Biden Burns Through Tax Dollars While Vacationing

By: Alec Donaldson | Last updated: Oct 27, 2023

President Joe Biden meticulously cultivated an image over several decades, positioning himself as a man of humble origins.

Hailing from the working-class city of Scranton, Pennsylvania, Biden consistently captivated audiences during every election cycle with accounts, albeit mostly inaccurate, of his modest upbringing.

Creating False Narratives

He narrated stories of a childhood marked by economic hardship, portraying himself as a self-made individual who rose from these challenging circumstances to achieve academic success, even though he graduated 76th out of 85 in his law school class at the University of Connecticut.

In the realm of politics, the potency of one’s image and how perceptions influence voters’ reality should never be underestimated.


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The 2008 Election

While serving as a prominent member of the United States Senate, Biden frequently emphasized his status as the least affluent member of the Senate. He made these assertions as he campaigned alongside Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential election.

However, it’s important to consider such claims in a relative context.


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Biden Was Quite Wealthy By The Time Of His 2020 Campaign

By the time Biden joined forces with Obama as his vice-presidential running mate, he and his family had accumulated substantial wealth.

When Biden concluded his tenure in office in 2017, his net worth had significantly increased. By the time of his successful 2020 presidential campaign, Biden could be described by ordinary middle-class standards as quite affluent.


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"Consulting Firm" Wealth

Subsequently, it has come to light that a significant portion of the Biden family’s wealth can be attributed to the global activities of the “consulting firm” operated for many years by Joe’s youngest son, Hunter.”


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A Diligent Investigation

House Republicans are diligently pursuing an investigation into Hunter Biden’s purported international influence-peddling endeavors. Their aim is to establish concrete evidence connecting Hunter Biden’s financial activities to those of Joe Biden.

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Hunter's Overseas Business Affairs

It can be confirmed that Hunter Biden’s business ventures involved transactions with prominent figures associated with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Ukraine, Romania, Russia, and other nations over an extended period.

Subsequently, a portion of the proceeds from these deals was directed toward Hunter’s extended family members.

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Capitalizing On Joe Biden's Government Roles

If the Republican Party’s suspicions hold, it implies that the Biden family accumulated substantial wealth by capitalizing on Joe Biden’s various governmental roles, effectively securing substantial sums from affluent foreign individuals seeking access to (and influence over) Joe Biden.

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The Success Of The Biden Family

And they did indeed achieve that. In essence, the Biden family’s success mirrors that of any typical middle-class American family.

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Biden Takes A Lot Of Leisure Time

Middle-class Joe Biden (who has assumed the presidency) has dedicated a significant portion of his administration to leisure.

When not on vacation, President Biden’s workweek extends to roughly 30 hours, marking him as America’s inaugural part-time president.

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Frequent Vacations

During his vacations, such as those to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, New Castle County has expended $3.27 million over the past three years to provide President Biden with uninterrupted access to emergency services.

Essentially, the taxpayers of New Castle County have been shouldering the expenses associated with Biden’s frequent vacations while in office.

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Biden's Beach Property

President Biden’s visits to his cherished Rehoboth Beach property, currently valued at $4.5 million, have incurred a staggering annual cost of $3 million for the United States Secret Service.

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Paying For Biden's Absence

All this expenditure was to facilitate Biden’s absence from the White House and Washington, D.C. for 40 percent of his presidential term.

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