Art Fans Recreate Famous Pieces in Hilarious Ways

By: Alec Donaldson | Last updated: Aug 21, 2023

"One, Two, Three, Go" - Norman Rockwell

The first thing to behold in this painting reenactment is the creativity behind the number twenty-three that faces us. It is such a brilliant improvisation.

Since the idea was to recreate the art in exactness, they really did well by picking a shirt with an original number three and inscribing the number two before the three. Another thing is their carefulness in ensuring that they follow the hand direction, facial expressions, and matching attires exactly how it was painted in the piece. This is beautiful indeed.

"My Cookware For a Body Armor” - Alfonso D’Avalos

Hold on, are those real pot lids on the two shoulders? How innovative can people get at times? Quite impressive, we must say.


Source: @sacha_coward/Twitter

As funny as it may look, the outcome of this reenactment is very innovative. Since the original picture has some highlighted sheen, padded shoulders, and brown lining, the cookware, and hanging leather belts did not leave any stone unturned. Meanwhile, with the opened pot under his arm, and the little man’s hand on it, there just might be an intending food riot!


“My Self Recreation of Dr. Eloesser” - Frida Kahlo

We can’t help but notice those hilarious brows on these portraits, both the original painting and the reenacted piece. If you stare closely with dimmed eyes, the two astonishing black lines, connected at the center, paint a scary image of a flying bat. Anything for the trend, of course.


Source: @lety_pirronello/Twitter

This Getty challenge must have unleashed some unimaginable thoughts from people. As for this one in particular, the rate of its resemblance is checked on many levels. Starting from the top flowers to the earrings, then the background images, and the bottom drawing. Everything checks out fine.

“A Different Kind of Scary” - Grant Wood

First of all, is that lady in the recreation version slightly smiling? The expression on her face is quite different from the original piece, but we can’t say the same for the man.


Source: @phayuk/Twitter

There is a striking resemblance between both men and their scary faces. Considering that they have similar attires, straight faces, background houses, and the idea of a long fork, everything makes up for the realism in the play. Even though the original picture gives a more Gothic theme due to the lady’s composure.

“Anything Could Be Created and Called a Flower” - Diego Rivera

Outstanding creativity! Upon seeing the original painting, it is almost impossible to think it can be recreated without using flowers. Almost impossible!


Source: @OrednorffweeART/Twitter

From the look of things, this girl had gathered so many toilet papers and factory tubes. Bringing them together in uniform sure gives a resemblance to the real painting. Apart from these improvised flowers, we also notice the matching hairstyles, clothes, and backgrounds. This has to be one of the most beautiful pieces of this Getty challenge!

"Triple Self Portrait" By Norman Rockwell

Recreating this challenging concept of a man drawing himself must have been difficult, and the man in the photo pulled it off with style. It was successful because he carefully coordinated the props and angles to truly capture the painting’s essence.

Source: @oliviaaj22/Twitter

The painting itself is an eclectic mix of art forms – from the wild selfies to the unique sketch, it was a masterpiece in its own right. It just goes to show that art can take many forms, and we should never limit our imaginations!


"The Song Of Love" By Giorgio De Chirico

The social media user was a genius for taking the already strange painting and bringing it to another level. Everyone loves a good laugh, even better when it involves art! The detail that went into the recreation of this piece is incredible.

Source: @Emanuel_School/Twitter

No detail was left out, from the mop-like wig to the bright ball. Even taking a cardboard box and cutting a hole in it to make the floating statue head was simply genius. The Song of Love” by Giorgio de Chirico is a classic artwork that has been taken to new heights with this creative recreation!


"Mr. And Mrs. Clark And Percy" By David Hockney

This art recreation is truly unique in many ways. Not only are the room’s layout, the outfits, and the props all spot on, but they even went as far as to superimpose a paper cat onto the photo for an extra artistic touch!

Source: @Emanuel_School/Twitter

One of the funniest things about this recreation is how unnatural the models look in their poses. The woman seems to be gripping onto her ribs, while the man appears to be ready for a nap right in his chair! It’s honestly amazing how much effort was put into making this piece of art!


“Summer” By Guiseppi Arcimbaldo

At first glance, it’s just a bunch of random fruits and vegetables arranged in an eye-catching pattern. But upon taking a closer look, it’s no doubt that this creative Twitter user has created an incredible replica! Not only did they meticulously hunt down the right product, but they also chose pieces that perfectly matched the original in shape and color.

Source: @EmaSange/Twitter

To make it even more impressive, they even improvised with items like carrots, garlic, and celery root to fill in the spaces in the artwork and add texture.


“Madame De Pompadour” By Henri Matisse

This Twitter user indeed rose to the challenge of recreating the art piece with her own DIY props. She took the tacky approach on purpose, knowing it would be more fun and amusing. Her grocery list taped to her chest certainly added an extra element of humor.

Source: @katjapucha/Twitter


Christina's World" By Andrew Wyeth

The simplicity of this painting of a woman lying on the grass with her head gazing directly at the sky, as well as its striking resemblance to its model’s remake, draw our attention away from the effort made to rebirth this masterpiece.

Source: @Beautifulmages/Twitter

The sky above her head is about the same as the one in the painting. The grass she is lying on in her backyard perfectly matches that in the painting, and the loose hair flying just beside her shoulder breathes life into this work of art.


Child With Cat By Heinrich Vogeler

The model, even though a mature version of the girl in the painting, did justice to everything the painting represents in a real-life setting. Let’s take a moment to appreciate her attention to detail.

Source: @DeniseHughesArt/Twitter

The loose hair that ran down her shoulder made a similar gesture to the painting, and her pink and blue striped shirt matched perfectly, while her cat’s expression suggested it had more questions going into this shoot. We can literally say the model brought life into this painting.


Girl With A Pearl Earring By Johannes Vermeer

This pooch’s demeanor is giving. Could we pause for a few moments to reflect on the conversation between this dog and its owner while creating this portrait, as well as the number of treats consumed during the process?

Source: @ssolis3/Twitter

His stillness in allowing the headscarf to fit properly is commendable. Unfortunately, there wasn’t more time to piece in the pearl earring, but his ear was brilliantly tucked into his scarf. The dog definitely lost it in the production process, as it should, but kudos to him for finding his coordination and making this happen.


Self-Portrait By Joseph Ducreux

When we think of outfits from the 1800s, what comes to mind are loose materials, wigs, and definitely a hat. Nonetheless, in remaking their portraits or pictures, we mostly settle for what is available to us, hence the roll of toilet paper in place of a cape to imitate the outfit, which came out almost perfectly.

Source: Reddit

The wig looks as though it’s his natural hair. His brown jacket blended with the one in the portrait; the white cuffs fit precisely. Such a commendable effort.


Self-Portrait With Bandaged Ear By Vincent Van Gogh

One would think the portrayal of a painter who posthumously became arguably the most famous and influential figure in Western art history would come with a lot of thoroughness. But this user flipped the script.

Source: @Laurenmcfly142/Twitter

The sense of humor in having a dog portray Van Gogh is very commendable. Aside from that, everything is exactly as it is in the portrait: the black fur cap, the green sweater, the yellow wall, and the frame in the background are spot on.


"The Painter and His Model" - Alfred Stevens

Both the man and woman did a near-perfect job in an attempt to recreate The Painter and His Model. Though the man’s costume is not exactly it and could have improvised with a make-believe mustache, he did strike a great pose similar to the painter.

Source: @MedaleOceane/Twitter

The furrows in the lady’s dress resemble the one in the painting, and her carriage is just on point. Two sheets are hung on the wall to correspond with the one in the background of the painting. Furthermore, the carpet and palette are accurately positioned.


"The Arnolfini Portrait"- Jan Van Eyck

The emotionless depiction of the characters in The Arnolfini Portrait and the unusual hand of the man makes the portrait somewhat comical. Then, two young men decided to upscale their recreation of it, which turned out good, if not better than the original. Though the model who portrayed the pregnant woman is a man, the painting looked more alive in the recreation.

Source: @TitusWrites/Twitter

Their different costumes were appropriated accordingly, from the headdress and the pillow-puffed gown to the layers of dark clothes and topping them with the strange pose.


"The Desperate Man"- Gustave Courbet

It is not often we see characters recreate opposite gender, but a Twitter user toed this path and did it successfully. As a result, in the absence of a mustache and beard, she drew them, making her look like a man indeed.

Source: @Henkel_Art/Twitter

In an effort to make it more realistic, she colored her eyebrows and carved them to look like the man in the portrait. Also, she had her hair the same length as the man in the painting, which she left down and ran her fingers through similarly.


"Girl With Flower N21"- Leyly Matine-Daftary

If precision is a criterion for picking a winner, then this recreation probably would win. Aside from nailing the outfit and the pose, the model bears some similar physiological features to the lady in the portrait.

Source: @VickyBelgrano/Twitter

The model went as far as wearing nearly the same makeup. She got a lighter shade of makeup on the forehead and nose to correspond with the character’s facial appearance in the portrait. Her brows were darkened while she was wearing blue eyeshadow. The background was well recreated too.


"Lady Lilith"- Dante Gabriel Rossetti

The uniqueness of this recreation should be talked about! The recreation seems brighter and more striking. Let’s not forget that the long red hair of the model matches Lady Lilith’s. Also, the ironic manner with which she looks into a brush while brushing hair her hair should not be overlooked.

Source: @LLunargent/Twitter

The model must have paid attention to details because one could see that the floral wallpaper, candles, and bottle of perfume in the painting’s background were all placed in the right spot.