surprise you to learn that cheetahs aren’t always death machines. We can see here that he or she is sitting quietly while observing the photographer’s work. It’s basically like encountering a house cat, but with huge claws and sharp teeth! 

Just Blending In

Not a lot of interest here, just two dogs and a cat chilling in the yard. Would you be able to envision leaving your animals outside just to return and discover a deer is possessing one of their beds? What befell the other pet that the bed belongs to, or is the deer their third pet?



The dog and cat are so unphased by the deer as if this is an ordinary event for them. Most dogs would be going wild in the event that they were that close to a deer. These pets must be too worn out to even consider thinking about the massive animal sitting close to them.


Selfie's Anyone?

We all have that one (usually human) friend who can’t stop taking selfies! For this girl, that friend isn’t a human at all– it’s her horse! This equine was prepared to show off that toothy smile for the camera, and she matched his energy by making the same face. We have to admit this is one of the most stunning animal selfies we have ever seen.


Source: George Bain/Mars Petcare Comedy Pet Photo Awards

Interestingly, the horse seems to be a well-seasoned model– he or she seems to have experience posing for selfies. Maybe this horse is a insta-horse social media influencer, and we don’t even know it. We vote that this photo wins selfie of the year because… well… it’s totally awesome.

Rhino Tutu The Newest Trend

Have you ever seen a rhinoceros wearing a tutu? If you haven’t, this is the closest you may get. A peacock who seems to thrive in chaos decided to walk behind this rhino, lining itself up for the perfect photograph. The photographer snapped a photo just in time to make it look like our rhino friend is wearing a delightful outfit. This might just be the most perfectly timed animal photo of all time.


Source: Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards

The rhino is prepped and ready for dance class. We think his look is absolutely fantastic! 

This Little Guy Found Chilling on a Doorstep

This child raccoon must have lost its mom because it continued hanging out on this person’s doorstep on the off chance someone trusting could help. Possibly the mother left it there like someone would leave a child at a hospital or fire station.


Source: Thatchgasm

The person who discovered it should call a wild animal rehab center so the raccoon could be gathered by people who are trained to set it back in the wild again. One day this wild guy will sift through this person’s trash and remember the time he spent on their steps.

Perfectly-Timed Splash in the Shape of an Elephant

This elephant discovered his water spirit at last! The photographer caught the photo at the perfect angle as the people nearby tossed water out of a bucket, perfectly resembling the shape of an elephant’s head.

Source: RailTieYardGame

The people pictured are simply enjoying their afternoon with this amazing animal, presumably unaware of the fact that the best vacation photo of all time was just taken. 


Two Seals Deep in Gossip

“So there I was, minding my own business…. and she came over and slapped me right across the face!” These two seals look as though they are spilling some steaming hot tea.

Source: George Cathcart/CWPA/Barcroft Images

It must have been a shocking discovery for the seal’s friend to respond that way. The other seal might not have been prepared for this news; it seems like it was quite a shock to discover what was happening in the his or her friend’s life. This photo is priceless as both seals have genuinely humorous expressions on their faces.


Kayaker Gets a Sea Lion Surprise

While kayaking through the ocean, this person picked up a hitch-hiker of sorts. This sea lion must have thought he called a Sea-Uber because he looks at the kayaker as if to say, “I’ve been fishing for hours man. Where are you headed? Can you drop me off on those rocks over there?”

Source: stephensg

This little guy was swimming off the coast of New Zealand and we think he was busy catching fish, which must be why he’s so tuckered out. He deserves a break, and we bet he gave a generous gratuity for the kayaker’s kindness.


Kisses for the Misses

These two were born into the world in someone’s yard a year before this photo, and they’ve stuck around ever since! 

Source: theCatandthePat

They seem to be close, so we think they are either siblings or mates. Whatever their relationship is, they are so absolutely adorable. We’re super jealous of the lucky, kind humans whose property they call home. 


Just a Meerkat Searching For Pumbaa

This smart little meerkat sought high ground by getting on top of the photographer’s camera. He has now seen things none of his pals have seen with his next-level vantage point! He must have been searching for Pumbaa, hoping to discover him trotting through the tall grass.

Source: Will Burrard Lucas

It must be hard to be that small but he seems to have everything sorted out. A resourceful little meerkat will always find ways to seek the high ground, and it works perfectly since the cameraman doesn’t seem to mind the additional company. It’s always cute and a testament to the cameraman’s skill when we see wild animals become so comfortable around humans.


“Paint Me Like One Of Your French Girls”

At the point when they turned on their yard lights, they discovered this raccoon lying outside their secondary passage hoping for some belly rubs. However, nobody wants to pet them because they have loads of diseases and eat garbage.

Source: akash06375

She must have been upset that they turned on the lights and disturbed her beautiful sleep. It looks like she had babies or is pregnant and could use all the sleep on the planet. She doesn’t have sufficient energy to sort through the trash any longer.


Tiny, Tired Owl Naps in a Truck

This man neglected to close the windows in his truck one evening, and the following morning he came out to track down this little owl sleeping inside. It looks furious that it was woken up from its beauty sleep. He must have been carrying a Hogwarts letter when he stopped to rest.

Source: huckstah

The bird must feel extremely loose with the man because he is in effect so delicate with those sharp talons. We would be scared that it would sink its claws into our arms with no security to stop it.


A Toad’s Frequent Visits Leads to an Amphibian Fashion Show

Consistently the same amphibian kept going to their yard, so they decided to start making him hats. Fortunately, the toad enjoys wearing his hats, and he became the fanciest frog in the neighborhood. This lovely pink padded cap was ideal for impeding the sun.

Source: Reddit

This thoughtful gesture has transformed this frequent visitor into an amphibian fashion icon. They had an improvised fashion show and photo shoot to show off all the diverse cap styles, and the amphibian was working it for the camera.


The Best Cameraman in Town

“Just skillet somewhat more to one side, Barry… No, my left.” He is busy doing some koal-ity recording and loves being important to the active news team. He was not their first choice for a cameraman, but rather he was the best they could get on such short notice.

Source: TheGuyThatFindsStuff/ Reddit

He is always at the scene, prepared to film any event at a moment’s notice. Maybe he lives in the wild but has dreams of making it big in Hollywood. They pay him in eucalyptus plants because real cash is useless to him.


Pleading For Breakfast

While sitting outside for breakfast, this person peered down to see a quokka sitting by his feet and smiling up at him. He appeared as though he was hanging tight for his part of the supper; however, at any rate he welcomed them with a well-mannered and cordial smile.

Source: The WeekendMechanic

Quokkas are always smiling, and they assume control over your heart with their sweet and guiltless faces. This little man looks like he’s begging, “Please, sir, would I be able to have some crumbs?”


A Bear Searching for Snacks

“Hi, I saw that you were cooking something. Would you care if I go along with you for a feast? I will open the entryway regardless of whether your answer is no.” This large bear meandered onto this person’s deck and started waving at them until they noticed he was standing there. He was attempting to get into the house to see what they were preparing to eat.

Source: radiogunk

Imagine this. You hear scratching at your entryway just to discover a huge bear standing outside. That would give anybody a minor heart attack as these furry friends are known for entering people’s homes without permission. Ideally, he was affable and stayed outside.


Tiny Carrots for a Tiny Bunny

This itty-bitty rabbit was so small that he required his carrots be cut up into minuscule pieces so that they wouldn’t be too enormous for his mouth. This tiny Peter Cottontail had been sticking around this person’s office park, and they couldn’t resist the opportunity to feed him.

Source: Intothisplace

We couldn’t say whether this is a bantam rabbit or a baby; however, it seemed like it was searching for some assistance. Possibly it was scared that it would get swooped up by an enormous bird or was simply getting lost in the tall grass. Either way, he’s happily fed now.


A Kangaroo in the Kitchen

Clearly, these people live in Australia, and they must be knowledgeable about abnormal creatures getting inside their homes. In any case, they never expected to track down a youthful kangaroo jumping around their lounge.

Source: Arris1

How did it arrive, and how could they get it out without it pouncing on them? Perhaps a kangaroo encounter is even preferable to finding those larger than life spiders or snakes.  After all, this is Australia. Fortunately, it didn’t break anything.


Sick of the Ocean, this Seal Found Comfort on a Boat

This little man was swimming in the ocean, and he must have gotten worn out because he jumped onto this family’s boat. He then, at that point strolled into the lodge and made himself agreeable on the couch. It appears he owns the spot now and who could argue with that?

Source: Osbaston

It is as if they embraced a sea lion that they never realized they needed. We wonder whether they needed to give him fish to draw him off the boat. In spite of the fact that they are charming and cuddly looking, we’re curious how amicable sea lions are with people.


The Ding-Dong-Ditcher

At the point when their doorbell continued ringing, they assumed the neighborhood youngsters were ding-dong-ditching their home over and over. It was aggravating to continue to run to and fro to the entryway until they noticed this little lizard chilling on the doorbell.

Source: andytlpgif

This lizard is a characteristic prankster and chuckled when they at last acknowledged that he was ringing the doorbell the entire time. He likely needed to sell them vehicle insurance, which is the reason he was so persistent with the doorbell.


Where’s Bambi’s Mother?

Bambi came for a visit to this person’s yard, and they had no clue where its mother was. The fawn looked excessively youthful to be wandering around alone, and it must have gotten separated from the rest of its family.

Source: LudovicoSpecs

He presumably wants some food since he can’t discover his mother’s whereabouts. Based on its size, it looks like it was just born, and we trust they called the animal rescue to get it some assistance since it shouldn’t be distant from its family yet.


Unique Lizard or Tiny Dragon?

Someone call the mother of dragons because we think she lost one of her babies. Perhaps you’ve never seen or heard of the short-horned lizard, but he almost doesn’t look like something that lives on planet earth.


This little man was searching for some shade when the person discovered him, and we don’t know why they thought to pick him up and place him in direct sunlight. These lizards can squirt blood from their eyes when they feel threatened , and if that isn’t frightening, we don’t know what is.


The Intimidating Owl

This is one owl you would prefer not to mess with. He said, “This is my house currently, so beat it.” By the look of those talons, he means business. Based on that pose, we would definitely be running the opposite way.

Source: iwakeboard

This owl is trying to make itself look as big as possible to appear more intimidating and yes, it is working. It’s most likely best to step back slowly without making any sudden movements, so it doesn’t fly at you suddenly.


Security Lights Reveal this Fox Stealing some Dog Toys

One evening, these people saw their security lights turn on suddenly at 1 AM. At the point when they went to see what set the sensors off, they discovered a baby fox stealing their dog’s toys from the yard.

Source: scaredoftheman

He may not be a little lost puppy, but we can’t get over how cute he is! It must have been alarming to see the security lights go on suddenly because they presumably thought a person was attempting to break in, however it was just this baby.


Resting on a Bowl of Ice To Cool Down From The Summer Heat

One lady in the neighborhood started putting out bowls of ice throughout the summer for the squirrels in her yard. This little man was so appreciative because it was sweltering outside, and he nodded off while chilling on top of one.

Source: crippless

Nobody truly thinks about how warm animals get throughout the summer because we are excessively distracted attempting to chill ourselves off. We should all start putting out ice for the animals, yet it may also draw in some undesirable friends.


More Flexible Than Most Humans

This squirrel must have seen people rehearsing splits because he was attempting to reproduce the perfect form of a gymnast, and someone caught her lovable pose on camera. It looks like she realized she was charming, so she put her hands up to her cheeks to emphasize the portrait.


The beautiful pink flowers just add to the beauty of this photo. It truly makes you wonder whether this was posed or not because it is almost too wonderful to be natural.


Baby Deer Find Shelter in This Open Car

While carrying the groceries into the house, this person left their vehicle entryway wide open as their hands were full. At the point when they returned to close their car door, they discovered these two fawns making themselves comfortable.

Source: mysticlure

They must be great at hide-and-seek because nobody would think to search for them inside a vehicle. In spite of the fact that they are so charming, how would you even attempt to get them out of the car? Their mother will presumably show up aggressively in order to protect her fawns in the off chance that you come into contact with them.


Comes For The Bread, Stays For The Company

“Polly, need a saltine?” This bird stops by their condo consistently because he enjoys the bread and bananas the people give him. We can possibly envision how furious he would be in the event that they stopped giving him treats. What is he going to do when they leave their vacation home?


This image goes to show that birds have a master list of the best places to mooch. Birds will never forget where people tend to leave them food. It almost looks like this is someone’s pet that escaped their home because quaker parrots aren’t local to Florida.


Picture This

While this photographer was attempting to catch the wildlife, an animal chose to come to say hello and give kisses. It may have been attempting to mess with her, yet at this point, it looks like they are sharing an honest moment.


We don’t have the foggiest idea what sort of animal that is, yet it has extremely sharp teeth, and would rather it not be that close to our face. From a long way off, it seems sweet, and she is extremely trusting for allowing it to come dependent upon her without jumping.


This is What You Get for Feeding Ducks

If you take the time to feed two ducks, you may end up seeing the whole duck family the very next day. This hilarious photo tells the story of how those two birds got back to their friends, educated them regarding the supper they had, and afterward welcomed them to join. This is the reason you can’t feed the birds.


Ducks don’t have the foggiest idea how to leave people alone, so on the off chance that you will feed one of them, get ready for a group of them to show up the following day requesting your finest bread scraps. One of them must have posted a free food sign on this person’s house.


Just Sniffing Around

While vacationing at a lodge in the mountains, these people experienced this nosey deer who came straight up to them. She must have needed a boop on the nose, and these strangers seemed like the kind souls who would help the deer out. 


She must have horrendous survival instincts in the event that she thinks going up to humans in the mountains is a smart thought. It’s anything but a smart thought to feed the wildlife; however, how would you say no to her when she is standing that close with those puppy-dog eyes?


A Squirrel Politely Asking For Nuts

Each day, this grandmother puts out one nut for the squirrel. He knows to go to her entryway consistently at the same time, and this was him on arrival, sitting tight for his food to appear.

Source: idestroythesky

Squirrels always seem to know where the freebies are. This is the reason people shouldn’t feed them because they become excessively agreeable around humans, and they start to depend on your food source instead of their own instincts.


"Come Here Often?”

This raccoon must have smelt food because he came to hang out in the yard and made himself at home. Presently he comes around searching for food at whatever point the barbecue is lit; he crawls up onto the edge and waits to steal something from the scraps.

Source: bodymindisoneword

He looks as if he is going to ask for some cash after finding himself mixed up with a sticky situation. He resembles that sketchy cousin that possibly comes around when they need something at regular intervals.


Little Snake Checking In

Someone noticed a small white thing toward the side of their eye and glanced out the window to see this little snake springing up to say hi. It was terrifying briefly before they understood it was presumably harmless. He was just spying on them.

Source: mendara

Even if you’re not an aficionado of snakes, you may still find this one surprisingly charming. We keep thinking about whether it grows up to be an incredible snake with toxins and fangs.


A Curious Little Fox

This irritable-looking fox was holding up at the lower part of the stairs when the person left their home, and they couldn’t say whether he was sitting tight for food or needed to come inside. He looks unimpressed with the human as if his hand wasn’t an adequate offer.

Source: PokeRanger

The issue is that a wild fox can harm a home just like some other wild animals. They may look like dogs; however, they are still animals and should be left outside. It’s likely better to toss it some food and let it run free.


Hooo’s That Knocking?

This owl must have needed something he saw inside because he continued thumping on the window until someone at last noticed him. Perhaps he was attempting to deliver their mail; however, he didn’t have a clue how to get in their house since they didn’t have a chimney or mail slot.

Source: cyber_war

It must have been a significant letter from Professor Dumbledore because he was persistent to stand out enough to be noticed. How long do you think he sat there before someone at last noticed him?


The Friendship Between a Deer and a Kitten

Sometimes, animals discover solace in the unlikeliest of friends. Take these two for instance; each day the deer went to their yard, and the cat over time got used to his visits. Presently they have their morning cuddles before the deer returns to the forest.


In the event that this doesn’t make your day, we don’t have the foggiest idea what will! Perhaps in a previous life, these two were hitched, and they reunite day by day to recall the life they once lived.


An Unexpected Visitor

Envision strolling downstairs determined to unwind on the patio just to discover this raccoon chilling in your favorite seat. He was making himself comfortable and as cool as a cucumber. This photo shows the raccoon relaxing and hoping someone will present him with a glass of lemonade.

Source: Studystand

Sure, just make yourself at home. Nobody needed to sit there in any case. How would you dispose of it when it previously made itself agreeable? Possibly he was there for an intervention after digging through your trash and finding an excessive number of pizza boxes these past few weeks.


The Rescued Squirrel Still Comes Back For Visits

After nursing Hercules for four weeks, this guy released him back into the wild. In spite of this, Hercules wasn’t prepared to be a completely wild squirrel just yet and continued returning for everyday visits and cuddles. He must have missed the free food.

Source: EmperorRee

It looks like they are making the same face for the camera. They must have experienced a great deal in those four weeks, and it’s difficult for the squirrel to abandon his human companion so easily.


Perched on the Lamp for Warmth

In the early hours of the morning, these people came downstairs because they heard something in their family room. The owl tumbled down the chimney and started zooming around their house as it was searching for an exit plan. It then landed on the lamp and scared everyone living in the house.

Source: LegitHolt

It looks like it was just attempting to track down a warm spot to sleep and the lamp was adequately sufficient. Perhaps this is the manner Santa should disguise himself when people awaken and come downstairs while he is delivering presents.