We Feel Bad For Laughing At These Salon Fails

By: Riley Brown | Last updated: May 26, 2023

Sometimes, a visit to the salon requires a leap of faith. You’re putting yourself (and your looks) in someone else’s hands, and the results can be fabulous or frightening. After you emerge from the treatment, you’ll either feel like a goddess reborn or a slime demon from the wretched nests of the netherworld. Either way, once you sit in the chair, your fate is sealed.

That’s why in order to avoid tragedy, it pays to do a little research before heading into a salon or nail bar—it’s why most people find good salons and stick with them—it’s all about trust. If you’re not convinced, read on and learn for yourself what happens when you walk into an inexperienced, lazy, or irresponsible salon or nail bar.

Bangs Disaster

Bangs are a risky. Most of the time they don’t end up being what you had imagined. So if you do decide to take the risk, you have to prepare yourself for the worst case scenario. It’s a “hope for the best but expect the worst” kind of situation.


You can tell that this woman is deeply disappointed and saddened by  how her bangs turned out. It looks like it’s time to invest in some headbands for a while until they grow out a bit.


Scary Hairy

We think that this man might have actually requested he get the Kardashians on his own head. But this is something we’ll see in our nightmares!


We respect this stylist’s work with a razor to be able to carve those tiny faces into the hair, but it surely gives us the creeps. Can you imagine having someone’s face on your head?

The Brave Shave

If the tears don’t make it obvious enough, this is not the haircut that this young lady wanted or thought she was getting. The image on the left shows a close shave and a styled hair flip.


What she got was not even close to the image on the left. The side of her head is shaved bald and there is no volume on the cut. At least she’s trying to smile through the pain! Maybe it can salvaged with a little styling.

Lazy Braids

This woman went with high hopes for a beautiful hairstyle, in all likelihood, for a special event that she planned on joining. The half up, half down look is super cute. It’s a great look for a wedding, especially if you’re going as a bridesmaid.


It has a princess-from-a-storybook quality that just radiates magic. It’s tricky to get right, and it’s best to get it done by a professional. Unfortunately, it seems that this girl went to see an amateur instead.

Hair Extension Fail

This disappointment cost this poor woman over a thousand dollars. That’s a steep price to pay for about one inch of hair. She wanted 18 inch extensions and she only got about an extra inch.

We’re not sure if the hair stylist just didn’t understand the assignment or if she didn’t communicate the goal to her. Why didn’t she explain that what she got was not anything like she’d asked for?


Layered, Like An Onion

Imagine you’ve been sitting in a hair salon for an hour or so. You’re watching your hairdresser’s expression as it becomes more and more pained. Eventually, she brings the mirror out so you can see the back of your head. You think to yourself that it must just be weird lighting.


But the lighting isn’t to blame—it’s your hairdresser, who apparently doesn’t understand what “layered hair” means. Oh, dear. This poor woman’s head now looks more like it’s wearing a flowy dress than a head of hair. We hope she managed to find someone else to fix it.


Pearl Tips

Believe it or not, these rigid monstrosities cost more than $40. It looks like this lady just dipped her hands in liquid pearl, which froze solid in the cool air. This is a seriously bad glue job. Her nails look like they were attached way too low down.

Angela Blemmings

Just as there are many kinds of people, there are plenty of different-looking hands out there, but it’s safe to say that nobody’s hand looks like this. She probably needed a blow torch to get these fake nails off her fingers.


Bleach Fail

You have to be super careful when using bleach! The internet is littered with hair bleach fails. It’s one of the most damaging things you can do to your hair but it’s also necessary if you want to dye your hair cool colors.

This poor girl definitely used too much bleach or left it in her hair for too long to get this sad result. The hair is completely fried to the point where it will fall out in chunks. In a situation like this she will most likely just have to be gentle and wait for the hair to grow back.


Ready For Trick Or Treat With The Kids

We’re guessing that—based on the picture on the left in contrast with the one on the right—that this lady didn’t quite get the sultry vampire makeup effect she had hoped for. Apparently, she paid $60 for this “professional” vampire countess look.


She looks more like a rotten zombie than a vampire. And what’s with all the blood running down the side of her mouth? The only vampires we can see are the makeup artists who did her so dirty that she’s practically in the grave.


Watch Your Tone

Most makeup places will let you test their service before you commit. It looks like this mother got done dirty—literally—by Ulta Beauty. Everything, from the patchy application to the awful skin tone matching, makes her look like she just came in from a soot storm.


It seems that some stylists are utterly ignorant when it comes to people with darker skin tones. It may be hard to believe, but it’s a common problem in the industry, even among the most well-paid makeup artists.


When You Wish You Could Return to the "Before" Picture

There was absolutely nothing wrong with this girl’s hair before she got it done. It was healthy and the style suited her! But, we can’t blame her for wanting to try a change.

We don’t know if a stylist did this to her or if she did it to herself but it certainly doesn’t look like what she pictured. Hopefully she can tone out some of that orange.



Take a look at this: that’s about two years of hair growth—gone. Judging by the rough ends, it looks like the hairdresser used a rusty sheer to clip it—or tore it out with their bare hands. According to this poster, their hairdresser had “no idea” how it happened.


You can’t buy time—or natural hair growth. We just hope that this poor soul got a refund for the hack job she received. She would have probably done a better job cutting her hair herself!


The Bob

It is rare that your hair cut looks exactly like your inspiration photo, but this one is so far from what we wanted that we have to laugh. Hair texture and thickness is different on everyone so it can be difficult for stylists to exactly replicate hairstyles on different people.

This woman is clearly very disappointed by her hair result. Her inspiration picture shows a chic bob with side swept bangs. What she ended up with was chopped baby bangs that are more reminiscent of Lord Farquaad than a chic French model.


Rush Of Red

Rather than walking out of the salon with lush, fiery red waves, this customer came out with hair looking like the greasy residue of a lasagna dish soaking at the bottom of a washing-up basin. It’s unclear how her hairdresser managed to do such an uneven job, but it’s clear that they weren’t qualified in the slightest.


We hope that she managed to find a hair salon that knew what it was doing with dye. Take note: always check reviews before entering a beauty salon or hairdresser! Ignoring this advice might cost you more than just your dignity.


Portobello Nails

We see fingers, but the white things? They could be teeth, mentos, portobello mushrooms—but not nails. It looks like someone stuck five pieces of chewing gum to this woman’s poor, unassuming fingers, then robbed them for the trouble.


They look like they’re about to balloon off her fingers. This was definitely a bad nail job. It looks like three nails were all glued onto one finger each. It’s going to take a little more than nail remover to get rid of this bad memory.<


New Hair, Who Dis?

You almost can’t tell that these are the same woman! She has long luscious locks of brunette hair in the left image, but most of her hair is gone in the photo on the right.

While we don’t mind the icy blonde color, it seems the bleach has not treated her hair well. Now it’s time to start growing it out again. That’s all you can really do.


Bad on Purpose?

This one is so bad that it almost seems like the stylist did it on purpose! The girl went into the salon with dreams of a natural balayage, where the colors blend together seamlessly.

The image on the right almost makes it seem like whoever did her hair had a vendetta against her! Her face shows all the confusion we feel. It will take an expert to fix this mess.


Not Getting The Point

On the left is a screenshot of what a customer showed the nail salon staff as an example of what she wanted. On the right is the result. Notice anything strange about the picture? The nail salon seemed to reproduce her example perfectly—maybe a little too perfectly.


While painting her nails, they even reproduced in her mouse pointer, which she left in the screenshot. In this case, the customer did actually get what she asked for. It’s not terrible—in fact, it’s an impressive show of attention to detail, but it’s pretty hilarious nonetheless.


Good Haircut... Sike

We all want to leave the salon looking fresh and new. A new hair style can make you feel like. anew person, especially when you get a dramatic change. But when it’s not what you expected or wanted it can result in disaster.

source: tiktok/@mistybeaniebby

I am not sure what she was hoping her hair would look like, but we feel bad that she is so disappointed in her new look. The good news is that hair grows back. It just takes time.


Withered Grey

The picture on the left: hopes, dreams, expectations. It’s a fantastic look—hints of black with silver-grey streaks. Done well, it can look absolutely enchanting. The picture on the right: the outcome. Can you guess how much this woman paid for her stylist to do this to her hair?


To have her hair starved, burned, dehydrated, and stepped on, this woman paid $400. We wonder if that package came with complimentary tissues to cry into for all the agony she had to go through. Instead of charcoal to tint the inner layers, it looks like they used fire and brimstone. For the rest, it looks like they coated her in the ashes of the dead. Horrific!


Wedding Hair Fail

If there’s one event that you want your hair to look amazing for, it’s your wedding day! You’ll be looking back fondly of pictures fo this day for the rest of your life. So, when your hair style doesn’t go as planned, you’ll be naturally disappointed.

This woman wanted a sleek and fairly simple wavy ponytail for her big walk down the aisle. What she got was very different and not nearly as wedding-day ready.


The Golden Age Is Over

This is obviously a tragedy in itself, but adding to this sorry story is the fact that this person was getting her nails done in preparation for her wedding. Rather than getting beautiful, gold-gilded nails reminiscent of wedding bands, it looks like she just dug her nails into a ball of orange peel.


There’s obviously a huge difference between these shots. This look would have been spectacular, but perhaps this person chose the wrong person for the job. We just really hope that she didn’t pay for this mess!


Hurly Curly

The look on this woman’s face says it all. She tried to get cute curly waves, but everything ended up spiraling out of control. The bad news is that she’s going to look like a Victorian schoolchild for a while. The good news is that her hair will eventually relax.

After a few days have passed, or with enough roughing up, her hair will break waves like the image on the left. But your hair bunching up like this is a horrific thing to see, and she probably should have been warned beforehand.


A Salon Success!

When this woman walked into the salon, her hairstylist was completely shocked to see her hair. As you can see, her hair was completely matted and appeared to be beyond repair. However, the stylist accepted the challenge and got to work.

Source: Reddit

With a lot of conditioner and hair relaxer, she was able to slowly but surely make her way through the damaged hair. It gave the girl some hope and with lots of care and some time for the hair to grow her hair made a full recovery!


Damage Control

Before, expectations, after. The look in the last picture says it all. Rather than catching waves, she landed on the burnt remains of a beachside campfire. The black doesn’t seem to blend with the blonde at all. Instead, it looks like coal meets the sand.


But to be fair to her stylist, her hair does seem to be a little dried out, going from the first photo. That might be due to bleaching or general hair damage, but it probably would have helped if someone had told her beforehand. If you ever find yourself in a spot like this, just remember that hair does grow back.


Sharpie Eyebrows

This lady had such a bad eyebrow salon experience she stated “a four-year-old could have drawn them on better blindfolded”. She went in for a simple wax and tint, and ended up with such thick and dark eyebrows that she thought they might as well have been filled in with a marker.

She quickly went to another professional to see what could be done. They used a stain remover to try and remedy the situation, but she said she had to scrub for a long time to start looking like herself again. We know thick brows are in but this is a little (actually a lot) extreme. Hopefully, the eyebrow tech has a little more practice under her belt and is now giving perfect waxes and tints all the time.


Not The Sharpest Cut

It bears remembering that not all hairdressers have equal skills, especially when it comes to drawing lines or curves. The cut on the left looks like it was drawn with laser-guided accuracy. The flower petal half looks amazing. It’s not something just any hairdresser can pull off, as this poster can attest to with her less-than-clean lines.


It’s also worth remembering that a hairdresser will probably know less about razors than they do layering, dye usage, and toners. Any stylist worth their salt will admit when they can’t perform a job for you rather than digging in and razoring a lazy attempt into the back of your head. Check if your stylist has any experience doing something you want first!


Expectation vs. Reality

The curtain bangs trend became popular in 2020 on Tik Tok. Thousands of people shared their before and after results with the new style. Unfortunately, not everyone’s reality matched expectations.

The image on the right was the inspiration photograph that this girl gave to her stylist. The photo on the left was her result. It’s not exactly what she was expecting. Her video blew up on Tik Tok and most people thought she had cut her own hair, unbelieving that a stylist could do such a job. She did get some advice on how to style them but unfortunately, the only real solution is to let the hair grow out.


The image on the right was the inspiration photograph that this girl gave to her stylist. The photo on the left was her result. It’s not exactly what she was expecting. Her video blew up on Tik Tok and most people thought she had cut her own hair, unbelieving that a stylist could do such a job. She did get some advice on how to style them but unfortunately, the only real solution is to let the hair grow out.

Different stylists have different skill sets and it’s definitely worth doing some research to make sure the hair stylist you go to can achieve the color and style you want. Hopefully this woman was able to get some help from another salon so she didn’t have to walk around with stripes on her head for too long!


Hiding under this damaged bundle of hair is probably a really beautiful curl pattern. We have to assume this is a result of boxed hair dye, poor maintenance, and lots of heat applied. We’re not sure if this is a hair stylist’s fault.

This looks more like a do-it-yourself accident. The left photo displays her absolute shock at the state of her hair and the right image shows her despair. There’s only so much good products and an amazing stylist can fix. She might need to start from scratch on this one.


Homecoming Queen

This poor girl heard through the grapevine that there was a makeup artist at a department store that was doing homecoming makeup for free. Jackpot! (or so she thought) It’s safe to assume she would have been better off doing it herself. The harsh and uneven eyeliner, oily foundation, and poorly blended eyeshadow do not give the flawless look I’m sure she would have wanted for the dance.

Fortunately, the young girl and her friend had a laugh about it and were able to use their own makeup to undo the makeup artist’s work. At least she didn’t pay for the mess. And now she knows to do some research before getting her makeup done from Prom.


Nailed it!

When it comes to nail designs, most nail artists are incredibly talented and will work with an inspiration photo easily. However, it can also go horribly wrong. This girl brought in an inspiration pic for both design and style. However, her result couldn’t be more different than what she had asked for.

We’re not sure if this is a case of misunderstanding or an inexperienced nail tech, but either way, the disappointment is obvious. The shape is completely wrong and while they did do a  design that might slightly (very slightly) resemble that of the inspo photo, these two looks really couldn’t be considered similar in almost any capacity. Even the color is a completely different shade of blue. All we can say is “Better luck next time”.


A $900 Mistake

This poor girl went to the salon looking for some Rapunzel-inspired long blonde locks. She ended up with a choppy disaster and the worst part is that she paid over $900 for the whole mess. It couldn’t be more obvious where her natural hair is and when the extensions are.

Apparently, the stylist defended her work by saying the extensions would look more blended if she curled her hair. It’s hard to believe a professional let their client walk away with hair like this. We hope she took these out right away, but $1,000 is a costly lesson to learn.


Apparently, there is no shortage of nail art fails on the internet. And we understand nail art is not easy to do! It takes great talent, patience, and a steady hand. This individual brought an inspirational picture with a flower on the big toe. What they received looks to be more like a toe on fire than a flower.

We think we can see that they were trying to go for here, but it doesn’t quite hit the mark. We recommend close-toed shoes until they get them redone. 


The Karen Cut

It’s clear why this woman brought the left photo as an inspiration pic. Who wouldn’t want beautiful flowy layers and golden waves? It looks like the hair stylist didn’t see exactly what we saw.

Instead of seamless layers, this woman got what is commonly referred to as the “Karen Cut”. Not only did she get a long bob as opposed to the style in the reference photo, but it’s so poorly cut and choppy that it almost seems purposeful! It could be a case of accidentally overcutting until the hair is shorter than intended. Or maybe, the hairdresser was fulfilling some kind of vendetta against this woman. We can’t be sure.


Zero Stars

A trend went around social media in which many YouTubers were going to the “worst-reviewed” establishments of different kinds to see what made them the “worst”. This Youtuber went to the “worst-reviewed makeup artist” in Dubai and quickly found out why the ratings were what they were.

She showed the MUA a photo of a complicated purple makeup style and what she got was far from the desired look. While the makeup obviously left a lot to be desired, it’s not as if she could be surprised. In challenges like these, you know what you’re getting yourself into.


Not Camera Ready

This young woman had her makeup done by a “professional” for a photoshoot. We don’t know what the goal here was, but the result cannot possibly be the desired outcome. The eyeliner has all the marks of a first-timer: smudges, uneven wings, and jagged lines. Even the lipstick looks to be applied by an inexperienced individual.

Perhaps the artist was just having a bad day, or maybe it was their first day on the job. We have to assume she had to start from scratch with the makeup before the shoot because she certainly did not want to commemorate this look in a photograph.


The Butchered Wolf Cut

The wolf cut is a stylish look that gained popularity through Tik Tok. This woman from Australia requested this style by showing her the inspo pic on the left. Rather than this trendy cut, she left the salon in tears with a haircut that doesn’t remotely resemble the photo.

She posted her experience on Tik Tok and garnered a lot of support from the comments. People wondered if the stylist had even done it on purpose because of how far the reality had strayed from the inspiration photo. Sadly, the only cure for the choppy short cut is to let it grow out.


Seamless Transition

A major trend in hair for the past few years has been the balayage. A lighter color fades seamlessly into a darker color (or vice versa) and looks like a perfectly natural transition of color. Hundreds of girls have brought their hair stylist a photo of a balayage for inspiration.

source: good house keeping

But when a professional is not at the reins it can go very, very wrong. We have to assume this lady tried to take her hair into her own hands, which is rarely a good idea. The result is these jagged lines through her otherwise beautiful hair! Let’s leave it to the professionals.



This woman went to her hair stylist to get a balayage. For those of us who aren’t stylists, this just means a natural blending of color (in her case from brunette to blonde). She didn’t have any dye in her hair previously, which should make it fairly easy to achieve her desired results.

However, this was not the case. Her hair was so damaged from the balayage disaster that it took three visits to another salon to “look presentable again” in her words. Bleach can be really harsh on the hair so her texture was impacted as well as the color. We hope another stylist can give her the balayage of her dreams!


Hot Pink Mess

This woman brought in several inspiration pics to a stylist in Taiwan hoping to achieve a unicorn, light pink ombre look. What she got instead was the hot pink mess on the right. The stylist permed her hair (which wasn’t something she requested) and poured on the bleach.

Nine and a half hours in the chair and this was the result. Walking out of the salon with a look that is nothing like what you wanted is extremely disheartening, especially when you are expecting majestic unicorn waves and you end up with damaged hot pink hair.


Bowl Cut Blues

The image on the right is the inspiration this man took to his hair stylist. A fairly clean and common look like this should be hard to mess up right? Wrong. This poor guy left his barber with a bowl cut he never wanted and a disappointed face that makes us feel for him.

All we can say is we hope the hair grows back fast and he can get the haircut he deserves when it does. Although this might be a case where it’s best to start from scratch and buzz it off.


Not Even close

This woman was super disheartened when she went to the nail salon for some long elegant stiletto shaped nails and got the chunky disaster you see on the right instead. The left photo is what she showed her nail tech and she said promised she could deliver. Clearly, she could not.

This acrylic set looks almost painful! One commenter mentioned it looks like she dipped her nails in wax over and over again to get this bulky look. Not to mention, the pinky nail is so different from the inspo pic it’s not even funny!


Worst Haircut Ever

This one might just take the cake for the worst hairstyle ever. We can only hope this was intentional and not an accident. Maybe his friends dared him to get this cut. The two pigtails on the sides of his head are haphazard.

source: mensxp

Not to mention the mohawk on the top! At this point his best bet is to shave the whole head and start from scratch. But, if his goal was to make people laugh then he certainly succeeded.


Curls be Gone

This woman had beautiful healthy looking curls before she went to the salon. Curls can be tricky because they have unique patterns and usually require a little more care and attention than straight hair.

source: bored panda

After a trip to the salon for a cut, they attempted to style her curls and she ended up with a big frizzy mess! We hope she can get back to her original curls because they are so beautiful.


Spray Tan Tears

Spray tans can be beautiful but also can be super tricky. You have to be careful to not let it run. This young lady either didn’t get the memo or couldn’t help but cry. Her tan would have looked amazing if not for the streaks of tears down her face and neck.

source: bored panda

Let this be a warning to all the tanners out there: Don’t cry after a spray tan unless you’re into this striped and streaky look. I wonder how long she was stuck with this look for. Hopefully she didn’t have an important event she had to go to.


Makeup Madness

We’re all for intense makeup looks and we can even appreciate a blue eye shadow from time to time. But this makeup artist took it a step too far. We can’t imagine this was the look this lady was wanting when she hired the MUA to do her look.

source: bored panda

Apparently this makeup artist charges $85 for her services through a booking site. This poor woman would have been better off doing it herself but following  aYouTube tutorial because this is not what a professional makeup look should be!


Birthday Party Looks

Sometimes, even if you can do your own makeup, it’s nice to treat yourself and have a professional do it! It’s fun and it’s a good way to switch up the routine, especially for an important event.

source: bored panda

This woman decided to treat herself and have a professional do her makeup for her sister’s 30th birthday party. Apparently she’s actually really good at makeup but wanted to let a professional do it for a change. Obviously, that was a terrible mistake. We hope she had time to re-do it before the birthday party!


Dakota Johnson Bangs

Bangs are definitely one of the riskier hair cuts. Usually, if you get bangs you either love them or hate them. The reason it’s risky is because if they are bad, all you can do is wait for them to grow out. And hair grows painfully slow!

source: bored panda

This poor girl wanted bangs just like Dakota Johnson. And we don’t blame her. Dakota is beautiful! Maybe the hair stylist didn’t know what Dakota’s bangs looked like. Because these are wildly different from the young actresses. Her face says it all. She doesn’t feel like Dakota Johnson with this haircut.


Ulta Makeover

Ulta is a great place to buy affordable makeup and hair products. They also offer a service where you can get your hair and makeup done. This young lady was obviously not very impressed with the makeup she had done.

source: bored panda

The eyeshadow is an intense aquamarine color and the eyeliner is more of a squiggle than a straight line. Her disappointment is written all over her face. Time to start from scratch!


Not Enough Purple

Getting a new color in your hair is super fun and can make you feel like a brand new person! The girl’s inspiration photo was a beautiful lilac purple color. What she got was not at all what she asked for.

source: bored panda

If you look really close and squint a little you can see a tiny bit of purple in her hair. The worst part of this whole thing is that it cost her $450! After 4.5 hours in the salon chair she left with very little purple in her hair and a $450 hole in her pocket.


Flamingo Fail

This person went to a nail salon in Indonesia and asked for this cute design of a flamingo on her nails. The stylist said she could do that design, but this is definitely not what the poor customer had in mind.

source: bored panda

Without the reference photo you would almost not know what is even on her nail. It just looks like some pink and black mixed together. For some reason, the flamingo’s eye is huge! We hope the customer could laugh about this flamingo failure.



The left is the inspiration photo this woman showed her stylist. The photo on the right is what she ended up with. She wanted some flowy layers though her wavy hair. Instead, she got a very interesting chop.

source: bored panda

The front pieces are cut to frame her chin and there’s a clear difference between the front and back chunks of hair. It’s hard to believe a professional let her walk out of the salon looking like this! We’re guessing she probably had to go to a different salon to get it fixed.


Balayage or Not

This poor customer left the salon with bleached damaged hair instead of the beautiful balayage she really wanted. The image on the left is a photo of her hair from 2019. She had loved this look and came to a different salon to get the same thing done again.

source: Tyla

Obviously, that was not the desired result. The image on the right is what she ended up with. The roots are essentially orange and the rest of her hair is a faded, yellow-ish mess. She had beautiful long hair and this color job has basically ruined it!


Splotchy Color

This has to be some of the sloppiest hair coloring we’ve ever seen! Usually, a talented stylist will carefully paint bleach onto the hair so it looks even and blends in with the other colors. We’re not sure if this stylist was just in a rush or was having a bad day.

source: pinterest

It looks as if they threw bleach onto the hair and hoped for the best. There are obvious streaks and big blotchy spots all over that make her hair look like a children’s coloring book! We wonder how much she had to pay for a mess like this.


Correcting the Mess

This poor woman had her hair completely botched at a salon. You can see in the photo on the left that her roots are overgrown and the color is an absolute disaster. It’s so uneven it is almost as if the stylist did it on purpose!

source: pinterest

Also, the blond is interrupted by spots of orange and red. It’s all in all a giant mess. But, as you can see in the photo on the right, she was able to have it saved! A different salon corrected the color and gave her a beautiful fresh look.


Not Quite Right

In another example of “expectation vs. reality” this poor woman lost all faith she had in hair salons previously. Not only is the color not at all what she asked for, but her hair has obviously undergone extreme damage.

source: green lemon

The color is not at all blended but the colors are not even remotely the same either! We imagine this lady was severely disappointed and we wouldn’t blame her if she was a little traumatized! 


Girl Don't Do It

Making the decision to commit to bangs is a very big deal. Nine times out of ten bangs are the direct result of a break-up and the impulsive need to make a “life-altering” change.

So imagine this poor girl’s realization, her hasty decision to commit to bangs was in fact not what she wanted to kick start her shiny new, single lifestyle. Hey, at least bangs grow pretty quick.


Not Exactly What She Wanted

So you strut into the salon with a clear-cut expectation of how you would like to look when you leave. You hand the hairdresser this inspo pic, sit in the chair, pop in your earbuds, and begin to relax.

Flash forward a few hours and you are ready for the big reveal. The hairdresser spins you around in the chair and you brace yourself for the big reveal. You open your eyes and are met with this…a brassy yellow head of hair.