40 Photos Straight From a Rich Kid’s Snapchat That Will Blow Your Mind

By: Lauren Wurth | Last updated: Mar 21, 2024

What would you do if you literally had money to burn (or flush down the toilet)? For most of us, that’s a dream we will never achieve. Also, most of us wouldn’t be so foolish with money in the first place. But what if you were born with more money than you could ever spend? The late Sam Walton — the founder of Walmart — worried about how his children and grandchildren would learn the value of hard work if they never had to work. It seems he was right to worry.

We’ve been checking out some of the online forums where people show screenshots from the richest kids on Snapchat. What they do with their money certainly seems silly and downright wasteful. Let’s dive in and marvel at “kids these days.”

Just an Average Backyard

What does your backyard look like? If you’re like most people, you probably have a rusty swing set and a dried-up flower bed out there. Maybe even an old car that doesn’t run anymore. If you’re really lucky, you have a nice yard and maybe even a swimming pool.


Source: El Shl/Pinterest

We aren’t sure what there is to hate about this guy’s backyard, but it looks like an oasis, doesn’t it? Honestly, anyone would love to have this yard. What was this kid wishing for?


Cheaper Than Toilet Paper in 2020?

In 2020, when toilet paper was scarce, we saw a video where a guy used a drone to deliver one roll of toilet paper to one of his buddies. It was done as a fun joke, but it still seemed a tad bit excessive.


Source: BuzzFeed/ Pinterest

Do you think rich people have ever jokingly wiped their behind with money? I wouldn’t put it past some of these kids, to be honest. What we’ve seen in the last couple of years is that sometimes, toilet paper is priceless.

Though She Be Little, She Is Fierce

Jewelry is almost universally beloved. Don’t most people sit in awe of gorgeous jewelry like gold, diamonds, and emeralds? Maybe you like a necklace, or perhaps rings and bracelets are your things. Honestly, maybe you like all of it. A little bling never hurt anyone, except if it actually did.


Source: AdidaGlam/Pinterest

This young woman has a gorgeous collection of chokers, right? She seems to have a specific style that she likes, and we can’t be mad at her about that. They are very nice.

Literally Money Down the Drain

Do you know the expression “throwing money down the drain”? It seems this person took that phrase quite literally. Clearly, only the crispest new bills are good for this kiddo. When money isn’t crisp, it’s because it has passed through many different hands.


Source: Guff/Pinterest

Besides, money gets really dirty. Just think about how many germs are on your average bill. Even still, most people wouldn’t flush it down the toilet. That’s just insanity. However, maybe somebody on the other end will save this poor Benjamin.

What's For Lunch?

How much was lunch when you were in school? Maybe a couple of bucks at the high end? And that’s only if you got an extra carton of milk. School lunches are usually pretty cheap at most schools. Maybe not so much at private school, because this kid has a wad of dough.

Source: ebaumsworld/Pinterest

It makes you wonder what exactly he is having for lunch? Maybe he’s buying lunch for the entire school, or maybe he’s buying a restaurant for lunch.


Returning to School Is a Bummer

When we were kids, going back to school was exciting, at least for a day. We got to put all of our school supplies in our new backpacks and put on our newest clothes from the local Walmart (or mall if we were super lucky).

Source: Private School SnapChats/Facebook

For rich kids, going back to school looks a bit different. Instead of being dropped off by their parents in an SUV, they might get dropped off at the airport closest to their school. Hey, whatever is easier for the little princes and princesses.


Hey, Nice Doorstop!

Have you ever invested in gold bars? It would be cool to do that if you can afford it. It just seems like it would be neat to have some actual gold laying around. However, besides being valuable, it can actually be quite useful.

Source: Neatorama/Pinterest

In this home, they’re using gold for a doorstop. Hey, it works, right? You’ve got a good investment and your door also stays open when you want it to. You can’t beat that with a stick. Then, when you’re bored, you can sell it and buy a helicopter or something.


How Rich Kids Butter Their Toast

For many of the kids on this list, their ancestry includes old aristocracy, gentry, and pioneers in the worlds of business and industry. Because of this, they may have some quite valuable antiques hanging about in their homes. And what are they doing with them?

Source: Kaxu/Reddit

Can you imagine having a priceless gizmo like this antique rapier sword that once belonged to a knight? Most of us would probably cherish such an item or even put it in a special protective cabinet. Well, not this kid.


Not Your Average Bic Pen

One thing we keep seeing in these images of rich kids’ Snapchat is the word peasants. That right there is an indication that these kids come from new money. People with old money are much too classy to talk like this, so their gaucheness is showing big time.

Source: yoshi891/Pinterest

With that said, that is a seriously cool pen. It would need to write really well, though. The question is, can this young man even write in fancy handwriting like cursive. Doubtful! Kids aren’t learning that these days.


10. The Cleanest Toilet Water Ever

When you’re born rich and have never struggled, you can be a little out of touch. That’s not really your fault, to be honest. You only know your own life experiences, after all. So we can overlook a lot of these kids.

Source: Private School Snapchats/Facebook

However, some of this stuff is just ridiculous. For example, only wanting the most expensive water to flush your toilet. It’s just silly and screams of new money. Although Voss only costs about $1.79 per bottle, it’s still way more expensive than tap water.


Hey, We Can Help You Close That Wallet

Here we go with another wallet that’s hard to close because there is too much money. Such a horrible problem to have, right? In the other wallet, we couldn’t see the bills and they could’ve been one-dollar bills for all we know. However, these are clearly Benjamins.

Source: ebaumsworld/Pinterest

The dude obviously needs a bigger wallet, right? Or else he can just come and hang out with all of us and share the love (and the money) a bit. Why would someone carry around that much cash? Inquiring minds want to know.


Water as Valuable as Gold

If you’ve read any of the popular books about wealthy people, you probably already know that people with “old money” live quite modestly. It would be really unusual for them to say something like this young person said. And they probably drink the same bottled water that the average person drinks.

Source: Ali Sheikh/Pinterest

This gold bottle is the Christmas Fantasy bottle that costs about $355. However, you can get this same effect with a bottle of Bling water, which costs a measly $105.


The Maid Has a Busy Day Planned

If there’s one luxury that most of us envy, it is being able to pay someone to clean our houses. Housework is time-consuming and while it’s not exactly fun, the main thing most people dislike about it is that it takes away from fun with the family.

Source: Rich Kids Snap/Twitter

This person seems to be pretty insensitive to the task that his housekeeper has ahead of her (or him). This looks like a lot of work for one person. Hopefully, the housekeeper will come with backup and some assistance.


Daddy Bought a Nice Deck

The thing about rich kids is that most of them haven’t earned anything yet. The good news is that when your parents are wealthy, they can buy you opportunities. That’s just the cold, hard truth.

Source: EMGN/Pinterest

This person’s dad put in some long hours going to medical school and working in residency. Probably, this kid’s dad knows what hard work is all about. Hopefully, they will pass some of the values on to their kids because they seem like spoiled brats. There’s no substitute for hard work and appreciation.


But It's Not a Helicopter

If there’s one luxury we can all get behind, it’s surely a private jet. After all, traveling is a pain because of the hassles at airports. You have to wait in one line after another, then you have to sit in a cramped plane.

Source: snaps.rich/Instagram

If you have a private jet, you can go wherever you want and whenever you want. However, this little toy isn’t quite as impressive as a private helicopter, now is it? Must be nice, though. We can’t be mad about this.


He's Going to Lose This Game

Do rich kids even know how to play pool? Or is billiards a poor person’s game? I suppose if they have a billiard table in their home, they can learn to play and actually get good at it. However, you’re not likely to see any of these kids at the local pool hall.

Source: Rick Kids of Snapchat/Facebook

At any rate, this guy is doing more than destroying a perfectly good iPhone. He’s also going to really mess up his pool table if that bottle of champagne breaks.


Insensitive Much?

This young man is threatening to fire someone who apparently is on his way to get him but is one minute late. That’s a tad insensitive. It probably wouldn’t hurt this youngster one bit to walk to wherever he needs to go.

Source: Rich Kids of Snapchat/Facebook

Maybe during the walk there, he can put some thought into learning to appreciate all that he has and the people who help make his life work. There’s one thing that money can’t buy and that is class. This kid may never learn.


Bluetooth Is Still a Pain

Have you ever noticed that it’s always a pain to get your Bluetooth connected in a strange car? You know how you go to rent a car and have to spend several minutes fumbling around getting connected to your phone?

Source: snaps.rich/Instagram

No doubt this guy’s dad has the same problems we have, especially when he’s trying to connect to so many different cars. Rich people, they’re just like us. They have their own set of little problems, right? Now if we could just have one of those cars.


When Your Wallet Is Too Full to Close

If you’ve ever had one of those super thin wallets that are made to be sleek, you may have experienced the wallet being so full it wouldn’t close. However, if you’re like most of us, it was because you had a bunch of $1 bills from tips after a night of waiting tables.

Source: E styles kid/Reddit

For rich kids, it’s a bit different, it seems. They probably only have one credit card, and that would be a black card with no spending limit on it. Likely all of these bills are $100s.


Family Reunion Time

What happens when a bunch of rich people are all in the same family? You have a very valuable parking lot full of cars. This is what it looks like when a rich family has a family reunion. We just assume that all of their private jets are lined up at the local airport.

Source: Rich Kids of Snapchat/Facebook

Couldn’t they part with just one of those and gift it to us? Maybe they will get a scratch on it and leave it abandoned somewhere. Hey, we can dream!


How About Cheesecake Factory?

Everyone deserves a treat now and then, wouldn’t you agree? For most of us, going to a place like the Cheesecake Factory is the ultimate treat. Not so much for rich kids. This young lady thought it would be cool to treat herself to something from Balenciaga.

Source: Novacaine/Tumblr

Although we have no idea what she bought, it’s safe to say that you could buy several meals at the Cheesecake Factory for what she spent on what is in that bag. And just think of all of the cheesecake you could buy.


Good Things Come in Pairs

Even the wealthiest people don’t always have helicopters. They’re quite expensive and not easy to maintain, either. You have to have a team of people to operate them and keep them running. But how cool would it be to take the chopper over to the golf course?

Source: Rich Kids of Snapchat/Facebook

We admit that this is pretty cool. Just imagine all the time they save not having to drive somewhere. If there’s anything we could wish for from the rich person’s wish fairy, it might be a private jet or a helicopter. But we won’t be greedy. One is enough.


Not the iPad, Man!

Do you remember when you got your first iPhone or iPad? What a joyous moment that must have been. It sure was for us. Can you even imagine putting food on it? This photo proves that other people (read: richer people) see things differently.

Source: Rich Kids of SnapChat/Facebook

These iPads may never be the same after this meal. If the pizza is hot, it could damage the iPad. Either way, it’s going to be icky and greasy for sure. Maybe we could take them off their hands.


Two Is Better Than One, Right?

Do you have a second home? Most of the people in the world don’t even own their first home, and they have to rent. However, that doesn’t even count the people in the world that don’t have a home at all.

Source: ola pola/Pinterest

This youngster seems irritated at having to visit his dad’s “second home.” This small place is nicer than most people’s homes will ever be, and apparently, it’s just where he chills on his off days. Maybe they can sell one of those cars and buy a new house.


Happy Birthday to You

Remember when you were a kid and would look forward to your birthday parties? You would blow out candles on your homemade birthday cake while all of your little friends would sing the Happy Birthday song to you.

Source: BuzzFeed/Pinterest

If you were lucky, you may have gotten the poor kid’s dream come true: a cake from Walmart that was professionally decorated. That was the big dream for most kids. However, this one kid got taken on a special birthday shopping trip. Mom couldn’t say no to her little darling.


Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo

Hey, it’s hard to choose. Once, we read a story about Oprah Winfrey. The story goes that she was in a store and still had the mentality of a poor person trying to choose the one special thing she wanted.

Source: Guff/Pinterest

Then, Oprah remembered that she could buy the entire store if she wanted to do that. That’s how this kid must feel every day. Why choose one color when you can have them all? But who can check notifications on that many phones?


More Than a "Little Red Corvette"

Prince sang about his “Little Red Corvette,” but he probably never imagined a garage like this. Apparently, this young man loves red cars and asked his parents for a couple of red sports cars for his birthday. Which one should he choose to drive to school?

Source: Rich Kid Snaps/Reddit

Likely, if he runs out of gas, he just leaves the car on the side of the road. After all, they are easily replaced when you have loads of dough. Maybe someday he will want one in a different color.


A Room With a View

What’s the view like from your window in your home? Maybe you can see your mom’s birdbath out there with a couple of thirsty birds on it. Or maybe you can look out and see the house across the street from you.

Source: snaps.rich/Instagram

This person seems unhappy with the view from their home. Those mountains are just in the way of something. What do they want to see? Other millionaires maybe? Hey, are those the Hollywood Hills? Looks like a nice view to me! Perhaps they’re just being sarcastic.


Howdy, Ma'am

Perhaps one of the perks about going to a private school may be that you will have interesting visitors. In this photo, you can see that Queen Elizabeth II paid a visit to this lad’s private school. Do you think she stayed for tea?

Source: onedio

But here’s the real question. What happens when someone like the Queen comes to your school and they need to go to the bathroom? Do they just say, “Where is the loo?” We have to know the answer.


A More Unique Rolex, Please!

Have you ever had a Rolex? Most people don’t have one (or need one). Nowadays, you can get a good quality watch that will last a lifetime for about $20 bucks. However, back in the day, it was harder to get a reliable timepiece.

Source: BuzzFeed/Pinterest

What’s absolutely awful about being rich is that you can’t always find something as original as you would like. This poor kid has a schoolmate that has the exact same watch. The horror! Maybe Daddy can commission the company for a custom watch.


Beating Rush Hour Traffic

The ride home from school can be the worst if you have to ride a school bus. You have to tolerate the bullies, of course, but also, these buses are usually hot and smelly. It’s just an embarrassing experience that no rich kid should ever have to suffer through.

Source: ebaumsworld/Pinterest

Luckily for them, they have helicopters to get them to and from school. How handy is this? They can totally beat rush hour traffic, and why not? Nothing but the best for little Junior.


Allergic to Inexpensive Stuff

Have you ever known anyone with a skin allergy? It’s a very real concern. For example, some people may be sensitive to different types of metal. What doctors suggest is that you identify the allergen and then avoid it. Well, this young lady has an interesting allergy.

Source: Alex Styles/Pinterest

She is apparently allergic to fake leather (plastic). However, she seems to forget that some of her favorite gadgets are made of plastic, as well as things she probably eats off and drinks out of. Only the best for her, though.


But Can You Drive That Watch?

This lad seems to be a bit dismissive of the car that’s picking him up. And why shouldn’t he be? After all, his watch is more valuable than a “cheap” car, right? But all you can do with a watch is tell time.

Source: Bitcoin World/Twitter

With a car, you can go places. You can even go all over the world if you have the gas money, and presumably, these rich kids certainly don’t have to worry about paying for gas. We will take the car, though.


Oh, Baby Baby

Gucci products are famously super expensive, and we couldn’t find these swag little sandals on the website, but similar styles were about $800. Are they really worth that much money, though? I mean, they’re shoes, right? Aren’t there some good-quality slippers that are more affordable?

Source: chantelle marie/We Heart It

However, if you have money to just give away, why not get what you want, I guess. The little red heart is very cute, after all. Hopefully, this young lady will have a nice pedicure to go along with these open-toe shoes.


Even the Water Has Bling

Were you aware that there’s a bottled water called Bling H2O? It almost seems silly (and certainly overly extravagant) to make such a big deal of water. However, it bears remembering that in earlier centuries, it was difficult to find water that was pure enough to drink.

Source: daddysmoney/Imgur

That’s why so many folks back in the day drank ale and wine. This bottle of water is in a bottle that’s made from frosted glass. Also, the words are spelled out in Swarovski crystals. Nice!


Just One Bite (for $35)

Everything in moderation is a good practice to follow, right? They say you can eat anything you want as long as you don’t go all in and pig out. For example, have one cookie instead of a dozen cookies. It seems that this young person took that advice to heart.

Source: Private School Snap Chats/Facebook

However, these Fortnum & Mason’s macarons are quite expensive. For a box of six, the buyer has to spend about $35. That’s a lot for a tiny dessert like this! For most of us, it would be a rare treat, not a “typical school dessert.”


Cuddling Up with Benjamin

We’ve all laid down to sleep with our best friends, right? Remember those sleepovers when you were a kid? Maybe your friend had a big bed, or perhaps they had two twin beds in their bedroom. Most of us have also experienced sleeping on the floor on a pile of blankets.

Source: Skinny Walrus/Pinterest

But what if your best friend is Benjamin? If money is your best friend (your “BAE”), it’s really sort of sad, isn’t it? Hopefully, this young lady does have other friends.


Caviar and Pancakes? Yuck!

What do rich people eat for breakfast? Do they have scrambled eggs and toast like the rest of us? Well, this person is having eggs and pancakes, but their eggs aren’t quite like ours. They are having caviar eggs with their pancakes.

Source: RichKidSnapchats/Pinterest

First of all, yuck. Secondly, well, still just yuck. We have tasted salted caviar (once) and it doesn’t go very well with sugary pancakes. We prefer our caviar with crackers and peanut butter, thank you very much.