Burger King Faces a Boycott Similar to That of Bud Light ‘Go Woke, Go Broke’

By: Lauren | Last updated: Oct 19, 2023

Famous fast-food chain Burger King could be in trouble in the very near future as Americans are threatening to “Bud-Light” or boycott the restaurants.

Burger King recently pulled their advertising from the popular podcast Rumble after one of the hosts, Russell Brand, was accused of rape and sexual assault. And many people are stating that Burger King’s “woke” response is not something they want to support.

Here Are the Facts

Depending on the political inclination of the author, this story is being reported in a wide variety of ways.


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But here are the facts: Burger King did pull its ads from Rumble, Burger King claims the decision had nothing to do with Russell Brand, but haven’t commented on the “real” reason, and finally, though Russell Brand has been accused of sexual abuse, he has not yet been convicted of any wrong-doing.


The Anti-Woke Perspective

Those who are planning or are already boycotting Burger King due to its ad removal state that their major issue with the company is that it canceled the host and the podcast before Brand’s case could be tried in court.


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One user on the platform X, formerly known as Twitter, made the point clearly when they said, “Burger King has pulled its ads from Rumble because the free speech platform refuses to play judge, jury, and executioner of Russell Brand after the UK Governor demanded the platform demonetize him. Reminder, Brand has not been convicted of a single crime. Boycott @BurgerKing. They hate free speech and due process, and their food is poison anyways. Stop eating it.”

Millions Have Agreed That Burger King Will Be Another Company to “Go Woke, Go Broke”

Using social media to express their frustration with companies that are “going woke,” millions of people are leaving comments such as “So Burger King is gone woke That’s fine Enjoy going broke You’ve lost my business, Oh and one more thing f*** you If you support canceling someone for vague accusation I support never eating at your establishments.”


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And several people have written something along the lines of “Is it time to Bud Light Burger King?”

What Does it Mean to “Bud Light?”

What was once just the name of a beer, Bud Light is now a verb that essentially means “to boycott.”


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Here’s what happened: Bud Light released a commercial with a popular transgender influencer, and many conservatives stopped buying the beer altogether in protest for the company’s choice to do so.

Dozens of Companies Have Been Affected by the “Go Woke, Go Broke” Movement

Bud Light was severely negatively impacted by the boycott, but it’s not the only company to suffer from the “go woke, go broke” movement.

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Other companies such as Disney and Target have also experienced backlash from advertisements and products that support liberal ideals.


Other Companies Didn’t Struggle as Much as Bud Light

However, it’s important to note that these companies didn’t suffer nearly as much profit-loss as Bud Light.

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And the reason why is fairly simple; there are plenty of other light beers that taste almost identical to Bud Light, whereas Disney is a unique company and Target has products that a lot of people really need.


Burger King Has Been Called Out for Being “Woke” Before

While people are undoubtedly upset by Burger King’s choice to pull its advertisements from Rumble, it’s not the first time the company has been called out for being “woke.”

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Several X users have brought the world’s attention to Burger King’s pride month Whopper that it released last June, essentially explaining that Burger King should be boycotted for more than one reason.


Will Enough People Boycott Burger King to Make a Difference?

It’s too soon to say whether or not Burger King will experience a boycott like Bud Light that drastically affects its business.

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However, if millions of people do decide to boycott Burger King, it could really negatively affect the company’s profits, just as it did to Bud Light, which lost almost $400 million in just three months.


Why Burger King Will Really Suffer From a Boycott

And the main reason why the chain could lose millions is because there are half a dozen other restaurants, such as McDonalds, Wendy’s, Arby’s, In-N-Out Burger, and more, that are selling a nearly identical product.

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So just as many decided to reach for a Coors Light instead of a Bud Light, they’ll simply choose McDonalds over Burger King from now on.


Not Everyone Agrees With Canceling Burger King

While there are certainly millions of people who agree that Burger King doesn’t deserve their business, there are also millions who disagree.

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Those that don’t believe canceling Burger King is the right decision explain, “Free speech allows for Brand to keep talking, but it also allows for companies to choose where to advertise… Who’s right? Who’s Wrong?”


The World Will Be Watching Burger King’s Next Move

How Burger King decides to proceed will likely affect whether or not millions decide to continue with the boycott or not.

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If the company continues to post advertisements that are geared to a more liberal political view, it’s likely that many conservatives will stop eating at the fast-food chain altogether.