NY Governor Claims She Can Solve Pressing National Issues And The Migrant Crisis In A Matter Of Minutes

By: Alec Donaldson | Last updated: Oct 31, 2023

Governor Kathy Hochul made a bold statement on Monday, suggesting she could address significant national issues, including the migrant crisis, “in about five minutes.”

She also introduced a new app as her latest solution to address New York’s asylum-seeker challenges.

"Ms. Fix-It"

Hochul’s confident assertion as “Ms. Fix-It” and the launch of the app, aimed at connecting certain migrants with legal employment opportunities, came shortly after she appeared to backtrack on her remarks made just a day earlier regarding U.S. immigration problems.


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A Cap On How Many People Should Enter

On Sunday, the Democratic governor had taken a more assertive stance on the Biden administration’s immigration crisis, stating that the nation’s borders were “too open” and urging Congress to implement “more controls,” including a “limit” on the number of individuals allowed to enter.


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Advocating For A Special Immigration Policy

However, on Monday, Hochul adopted a more measured tone, seemingly in response to the media coverage of her concerns.

She stated, “With respect to what was said about the border, I have called for a thoughtful, balanced national immigration, federal immigration policy.”


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Reflecting About Her Past On Capitol Hill

“That’s what we need. I know it can be done because I was a young staffer on Capitol Hill. We had a bipartisan plan where there were interdictions and controls at the border, but there will always be legal categories of people who can come over across the border,” stated the governor, reflecting on her earlier remarks.


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Making Changes

However, the former congresswoman from the Buffalo area emphasized that if she were back in the House, she could swiftly enact significant nationwide changes in both immigration policy and Congress’ budget showdown.

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Continual Budget Uncertainties

“I’m calling on Republicans in Congress to stop threatening a shutdown of our government, which we’re going to have a repeat of this nightmare again in 45 more days,’’ Hochul remarked, alluding to the ongoing budget uncertainties on Capitol Hill.

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Asylum Seekers

Hochul also initiated a public awareness campaign aimed at assisting employers in locating and hiring asylum seekers throughout New York.

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Figuring It Out

She further stated, “Instead of gambling with the future of this country, why don’t you roll up your sleeves and sit down with Democrats and get in the room and don’t come out until you’ve figured it out.”

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Hochul Asserts It's Not Complicated

“It’s not that complicated. I could do it in about five minutes. It’s about finding balance and putting the resources out there for the borders but also for states like New York that have extraordinary expenses managing the crisis that’s unfolding,” she concluded.

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Closing The Borders

However, the governor was not the only influential figure in New York to offer conflicting statements on the crisis.

Shortly after New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ top adviser, Ingrid Lewis-Martin, suggested that the federal government should “close the borders” until they develop a comprehensive strategy to alleviate the city’s challenges, Mayor Adams’ spokesperson, Fabien Levy, issued a clarification with a change in position.

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Hochul's Stance On Welcoming Immigrants Into The U.S.

“To be very clear, and as @NYCMayor has said over and over again, of course this nation should continue to welcome immigrants — both those seeking asylum and those who are not,” Levy stated in a series of posts on X.

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Addressing The Crisis

“Migrants and asylum seekers came here to work — so let’s put them to work,” she emphasized, characterizing the initiative as a solution to both the migrant crisis and the workforce shortage.

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Eligible Migrants

Eligible migrants who arrived in the United States from Venezuela on or before July 31 would have access to the job listings through a new mobile app starting on Tuesday, the governor explained.

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Immigration Rates Hit A Record High In September

In September, approximately 260,000 migrants entered the country through the southern border, establishing a new monthly record, as reported by officials.

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