Costco Worker Asks to See Man’s Birth Certificate – Strict Membership Rules are Out of Control

By: Mia Williams | Last updated: Oct 27, 2023

If you thought your ID and membership card were enough to make your Costco run, think again! A bizarre incident at a Costco store left a shopper bewildered and without his membership card, with an employee demanding to see his birth certificate.

TikToker Jordan the Stallion (@jordan_the_stallion8) is no stranger to TikTok fame, with his videos consistently hitting over a million views. But this time, he’s grabbed attention for a totally unexpected reason—a Costco ID mishap that’s making everyone’s jaws drop.

The Unusual Case of Mistaken Identity

Imagine a Costco cashier mistaking you for an Olympic wrestler! That’s exactly what happened to Jordan the Stallion, a towering 6’3” social media personality.


Source: Wikimedia Commons

Unbelievably, a Costco employee insisted he was the 5’7” wrestling champ Jordan Burroughs. Despite showing his ID and membership card, he was asked for more ID. When he was asked what to present next, the worker’s answer left us all stunned!


The Birth Certificate Request that Broke the Internet

In an unpredictable turn of events, the Costco worker requested our bewildered TikToker’s birth certificate to confirm his identity. Yes, you read it right—his birth certificate!


Source: Jordan the Stallion/TikTok

To the worker’s credit, it seems they were merely trying to prevent the misuse of membership cards, but the whole situation has left everyone scratching their heads and wondering, “Who brings their birth certificate to Costco?!”

Bulk Buys and Olympic Wrestling: An Unexpected Combo

In a comical twist, Jordan the Stallion quipped, “Would an Olympic wrestler shop for Cheetos and Pizza Lunchables?” A fair question! Yet, the Costco worker was unconvinced. Despite Jordan’s humor and noticeable height difference, his Costco card was still confiscated.


Source: Jordan the Stallion/TikTok

This quirky incident, paired with Jordan’s snappy comeback, has spread amusement and disbelief across the internet. What a wild Costco adventure!

Costco Saga Sparks the Great Membership Debate

This amusing incident has shown us that Costco’s ID scrutiny may be more rigorous than expected, eliciting many hilarious online responses. With comments like, “Costco needs to calm down,” it’s clear this was a one-of-a-kind experience.


Source: But That’s My Opinion/TikTok

However, this incident serves as a reminder of Costco’s strict membership rules. So, pack your ID, membership card, and maybe even your birth certificate on your next Costco run!