Amazon Delivery Driver Questions Why People “Run Away From Her” When She Approaches

By: Riley Brown | Last updated: Oct 08, 2023

A truly intriguing phenomenon seems to be puzzling Amazon delivery drivers these days. One in particular, Bri, a 23-year-old driver based in sunny Florida, took to TikTok to voice her confusion.

She’s noticed a peculiar pattern: customers spot her approaching and suddenly choose to run for the hills – or more accurately, into their homes.

A Driver’s Direct Perspective

In her video, Bri, who goes by the username @itsbribellaa, shares a snippet of her daily life. From within her Amazon truck, she sends out a candid and genuine query to her viewers.


Source: Wikimedia Commons

Her question is straightforward, “Why is it that when y’all see us Amazon delivery drivers about to come deliver a package off to you guys — and you guys are outside of your house — you guys run inside with the quickness?”


It's Just a Package

As she continues, there’s a hint of exasperation in her voice. She amusingly points out that customers tend to go to great lengths to avoid interaction. Some shut their garage doors swiftly, others perhaps power-walk or even jog to avoid the delivery moment.


Source: Claudio Schwarz/Unsplash

“Like just take the package, it’s not that hard. Are you afraid to say thank you? Like what is the real deal issue?” she muses as she ends her video.

TikTok to the Rescue

However, Bri’s plea got the TikTok community buzzing. Users poured in with their side of the story. The reasons ranged from adorable to downright amusing.


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One self-aware user cited their introverted nature, commenting, “I’m an introvert and I just don’t do people.” We get it, sometimes you just aren’t up for chit-chat.

Debunking Theories on Delivery Protocols

Another user thought they were being considerate, believing that staying out of the shot was essential for the drivers, so they could snap a photo of the delivered package.


Source: Super Strahoe/Unsplash

However, Bri clarified that this was not a general practice or requirement.

Sneaky Shoppers' Secrets

A hilarious confession trend emerged where some users cheekily admitted to playing a quick game of ‘hide-the-package.’ Their reason? To make sure their significant other remains blissfully unaware of their latest online shopping indulgence.

Source: Handy Wicaksono/Unsplash

This covert operation was all in good fun and certainly resonated with many on the platform.


The Universal Delivery Vanish Act

But here’s the twist: Amazon drivers aren’t the only ones noticing the “Great Customer Vanish Act.” Other delivery personnel, including those from Instacart, echoed Bri’s observations.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

They too have witnessed this amusing dance of customers dodging the delivery moment. It’s almost like an unspoken, universal delivery driver experience.


Time for a Warm Welcome?

So, what can be learned from this insightful video? Maybe it’s a mix of social anxiety, misconceptions, and a sprinkle of sneaky behavior.

Source: rosebox/Unsplash

But now that the cat’s out of the bag, thanks to Bri’s entertaining revelation, perhaps there’s a chance for a warmer, more interactive exchange between drivers and customers. After all, a smile, wave, or simple “hello” could make a delivery driver’s day.