Strange Behavior: Dog Caught Constantly Staring at a Wall for an Interesting Reason

Crosby is a happy and playful dog owned by a man named George Miller. Just like any other dog, he would wait faithfully by the door each afternoon, wagging his tail in anticipation of his beloved owner coming home from work. Then, out of nowhere, everything changed.

The happy-go-lucky dog’s personality shifted overnight. He turned from an attentive companion to a creature obsessed with staring at the wall for no apparent reason. Bothered by this odd behavior, Crosby’s owner decided to investigate and get to the bottom of this. What he found was something no one could have anticipated. Read on to discover why some pets get obsessed with staring at particular spots on the wall. 

Living All Alone in a New City

Having a place all to yourself where you can do anything you want sounds like a nice idea. In your own private space, you can experience a different kind of freedom. At the same time, having your own home teaches you to be independent.

While it has its perks, we can’t deny that it gets lonely sometimes, right? Given that humans are social beings by nature, we can’t help but long for affection and connection. So, the human star of our story, George Miller, decided that finding a furry companion would be a great way to reduce his feelings of loneliness.

Introducing Crosby

In hopes of making himself feel less lonely while he got used to his new surroundings, the 29-year-old bachelor decided to adopt a dog to keep him company. Dogs are commonly referred to as man’s best friends for a reason. They are four-legged bundles of joy capable of instantly boosting your happy hormones.

George named his furry companion Crosby. He felt immediately as though they were destined to find each other. George Miller and his new friend, Crosby, had no problems getting along. However, all that changed when the dog did something out of the ordinary. 

What’s Wrong, Crosby?

Just like any other dog owner, George Miller made sure to form a strong bond with Crosby by sticking to a daily routine. They would go on walks at the park so Crosby could play and meet other dogs. George also made sure to feed him at the same time daily.

This was their habit for years until George noticed something unusual. He always expected Crosby to welcome him at the door after work, but one day this cute little habit of theirs changed. Instead of eagerly wagging his tail, Crosby was entirely occupied with something else.

Crosby’s Unusual Behavior

After forming a bond with his buddy, George was surprised to see this unusual behavior arise out of nowhere. Though Crosby had been with him for years, he had a hard time figuring out why his little buddy was behaving that way.

Crosby’s unusual behavior became a mystery that George was determined to solve. Gone were the days when Crosby would enjoy his walks in the park, making friends with his fellow furry animals. What made Crosby change all of a sudden?

Crosby’s Furry Friends Next Door

With his jolly personality and friendly behavior, Crosby wanted to make friends with the other animals around their neighborhood. Soon enough, the neighbor’s dog and cat had become his constant playmates.

Sadly, this friendship wasn’t to last. Crosby had to say goodbye to his two furry best friends forever as they departed to animal heaven. Their owners weren’t the only ones grieving the loss. Crosby must have been feeling incredibly sad as well. Was this the reason for his odd behavior?


Longing for Companionship

Dogs, like humans, are social beings who love being in the company of other animals. Forming a pack has long been a survival instinct for dogs as they depend on one another to survive. This is most likely the reason why dogs are known for their loyalty.

Losing his buddies probably left Crosby feeling lonely. However, that wasn’t the reason behind his suddenly strange behavior. Long after the loss of his friends, Crosby continued his wall staring. He even stopped welcoming George at the door. 


Was Crosby Mad At His Owner?

On top of not welcoming George at the door, Crosby seemed constantly distracted. Shocked by this unusual behavior, George tried calling Crosby’s name. To his surprise, Crosby didn’t even bother responding. 

In hopes of trying to get his dog’s attention, George continuously called out his dog’s name multiple times. Still, there was no response. Was Crosby mad at his owner, or was there something going on with the wall?


Is There Something in the Wall?

George was determined to find out what had captured his dog’s attention. So, he walked over to his living room to see what Crosby was doing. To his surprise, the dog was just staring at the wall. 

“What’s so special about the wall?” George thought. Can you imagine how confusing it would be to see your dog looking intently at a blank wall without even batting an eye? George tried his best to see what the dog was looking at, but no matter how hard he searched, he could find nothing wrong with the wall. 


George Was Thoroughly Confused

George knelt down to try to see from the dog’s vantage point. He also tried looking for holes or cracks in the wall, but there were none. Adding to his confusion was the fact that he couldn’t ask Crosby what it was. 

As we all know, dogs have a short attention span. That’s why George was so concerned about his dog’s strange behavior. It was the first time he’d seen the dog so focused. At the same time, it bothered George that there could genuinely be something wrong. 


What’s Wrong with the Wall?

After failing his first attempt at getting his dog’s attention, George proceeded to his Plan B. He tried petting the dog and asked what was on the wall. Of course, Crosby couldn’t answer him, but thankfully, this brought him back to his senses, and his staring competition with the wall ended.

George initially thought that his dog might have hearing problems of some sort. Thankfully, there wasn’t anything wrong with Crosby. We can confirm that he’s still perfectly fine. However, this wasn’t the last George would see of the dog’s wall-staring habit. 


Back to Normal?

Though he was still confused, George shrugged it off, assuming it was just a tiny bug or spider. Little did he know, Crosby was looking at something entirely different. Yes, there was something up with that wall after all. 

For a while, Crosby acted as if nothing had happened. He ate his dinner and went to bed with his owner, totally forgetting about the wall. Then, in the middle of the night, George awoke with a fright. Crosby wasn’t there. Something was wrong. 


Midnight Madness

Feeling thirsty and a little startled, George headed to the kitchen to get a glass of water. He was a little confused after realizing that Crosby was not inside the bedroom. After emerging from the kitchen, he saw Crosby. 

The house was completely dark, and George could barely see anything, but there was Crosby in the living room. He had resumed his staring contest with the wall. Though the hairs on the back of his neck were standing on end, George finally had the courage to get to the bottom of this strangeness.


I’ll Be Watching You

Determined to solve this mystery, George bought a night vision camera first thing in the morning. He thought of putting it in the living room in front of the wall so that he could monitor Crosby’s nocturnal behavior.

George decided that a day’s worth of footage would not be enough. So, he waited for two days before looking at the footage. What he discovered from the video was not what he was expecting at all. 


The Camera Was Useless

Though George was hopeful about his new night-vision camera, it turns out it was completely useless. When he looked at the footage, all he saw was the blank wall with no traces of Crosby. He figured that his dog only went to the wall when he was around. 

Was Crosby trying to tell George something? Was Crosby staring at the wall to get his owner’s attention? Unfortunately, George has to figure this out on his own since Crosby had no other means of communicating with him. 


Crosby’s Communication Style

Most dogs bark, jump, or scratch if they want to tell their owners something. Crosby’s way of communicating with George was a little more chill – he stuck with staring at the wall. It began to feel as if the dog was pointing at something. 

George’s job was to figure out the reason behind his dog’s uncanny behavior. Should he keep focusing on the wall’s exterior surface? He started to wonder if it was time to look deeper. Was Crosby hearing something behind the wall?


Crosby’s Mood Swing

George still didn’t have a clue as to what Crosby was trying to say. As the saying goes, “Patience is key,” so he kept his senses switched on every time he went into the living room. This time, he finally noticed something odd about the wall. 

Crosby started barking playfully upon seeing George walk up to the odd spot in the living room wall. It was as if Crosby was extremely happy that his owner finally understood what he was trying to say. It seems George was a step closer to solving this mystery.


Delving Deeper into the Wall

Interpreting his dog’s barking as a sign, George proceeded to get on his knees so he could scan the wall even better. His dog’s barking became louder and more insistent. It was as if they were playing a game of charades.

Crosby had to act while George had to guess. After trying to process what his dog was trying to convey, George had a light bulb moment. He finally figured out the reason behind Crosby’s stare.


A Hole in the Wall

Finally, this investigation was gathering steam. George discovered that there really was something in the wall. Crosby had a genuine reason for his staring. Indeed, dogs have great senses.

Upon further investigation, he discovered a hole in the wall. George saw that some of the wood paneling was already worn out and in need of repairs. He removed the broken paneling, and beneath it, he saw a hole in the drywall. This is where the story takes a bizarre turn.


Can You Hear That?

While George was thoroughly scanning the wall and the hole, he suddenly heard a strange sound. He quickly discovered that the sound was coming from behind the wall. This strange sound was probably what had caught Crosby’s attention and held it for so many days.

It sounded like someone – or something – was stuck inside the wall, but how on Earth could that have happened? The hole in the wall was too small for anything to fit. The biggest question of the moment was, how would George get whatever it was out of the wall? 


What’s Behind the Wall?

After everything he and Crosby had been through, George decided to go all the way in hopes of finally solving this mystery. He mustered up his courage and stuck his hand inside the hole to get an idea of what was going on in there. 

His eyes shot wide in disbelief. What he felt was not at all what he expected. Not in a million years did he imagine there could be a living thing inside the wall of his house. George tried to get a hold of it so he could pull it out of the wall. 


A Messy Situation

The more he tried to get a hold of the thing, the more dirt and debris he pulled out. Of course, given that the wall was thick, there was a lot of mess from the broken drywall. In hopes of getting whatever it was out safely, he carried on with the messy mission.

Unfortunately, his fist only ever emerged with dust, dirt, and fragments of drywall. The more mess he removed, however, the clearer the cries from within the wall became. There was definitely something in there, but what on Earth was it? 


A Step Closer to Solving the Mystery

Upon hearing the cries, George Miller’s desire to rescue the mysterious creature grew stronger. For the second time around, he stretched his arm even further back into the hole, hoping to finally get a hold of the living being that was stuck in his wall. 

After trying his best to reach inside the hole, he finally got a grip on something small, warm, and fluffy. What could possibly be in there? This mystery had turned into a serious rescue operation. 


Something Small and Soft

With all the dust and drywall particles he’d pulled out already, George initially thought that it was just insulation. However, he couldn’t have been more mistaken! The cries grew louder and louder as he closed his fist and tried to gently pull the thing out.

Slowly, making sure not to harm the unknown creature, he gently drew it out through the crack in the wall. It was a difficult task, but somehow, George managed to free the creature from its prison in the wall. 


Crosby Had Heard a Tiny Kitten in the Wall!

After all the sweat, dust, and dirt, George successfully got the creature out. Finally, the mystery was solved. It turns out the small whines were actually coming from a tiny kitten. The question is, how did a kitten end up living inside the wall?

Thanks to Crosby, the adorable kitten was now safe and free. However, upon taking a closer look, George noticed something weird. The kitten looked exactly like his neighbor’s cat and Crosby’s late furry friend. Could they be related? 


Abandoned Kitty in the Wall

George still couldn’t comprehend that inside his wall, a tiny living creature was doing its best to survive. Nobody knows how it was able to get inside or how long it had been living there. One thing’s for sure – he had to do something about it. 

Judging by how it looked, George wondered if the neighbor’s cat could have been its mother. Whoever its parents were, it seems the poor kitty had been abandoned. If you were in George Miller’s shoes, would you call the nearest animal rescue service or just adopt the little cutie?


Caring for the New Kitten

Before anything else, George needed to clean the poor kitten as it was covered in dust. With a damp cloth, he carefully wiped off the specks of dust from the kitten’s coat. Though George had no idea how to take care of a tiny cat, he decided to let it stay for a few days.

While George was busy coming up with a plan for what to do next, Crosby just kept staring at the tiny kitten while wagging his tail. He must’ve been happy to finally see the creature up close. He certainly would’ve asked his owner to keep it if only he could talk.


A Trip to the Veterinarian

The next thing on George Miller’s list was to take the kitten to the veterinarian. He had to make sure that it was healthy. Though the kitten was hungry and still a little dirty, George was relieved to hear that she was otherwise perfectly fine. 

The kitten didn’t have a chip, so it was impossible to look for its owner through the veterinarian. So, George decided to take his quest to Facebook and post “lost kitten” posters in hopes of reaching more people. Unfortunately, he didn’t receive any response. 


Looking for the Kitten’s Owner

Crosby playfully wagged his tail every time he looked at the kitten. He must’ve been hoping he would soon get to play with it. His owner, however, was worried as he didn’t know how to take care of the little fur baby. George Miller hoped that its owner was somewhere close by in the neighborhood. 

With this in mind, he decided to go knock on his neighbors’ doors to see if someone would claim the lost kitten. Sadly, nobody was looking for a lost kitten. However, all of the neighbors shared one thing in common. They all felt that the kitten looked familiar. 


What Should George Do Now?

After failing to find the kitten’s owner, George had to make a decision. He needed to think carefully because, after all, he wanted to make sure that the kitten would be safe. He saw how happy Crosby was to have a tiny friend, but unfortunately, George couldn’t afford to have another pet.

He thought of asking for help from an animal shelter. He even asked the vet to help him make a decision. Though no one would have judged him for it, something was stopping George from giving the kitten to the shelter. What could be his reason?


Should It Stay or Should It Go?

In his talk with the vet, George said he didn’t want to risk the life of the kitten. The vet told him straight up about the possibility of the kitten being euthanized in the shelter. The county shelter might not have the capacity to accommodate the little creature as they already had over 300 stray kittens. 

As sad as he was about that news, George couldn’t see how he could keep the kitten. He was torn about what he should do. Should he just let it go outside in hopes that the kitten would find its way home? Or should he keep it?


The New Member of the Family

George finally made the decision to adopt the kitten instead. Hearing that the kitten might be put down was too much for him. For the kitten’s safety and his own peace of mind, he knew he had to keep it. Plus, Crosby seemed to be thrilled with the tiny creature.

Wagging his tail back and forth, Crosby looked overjoyed to have a new sibling. Crosby would finally have another playmate in the house. George Miller felt relieved after seeing that he had made the right choice.


Crosby and the Lil Ray-Ray of Sunshine

George named the kitten Lil Ray-Ray. Although George didn’t initially plan to keep Lil Ray-Ray, he knows in his heart that he did the right thing. It’s as if Crosby and Lil Ray-Ray were destined to become life-long buddies. He also promised to give Crosby more attention so he would be able to read any future changes in the dog’s behavior quicker. 

As evidenced by the story of Crosby, dogs seem to have a sixth sense about different things. Thanks to Crosby sensing the cat in the wall, Lil Ray-Ray was saved. This next story tells a similar tale of how a beloved furry friend’s sixth sense helped to save the day. Let’s dive in!


Alhanna and Ricky Were a Match Made In Heaven

Not everyone gets to experience it, but these two sure truly did. Love at first sight is something that most wish for but few attain. Alhanna and Ricky knew immediately that their bond was something special. Quite quickly, the pair came to the realization that they wanted to be together forever.

A love like theirs is rare and they wanted to grow it. The lovebirds could think of no better way to spread their joy around than with new additions to the family, both of the baby and the fur variety.


Great News, Alhanna and Ricky Were Expecting

After trying for a while, the couple was starting to feel that they were not going to have an easy road to conception. Luckily for Alhanna and Ricky, they were able to get pregnant naturally.

Perhaps no one was as excited as their sweet akita dog, Keola. As a young pup, Keola was a loving cuddle bug. As she grew up, she started to pay attention to the changes Alhanna was experiencing with early pregnancy. Slowly, Keola began changing, too.


Keola's Behavior Noticeably Transitions

The once cuddly Keola began to become more standoffish. No more couch lounging sessions next to each other. Keola was no longer affectionate with her mother, Alhanna. Instead, the akita breed would whine and tap Alhanna’s pregnant tummy on and off for extended periods of time.

Alhanna and Ricky were not surprised at the beginning of the pregnancy that Keola was acting differently. They suspected she might be aware of what was coming and react to it.


Pregnancy Was Going Smoothly

Alhanna was living her best life. Having a baby with the love of her life, Ricky, was a dream come true. She also could not believe how incredibly fortunate she had been to avoid things like morning sickness. Many might refer to what she was experiencing as the perfect pregnancy.

The couple was growing more excited with each passing day with their impending bundle of joy. However, things with their dog had remained unaltered. After Keola started desperately trying to dig her nose into the stomach area, Alhanna and Ricky thought she was going through some type of phase.


Things Take A Turn For The Scary

At around four months, Alhanna began having serious pains in her lower back. The intensity was so heavy that she could no longer function. In moments such as these, it’s difficult not to let your mind fill up with all sorts of fear.

A mother’s intuition should always be listened to and Alhanna knew it. She could not ignore that her body was screaming at her. So many thoughts about losing the baby were swirling around in her mind. How could she go on after such a loss? Neither Alhanna nor Ricky wanted to find out.


Alhanna Went To The Emergency Room

A pregnant woman in excruciating pain is a top priority in an emergency room, especially when she is not remotely near delivery. Alhanna was immediately taken back upon arrival at the hospital. Waiting with bated breath, it felt like an eternity before the doctors came in to update the two.

Much to their delight, the report came back that both mother and baby were in good condition. The doctor and nurse both assured Alhanna and Ricky that what she needed the most was rest.


Getting Back Home Never Felt So Good

Seeing their loving fur face back at home was just the comfort they needed to start working on alleviating stress from the situation. They felt like they could get back to focusing on the future of their little family again.

Even though Alhanna was still in discomfort, she kept reminding herself that being home to recover was what the doctor ordered. To put the unsettling thoughts behind her, she found the perfect spot in their bed and tried to get some sleep.


Updating Social Media

All of the couple’s family and friends had been closely watching for news about the new life coming soon. After this frightening experience, Alhanna thought it would be good to let everyone know what she had been through.

She went into all the nuances of what had happened lately. Between feeling like she was being literally stabbed in the back and Keola’s changing personality towards her belly, Alhanna felt like it was time to get everything out in the open. Regarding her social connections, one point everyone was focusing on was Keola.


Was Keola Onto Something?

After many very supportive messages, Alhanna agreed that maybe her dog was trying to communicate something to her. Using her own instincts, she could not shake the fact that she did not feel a sigh of relief after her hospital visit.

This baby meant so much to her and if she ignored the signs that both her body and dog were trying to convey, and something happened, she might never forgive herself. The thought of anything going wrong in the months to come was too heavy a burden to carry alone.


Mom to the Rescue

In the aftermath of sharing a very honest update online, Alhanna was being inundated with significant people in her life who were worried about her. Everyone was encouraging her to keep digging in with the medical staff about the physical maladies she was going through.

The grandmother-to-be might have been the loudest of those voices. Alhanna’s mother saw a correlation between how the pup was acting and the sudden extreme lower back pain. She had a feeling it was time for her daughter to get a second opinion.


Alhanna's Dog Did Not Want Her to Leave The House

Despite the ongoing issues, Alhanna thought the best distraction was to go about her life like normal, and she decided one day to head to work. After a painstaking session of putting herself together, she gathered her strength and walked to the door.

She was unable to make it out, though. Keola made it her mission to prevent her mom from making use of the exit. The dog aggressively whined and used her body to make the act of leaving a challenge. Perhaps even Keola was unaware of just how perfect her timing was.


Back to the Emergency Room

In the midst of the confusion about her clearly bothered pet, Alhanna lost consciousness and hit the floor. Luckily, Ricky was just in the other room and was able to move quickly to get her to the hospital.

The thought of Alhanna being behind the wheel and passing out was terrifying. Everyone who heard the news was grateful to Keola for keeping Alhanna from leaving. After a multitude of tests had been completed to find out what was going on, the couple and her mother waited in the hospital room to get some definitive answers.


Keola's Concern Was Proven Correct

As it turns out, this pregnant woman was hit with a double whammy. Somehow, Alhanna had contracted a double kidney infection. The problem was so severe that she almost lost her life and the life of her baby.

It was nice to be vindicated after feeling something was off all this time. However, now Alhanna was faced with a life-threatening illness that didn’t just impact her. Fear for her yet-to-be-born infant was at the forefront of her worries.


Undergoing Treatment

Alhanna’s medical team wasted no time in putting together a treatment plan. They wanted to perform at the best of their abilities to ensure a safe space for the baby to grow.

Alhanna was immediately started on antibiotics and given a laundry list of care to avoid any complications with her kidneys for the duration of the pregnancy. Both Alhanna and Ricky were eager to get the treatment regimen running smoothly so they could breathe a sigh of relief.


Finally, Alhanna Experienced Relief

With medication and much rest, the expectant mother was on the mend. Being free of kidney infections meant that Alhanna was able to get around and begin, once again, to prepare for her upcoming arrival.

The doctor confirmed that Alhanna had recovered from the infections. Now, she and Ricky could put their energy into putting together the nursery and shopping for baby clothes as well as equipment.


Welcoming A New Life

At last, the impending baby came to full term and labor began. On a chilly day in November 2015, a brand new baby boy came into the world. After months of light-hearted debate, the freshly minted parents finally circled around the perfect name, Lincoln.

After meeting, falling passionately in love, and trying hard for a baby, Alhanna and Ricky were bubbling over with excitement from their new bundle of joy. Despite an onslaught of issues, Lincoln was perfectly healthy. Finally, their family was in full swing.


Keola Gets to Meet Lincoln

Alhanna and Ricky were wrapped up in this bubble of new parenthood with their son. Who knew love at first sight could happen so much in one family? The one thought that struck them both was how insightful their loving furry friend had been in the process. They were eternally grateful for Keola’s sixth sense and determination to keep Alhanna safe.

Lincoln’s hospital stay was up and it was time for him to meet his fierce protector, Keola. The dog had no idea how her life was about to change.


Keola and Lincoln Formed an Instant Bond

Finally, the very much loved akita came face to face with the stranger in her house whom she had been so concerned about for months.

This baby was like a noisy, alive toy that Keola never knew she was missing. From day one, she seemed obsessed and so excited to be around Lincoln and continue being his protector.


Partners In Fun

It would come as no shock to the parents that Keola had transitioned from a fun and free puppy to a guard dog who was always on duty. She knew she loved him before she met him, so being there in person made the feelings all the more tangible for this caring dog.

Little did Keola know, when Alhanna was pregnant, she wasn’t just providing a space for her son to grow. She was also creating Keola’s new best friend.


Inseparable Love Bugs

Despite the size difference, Keola and Lincoln were always on the same page. Many around Alhanna and Ricky expressed concern for the safety of the growing baby around an animal of such proportions.

However, there was never really a cause for nerves. Keola treated Lincoln with kid gloves and was extra careful when playing or even napping together. Anyone who watched them interact got the feeling that the dog went well out of her way to keep her human brother safe.


An Unbreakable Bond

By the time Lincoln had his first birthday, Keola had all but forgotten that she used to be the only child. Her whole world now was this growing baby boy whom she was aware of long before he came into fruition.

It was just an added bonus that both the baby and dog got their quota of exercise and playtime every day through their time together. They never had to worry about losing Keola on walks, she could not be away from her brother that long.


Getting Into A Routine

It was convenient that Keola had to be by Lincoln’s side at all times because they loved their walks. The longer the walk, the better. If Keola had been able to push the stroller herself, she probably would have.

This daily task of importance was always on the mind of Keola. As soon as she noticed Alhanna moving around and pulling clothes from the dresser, Keola would be ready and waiting for their outdoor time to commence.


Those Who Nap Together Stay Together

After an energetic walk, both the toddler and the four-legged friend were all worn out. The two would have so much fun playing, running, and taking in the sun that they needed rest when they got back home.

As if naps weren’t great on their own, now Keola had a pint-sized napping buddy. Lincoln seemed to make the most of the arrangement by using this big ball of fluff to his advantage. They clearly seemed to be two peas in a pod with every scenario.


Keola Gets Recognized

Neither Alhanna nor Ricky could get the heroic deeds of Keola out of their heads. They could not forget how she had been warning Alhanna of her problem before the expectant mother knew herself. This was a beautiful display of love from man’s best friend and the couple knew they had to share her story.

Keola went viral and was nominated for the Animal Hero Award by the RSPCA. The inspiring pooch was present at the ceremony and won an award. She was also gifted with many of her favorite treats in recognition for her life-saving antics.


Enduring Bond

Family and friends of the foursome remain in awe of how their story played out.

Witnessing the bond between the two youngest members is heartwarming for the coldest personality. It’s amazing to think how much transpired to ensure this connection would have the opportunity to flourish.


Thriving and Having Fun

Each day that passes is a reminder to Alhanna and Ricky how lucky they are and how they could not have adopted a better pet to keep them and their son entertained.

Each day is an opportunity to count the blessings of a child that is healthy, even through infections that might have impacted a fetus during tender development.


Pregnancy Scare Lessons

It’s easy to overlook a change in a pet’s behavior as them just being weird or the fact that they are an animal. However, domesticated animals are a lot more intuitive than they are often given credit for.

Alhanna credits being here today with the fact that Keola tried to warn her. Dogs truly do have a sixth sense about their surroundings. We may never understand it, but we can greatly appreciate it.


How are dogs aware of things like illness?

Dismissing Keola’s concern as unremarkable would be a mistake. If you ask most families with pets, they would tell you that the sense of awareness is heightened in our four-legged friends.

Tests have shown that dogs have a sense of smell that is 100,000 times more advanced than our own. That means they have the unique ability to pick up on things like illness.


How Can Dogs Sense Sickness?

A dog’s sense of smell comes in handy for more than just criminal cases. The chemical composition of a body alters when someone is sick. That change is something a dog can be trained to pick out.

Keola observed a change in Alhanna and it sent off alarm bells in her head. This sickness brewing was something to be worried about.


Can Dogs Also Sense Pregnancy?

Dogs can also pick up on the change of hormones. Being able to pick up on the fact her mom was growing a new life was something Keola was able to observe within the first trimester.

With her over-the-top efforts to warn her parents, Keola was keen on protecting the unborn fetus long before Alhanna had the chance to really start showing physically that she was expecting. The moral of these stories is to listen to your dog’s body language. They very well might be trying to save your life or others.