Cheerleader Left By Her Team Performs Alone And Wins!

By: Lauren Wurth | Last updated: Oct 27, 2023

What do you do when your teammates don’t show up? Cry? Bow out of the competition in frustration? Give up? These weren’t options for 8-year-old Peyton Thorsby, who arrived for the Showcase of Champions Cheerleading Competition on Dec. 4 at her 6 am call time, only to discover that no one else from her five-member team showed up.

“The other girls didn’t show up for one reason or another…we tried to reach out, and no one’s answering,” Nicole Thorsby, Peyton’s mom recalled. Fortunately, that didn’t discourage the first-year cheerleader as she competed solo and brought home the crown.

Do It Afraid

Peyton represented K-Tech Kratens, a Pasco County youth cheer and football program, in a competition where no other teammate showed up. Was she filled with anxiety when she realized this? Definitely.


Source: yahoolifestyle/ Instagram

But as her two coaches, Leah and Nikki, disclosed, Peyton didn’t think forfeiting the contest she had prepared so hard for was worth considering. “No, I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna be brave, I’m going out there for my team,” she said. So, she rose to the occasion all alone and did it afraid.


Butterflies in My Belly

Peyton disclosed how nervous she was right before she went on stage. She had a moment when she doubted herself and wondered if she wanted to do it. She said, “My body was very shaky,” but “once the music started, it all went away.”


Source: MC TV/ YouTube

The 5-year-old performed her solo brilliantly to the amazement of the judges and everyone present. As she finished her performance, she recalled that it felt like “butterflies were tickling my body and my belly.”

I Did It, Mommy!

Surprisingly, Peyton won first place despite competing against the other teams alone! It was such an emotional moment for everyone. The lone star couldn’t believe it, as she kept saying, “I did it, Mommy!”


Source: Jennifer Hudson Show/ YouTube

Peyton’s inspiring story graced the pages of numerous local news outlets, and her principal gave her a special shout-out at school. For daring never to give up, little Peyton became the talk of the town.

It's All Positive Vibes Down Here

Peyton’s determination to go solo and win against all odds can be traced to the sound upbringing she received at home. Nicole revealed that she makes an effort to instill positivity in her kids and family on a daily basis. This is evident in how her husband and two sons cheered Peyton on as she performed.


Source: Jennifer Hudson Show/ YouTube

This tale proves the old saying that success and resilience go hand in hand and how important positive parenting is for children.